How Much for a Pound of Cuteness

Two Dollars - Hotpot Dipping Head (2)

Chu Zhi's train of thought was simple. The man came here to enjoy a hotpot, then all of a sudden, fwoosh! A saucer of hotpot dipping landed on his head. What if he was actually on a date? She still remembered the pretty upperclassman who asked for his number in the morning.

Since the disaster was caused by her, Chu Zhi thought that the least she could do was buy him a new shirt.

In order to reassure him that she would take responsibility, she readily gave the man her name, phone number, and student information.

However, on the next day, the 15-day military training program for first-year students began. Every morning, she had to get up at 7 o’clock to go outside and stand under the sun. It made her feel like a salted fish; Sunbake surface A first, then flip over and proceed with surface B.

After training, she would feel too tired to even lift a finger, let alone think about the “debt” she owed. One week later, she would have forgotten all about it if a group of upperclassmen hadn’t stopped by the training grounds after returning from an overnight trip.

“The easiest way to tell the overall quality of this year’s first-year girls is through the military training program, especially after they’ve been doing it for a week. The ugly ones reveal their true faces while the goddesses are still goddesses.” Cheng Yi suddenly stopped talking and let out a sound of surprise. He lifted his arm and pointed at the very front of the squad. “Isn’t that the girl who asked for your WeChat last week, Lu Jiaheng?”

Lu Jiaheng's eyes were bloodshot from staying up the entire night. He gave the girl a cursory glance. “Looks like it.”

Beside him, Lin Boyang glanced at the voluptuous beauty Cheng Yi was pointing at before turning back to Lu Jiaheng. “Lu Jiaheng, goddammit, all of the hot girls are wasted on you!"

They're always the ones hitting on him. I'd give up sex for ten years just to see A'Heng hit on a girl first," Cheng Yi said with a frustrated expression.

Lin Boyang: "Why don't you go screw yourself instead?”

As the two started to bicker, Lu Jiaheng turned a deaf ear. His gaze swept casually over the row of green uniforms and suddenly stopped on the girl standing at the very end of the line.

It was a hot morning. As a large cloud passed by, every person in front of her was enveloped in its shadow. Only she stood alone under the blazing sun.

Lu Jiaheng squinted and halted his steps.

Despite having gone through a week of military training, the girl’s skin was still surprisingly pale. The baggy military uniform on her body made her look especially small. Her dainty ears, visibly reddened by the sun, peeked out from under her green cap.

Her hands were fisted loosely at her sides. The instructor noticed this and lashed out. “Put more strength into it! Did someone starve you?!"

Two harsh slaps fell on the backs of her pale hands, and her skin instantly turned red.

Lu Jiaheng frowned.

It suddenly occurred to him that the girl hadn’t sent him a single message since that day.

Why did she stop after sparing so much effort to get his contact information?

That wasn’t what they had agreed on.

Lu Jiaheng turned away and walked over to the entrance of the wired training grounds enclosure.

The field was lined with instructors and first-year students in military training uniforms, as well as a handful of professors. Lu Jiaheng’s appearance attracted numerous stares, but he acted as though he couldn't feel them. His gaze was fixed on one small person.

Her eyes were hidden under the brim of her hat. In an attempt to catch her attention, Lu Jiaheng lowered his body and placed his hands on his knees. She was probably in a daze again, because he had to maintain that slight squatting position for a while before she noticed.

She blinked a few times in surprise, her long eyelashes quivering softly.

Lu Jiaheng cocked his lips and waited for her reaction.

One second, two seconds, three seconds.

She wrinkled her nose and looked away as if she hadn't seen him.

Lu Jiaheng: ???

He raised an eyebrow and unhurriedly straightened up again. As he moved to lean against the fence, his lips curved into a languid smile.

As though watching her stand still in military stance was an interesting thing.

The early September heat permeated Chu Zhi's dark hair and green military uniform. She felt so drained and dazed that she completely failed to notice someone's unswerving gaze on her.

After a while, the instructor finally yelled “Stop!” and allowed the squad to rest under the shade of a tree.

Chu Zhi looked over at the entrance of the training grounds.

"Hotpot Dipping Head," she decided to call him, was still there. Beneath the sunlight, his black hair appeared a shade lighter.

Chu Zhi didn't want to move. She wanted to sit down, rest, and drink some water. However, she still owed a certain someone an expensive hoodie, so she reluctantly started walking toward him with her head down.

Her appearance reminded Lu Jiaheng of a wilting little plant. When she stopped in front of him, he noticed that her head only came to his chest.

Chu Zhi stared at him for a few seconds. She didn't know his name yet. After a pause, she said, "Hello, senior."

The girl's voice was slightly hoarse, and her lips were chapped. Long, thick eyelashes framed her bright eyes. Her earlobes were still red from the sun.

Lu Jiaheng suddenly lifted his hand and touched her ear.

EDIT: Life became too busy after all despite it being summer. Unfortunately, I will be dropping this novel and quitting the novel translation scene in general.

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