The Civil Officer Can Have Sweet Dreams

The Civil Officer Can Have Sweet Dreams - Chapter 16 part 1

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Translated by Momo. Unedited.

It was a day like any other.

Duran hurt his shoulder. Actually, to begin with, it seemed that his shoulders had been in bad shape since the time he was on active duty as a knight. But on that day he taught at the knight school, and he felt severe pain in his right shoulder while instructing. As expected of the head of the Brody family, his pride didn't allow him to show his weakness in front of the greenhorns who were aiming to become knights. He overcame the situation by gritting his teeth while drenched in a cold sweat, but when he arrived back home, it was an immediate fuss about calling a doctor.

Duran looked down while sitting on the sofa in the reception room where the family usually gathered. The doctor's diagnosis was that he pulled one of his muscles, and he had to rest his right arm for the time being.

"Duran, you were too enthusiastic and acted without considering your age."

Feim said in an exasperated tone while attending to her husband.

"I'm not that old yet."

Though he just said that, Duran looked depressed. It was a pity to see his serious semblance and solid physique in this saddened state, and Priscilla naturally felt like soothing him.

"Father, are you okay?"

"Ah, don't worry. This is nothin--ugh."

Duran tried to show off to Priscilla by moving his right arm around. But the sharp pain made his whole face scrunch up, and he had to hold his right shoulder with his left hand. "What are you doing?" Feim reprimanded him with a worried face.

Observing the whole situation, Priscilla clutched her hands together. There was a person in pain in front of her. Moreover, it was her important and beloved father-in-law. During all this time she lived together with the Brody family, there were many situations that made these frustrating thoughts emerge. For example, when Feim had a headache, and when the head butler, Hans, accidentally hit his back, and when Nella complained a little about her stiff neck. She always wondered what she should do since she had the power to relieve that pain.

However, while thinking about revealing her power only after getting Cleatt's agreement, the days had passed, and Priscilla ultimately concealed it. It wasn't like Cleatt didn't give his consent. She just couldn't ask him directly because Priscilla somehow felt like Cleatt didn't want to share it.

But she couldn't let this be. Priscilla could not bear the fact that she did nothing when the people who were important to her suffered. Due to her personality, it was impossible to pretend not to see it anymore.

Priscilla firmly decided. Cleatt might get angry afterwards, but she didn't know what time he would be back home. Last night he only came back near dawn. And she felt bad by taking up his time when he was that tired.

If he got mad, she would sincerely apologize and ask for forgiveness, but for now, she made up her mind and took a step forward.


Priscilla reached out as she approached Duran, whose face still showed he was in pain. She gently touched his right shoulder. Experiencing a hot numb feeling in the palm of her hand, Priscilla exhaled. Duran had an unusual surprised look for a moment and slowly turned to face Priscilla, staring at her astonished. He was dumbfounded since his pain suddenly disappeared.

With a small bow, Priscilla kept her hand over his shoulder without uttering a word. Duran also observed her silently. Feim frowned at that strange silence.

"Duran, what just happened?"


Duran seemed confused, but he looked at Feim and opened his mouth.

"When she touched it, the pain was gone."

"What are you talking about?"

"It's true."

When Feim frowned deeper, Priscilla also looked at her with her hands still on Duran's shoulder and lowered her head slightly.

"I'm sorry… I didn't tell you all, but since a long time ago my hands seem to have the power to take away the pain..."

Feim reacted to her words with a strange expression.

"Mother...Did you hurt yourself somewhere or felt any pain lately?"

"Me?! Well, I guess my head hurts a little."

"Excuse me, but could you please come closer?"

She couldn't remove her hand from Duran's shoulders, and since Priscilla had asked it with such an apologetic face, Feim approached her willingly. Priscilla softly placed her other hand on Feim's head. After she relaxed her expression, she also almost jaw-dropped in surprise like her husband.


"I'm sorry I kept myself silent about such an important thing. It's not magic, but I have this kind of power for some reason... I can't cure anything, but I can relieve pain. I knew I should have talked about this earlier, but I somehow missed the timing for it..."

Feim silently watched Priscilla while she placed her hands on them, but her facial appearance turned sharper and shaper, making Priscilla falteringly shrink her body in reaction. Priscilla was frightened wondering whether she was angry because she kept it a secret or irritated that a lady with such an insidious power was accepted into the Brody family.

Feim asked her in a low tone that she had never heard before.

"Priscilla. Is Cleatt perhaps aware that you have this power?"


"He knows, right?"


There was no way Priscilla could lie to Feim. When she nodded feebly to confirm it,  Feim's expression became even more aggravated.

"It was due to this power that Cleatt became closer to you. Right?"

"……Yes, it was like that."

Being confronted in such an assertive manner, Priscilla nodded again frightened. She wondered how did Feim figure it out.

"That boy, did he really...did he dare to!?"

Feim grasped the fan in her hands with force, almost like she could instantly snap it in half. Then she turned to Priscilla and smiled. However, that smile looked terribly scary after she saw her lashing out her anger, and Priscilla drew back a bit.

"Dear Priscilla, I hope you won't mind. Thank you for telling us your secret. You only revealed to us because you were worried about Duran, right? I'm sorry, but I'll have to ask you to take care of Duran's shoulder until he feels better. Could you please lend us the power of your hands?"

"B-but of course, I'll help out as much as I can."

Hearing her answer, Feim smiled sweetly. Then, with a sharp resounding tone, she exclaimed, "Hans!". The butler, Hans, who was waiting aside, replied immediately, while she asked "I wonder if you can deliver a message to the royal palace. Please inform Cleatt to come back home as soon as possible." "Understood, milady." Hans bowed and went out of the room.

Priscilla felt weird shivers going down her spine. Although she regretted talking about her power in such an inconsequential manner, when she felt the numbness through the palm that touched Duran, her concerns diminished. She closed her eyes while thinking she really just couldn't avoid helping him.

Duran and Feim were already her parents. If they were suffering, it was normal for her to worry about it.

Feim had a gentle attitude towards Priscilla at that moment, but she wondered what would happen when Cleatt came back. Priscilla felt it was the scariest moment of her life, awaiting and wondering how would her anger explode.

The possibility of being chased out of the Brody residence almost made her tear up.

This house had already become her home. She loved her in-laws, and also liked all the servants. Of course, she loved Cleatt above anyone else.

The moment Priscilla started to imagine what would she do if they decided to separate them, she felt a gentle pat on her head. When she looked up, she saw Duran patting her head several times with his left hand as if comforting her.

"Don't worry about it."

Duran murmured with a lower voice in order not to be heard by Feim.

"It's nothing you should be worried about. It's just the usual parent-child quarrel."

When Priscilla leaned over because she didn't understand what he meant, Duran said another thing in a laid back tone, this time in a normal volume.

"But it's really amazing. The pain is really gone. You have good power. I wish I could have met you when I was a knight."

"Wait a minute, Duran. What did you mean with that?"

As an irritated Feim, who was continuously roaming around the room, turned around to face him with a grin, Duran's usual impassive appearance broke down a little.


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