The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 72 pt 2

"You bastard, you even spent your son's tuition..."

"Doesn’t Juncai have silver?"

"What if he didn’t? What if?"

Yang shi is not stupid. To be correct, she is smarter than many women. Tuition has to be paid first, and then Xue Juncai could go to school. If he didn’t have the money later, would Xue Juncai not have to go next year? After all, the money in the hands of the eldest family and the old couple are all drained.

Xue Qingshan was annoyed by the questioning and was also annoyed by the beating, so he pushed Yang shi away: "How can there be so many what ifs!"

Yang shi was unprepared and fell to the ground.

Xue Juncai hurriedly ran over, helped Yang shi up, and said with red eyes: "Father, what do you want to do!"

Father Xue was so angry that he trembled all over, took out the cigarette pot on his waist and hit him: "Eldest son, eldest son, you are really confused, you..."

"Okay, old man, don't hit. What if he breaks?" Zhao shi moved in front.

"If I break him, then let him die. He is such a desperate thing!"

"Tell me, did you fool around with another woman and spend all the money on others?!" So if anyone knows a certain person best, of course it is the person that sleeps next to his pillow. The more Yang shi thought about it, the more she felt that it was possible. She got up from the ground, grabbed Xue Qingshan and didn't loosen her grip: "You tell me honestly, did you raise a woman outside again?"

Hearing that, Father Xue didn’t care about scolding, and he hurriedly said, “Eldest daughter-in-law, you can talk about the situation, but don’t say such things. The eldest son is not this kind of person. The eldest son has been married to you for so many years, when has he gone against the rules outside?"

Zhao shi also scolded Yang shi next to him: "You stupid thing. You say this to your man. Do you feel better by saying such things?"

Yang shi’s eyes flickered, and her eyes moved to Zhao'er and Xue TingRang, but then quickly retracted her gaze like she had been pricked by a needle, and said: "I don't care anyway. If you don't tell me clearly, then let's not live our lives anymore."

"Tell you clearly, what to say clearly! You are so annoying!" Xue Qingshan pulled Yang shi from his body and left without looking back. Father Xue didn't even stop him.

This matter ended, and then Zhao'er and Xue TingRang returned to the house, and there was a dead silence in the East Chamber. In the main house, Zhao shi sighed, and she could be heard by anyone standing in the courtyard.

Zhao'er sighed: "You say, uncle stealing Juncai’s money, does he intend to give it to Widow Xue?"

Xue TingRang was still thinking about the look in Yang shi’s eyes. Why when Yang shi said that Xue Qingshan had a woman outside did she subconsciously look at him and Zhao'er. Is there any connection between this? Was it Xue Juncai who had already told Yang shi about Widow Xue, and Yang shi was afraid that they would say it.

But immediately afterwards Xue TingRang knew that it was impossible, not to mention that Xue Juncai had no idea that he and Zhao'er were following that day. Based on his sight, Xue Juncai didn't tell Yang shi about the incident at all. He was probably afraid that the incident would cause trouble for his parents.

Since Xue Juncai didn't say anything, Yang shi naturally didn't know, so why did she look that way?

It wasn't until Zhao'er asked him again that Xue TingRang came back to his senses and said, "Isn’t this obvious, what else is there to ask."

"But how could he have the face?" Zhao'er always feels incredible when she thinks of everything Xue Qingshan has done.

"People and people have different ideas."

"Then you told me to keep it a secret? I always feel that the eldest aunt is a bit pitiful. The husband and the widow are cheating on her. Everyone who knows is hiding it from her, including her own son."

"Enough, why worry about her? Xue Juncai doesn't say it, naturally he has his own thoughts. He is their son, so how can he say anything bad about his father, especially about this matter. Besides, even if she knows, what would happen? Make a scene? People's hearts can't come back, so no matter how many times she makes a scene, it is useless."

Zhao'er sighed and stopped talking.

After a while, she remembered what had happened before and felt uncomfortable again. But what had to be said, she still wanted to say: "Well, you have to take the exam soon, so you'd better stop reading that book. Also, if there is such an impulse, you can bear it. I saw that when Heizi is in heat, it’s only a few days and then it will pass by."

After speaking, she stood up and went out, leaving Xue TingRang with a face full of consternation.

How could he just bear it? And saying he is still in heat...he is not a dog!

On the third day of the year, all the married daughters of the Xue family came back.

According to the rules, the second day is the day when the married daughter takes her husband back to her natal home. But Zhaos shi also has a natal family, so Xue's family’s return is scheduled to be on the third day of the year.

On this day, the married Xue Cuiping, Xue Cui'e, and eldest family’s daughter Xue Man'er all returned.

Xue Man'er is the eldest daughter of eldest family. Because her husband's family is relatively far away in Anyang Township, she usually returns very rarely.

Because of yesterday's events, the atmosphere of the Xue family was not good. Although the whole family wanted to cover it up, it still ended up showing a bit. However, it is impossible for Yang shi to tell her daughter and son-in-law about this, since it was shameful.

Xue Cui'e has a big belly, and counting her days, she may have to give birth soon. At the dinner table, Zhao shi was saying that one day he would go to Zhao's family to give birth gifts, but right after speaking, Xue Cui'e was crying about pain and her contractions had actually begun.

Next was a scene of chaos. At this time, where could they call a midwife? There is one in the village, but when they went, she was not at home. In the end, the others could only accompany Xue Cui’e while the second and third brothers went out to find a midwife.

Finally, they found a midwife to invite over, and from morning to dark, Xue Cui'e finally gave birth to a daughter when it was almost Xu Shi 1.

When he heard that it was a daughter, Zhao Jinrui's face was not good, but he didn't say anything.

After a day of tossing, the whole family was very tired, and they went back to their house to rest. Early the next morning, Zhao Jinrui went home.

It was discussed before that a married woman can't do confinement in her natal family, so Xue Cui'e has to be sent back to Zhao's family. But Xue Cui'e's situation is different at the moment, so they let her stay in her natal house for a few days before going back. Zhao Jinrui returned to tell the good news and also the Zhao family to come. Since ancient times, there has been no daughter-in-law confined to confinement, and the mother-in-law is not around to take care of her. Besides, confinement women have to take care of themselves. Chickens, ducks, meat and fish are indispensable, and this has to be from the Zhao family.

It’s not that the Xue family is unwilling to produce these things. It’s just that this is according to the old principles that have been handed down since ancient times. It’s unreasonable that Xue Cui’e has been married into the Zhao family, yet her natal family will provide food and drink. Not to mention that the Xue family will have no face, but the Zhao family will also be embarrassed.

Your old Zhao family is so poor, so poor that your daughter-in-law sits in confinement and eats at her family? This is a common way of cursing someone.

They thought there was nothing wrong with this incident, but Zhao Jinrui never returned. After waiting for two days, Zhao shi saw something was wrong, so she ordered the fourth child to visit Zhao's house. Xue Qinghuai also went, and the Zhao family did not say they wouldn’t come, but they were busy at home during the New Year these two days and didn't have time for a while.

It stands to reason that what is said is also reasonable. New Years are always busy, but can you be so busy that you don’t show up during your daughter-in-law’s confinement?

Zhao shi asked where is Zhao Jinrui? Xue Qinghuai said that he hadn't seen him.

In fact, Xue Qinghuai was suffocated with anger. It was just the Chinese New Year and the girl was in confinement, so he didn't dare to come out and say it. Zhao's family is busy, but it's true that they don't care. When Hong shi mentioned that it was a girl, her words inside and out displayed her dislike.

Zhao shi could only turn her head and appease her younger daughter, especially the naughty baby. Zhao shi has been too busy for the past few days without rest day or night.

So Xue Cui'e stayed in her family's home. The yard of Xue's family was very lively, and no matter the occasion, someone could always hear a baby crying.

Some people in the village knew about the youngest daughter of the Xue family giving birth to a child in her natal family. Now that they see that there is a baby crying every day, some people will inevitably come to see.

The door is up.

"Where's E'er's mother-in-law? How come she isn’t here? Her man didn't come either?"

In fact, it is just a few words of concern, and others meant to be caring, but it becomes a thorn in the ears of the Xue family. From the second day of the new year until the fifteenth, the Zhao family still didn't come. Father Xue was angry and asked the three sons to go to the Zhao family. Don’t mention other things, first forcefully bring Zhao Jinrui back.

The three brothers Xue Qinghuai drove to Zhaojiazhuang without saying anything, and forcibly brought Zhao Jinrui back. It is said that there was an accident in Zhaojiazhuang. When the Hong shi saw the Xue family rob someone, she shouted in the village, called out all the people in Zhaojiazhuang, and surrounded Xue's car.

The three Xue Qinghuai brothers explained for a long time before getting out. Although nothing happened, the Zhao family themselves lost face, but this incident is equivalent to another nail buried between the Xue and Zhao family, and the families’ relations are almost torn apart.

Later, the Zhao family also came, with beating and scolding, and bowed their heads to admit their mistakes, and took Xue Cui'e back. Zhaoer looked at the scene from a distance and thought that Xue Cui'e might not have a good time after returning. The anger that Hong shi and her son were subjected to in Xue's family, can they not transfer it to Xue Cui'e after returning?

Anyway, this New Year's Eve drama was so stunning that Zhaoer was full. But soon she didn't have the time to care about those things. The county magistrate announced in advance that the county test will be held on the tenth of February.

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