Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works 179: SAO Cleared

The silver storm stopped after a while.

Kachak shatter

Under the skill's immense stress, the twelve blades cracked and shattered. Feng Yu Chen won, his sword storm ultimate mode: All swords return to one true source expressed Feng Yu Chen's desire and his current limits of super powerful sword skill.

There are three main ingredients needed to execute this skill. First, the executor must have superhuman speed to navigate the storm. Second, the executor must have superhuman accuracy to juggle the blades around in order to ensure the blades stay balanced during the pre-skill setup. Third, the executor must be able to use superhuman perception.

He used almost his skills: Sharingan, Byakugan, Soru, and Geppou to pull this off. Only he can pull this off as the Cardinal System failed to contain and compute his move. The sword skills in SAO are pre-defined and too bland for Feng Yu Chen.

"Congratulations, you did it. You cleared the game, as promised, here is the World Seed. You decide what to do with this."

Kayaba appeared once again. He is now wearing a white lab coat. He gave Feng Yu Chen a golden egg.

That golden egg merged with Feng Yu Chen's avatar. He felt like someone forcefully put something into his inventory. That was a preset series of tools and programs that people can use to create VR worlds. Feng Yu Chen just needs to get functioning hardware like servers and VR-dive gears to run his VR worlds.

He can also create a bridge between different VR worlds and integrate them, allowing for a smoother transfer of avatars and items beyond worlds.

In other words, he can create VR worlds that are way more immersive than current Earth VR games.

I wonder what kind of waves would be created if I brought this back to Earth.

"Alright, time for you all to return to the real world. Well done, you cleared SAO."

Kayaba beamed at Feng Yu Chen. That sword skill truly opened his eyes. That skill was just sublime.

A loud bell started tolling in SAO.

It was so loud no player could say they didn't hear it.

A gigantic floating text sentence appeared in the sky.

System announcement: Warning...

"System announcement..."

"Time elapsed: 2 years 1 month 9 days 10 hours 5 minutes and 25 seconds."

"Please wait as the logout procedures will take place in batches."


In an instant, the players were dumbfounded to find that they were released from the grip of death. Some of them even started tearing up as they released all the pent-up anxiety.

Freedom at long last. They didn't think they would last this long in a cruel gaming world like this.

They started cheering and crying at the same time. This is what it means to shed tears of joy.

"Captain Feng, thank you..."

"Captain Feng, you're the best..."

"Captain Feng, you did it!"

"Yeah, you fucking did it, Cap Feng!"


The players flocked to Feng Yu Chen as they rained down praises and thanks.

"Alright, that will be all, miraculous youth. I thank you for showing me what a miracle looked like. Sorry for the trouble I caused you, hahaha..."

Kayaba faded into nothingness.

"Asuna, give me your number and location. I will come to find you."

Feng Yu Chen grabbed Asuna's hand.

"I live at XXXX, my number is XXXX..."

Asuna replied.

"Oh, me too, I live at XXXX, my number is XXX...."

"My house is over by XXX and my number's XXX..."

Liz chimed in.

"You can find me at XXX, my cellphone is XXX..."

Kirito said.


"Right, where do you live, Yu Chen?"

Feng Yu Chen was asked by Asuna.

He didn't give her an answer.

"Nn, I will hit you all up after I exit this place."

Feng Yu Chen replied.

"My address is a bit... special."

"Okay, you better come, I will be waiting."

When Aincrad disappeared in a burst of crystal polygons, the VR world was officially cleared.

Designating an ID for SAO real world.

Feng Yu Chen's mind received the Infinity System's notification. His mind turned blurry. When he opened his eyes, he was inside a giant room. The room had a European style to it. The air it exuded was one of elegance. Saeko and Inori were already there with him.

Randomized body created, 007 stellar performance earned him the best perks during body and ID creation. Your setting is the scion of a multinational retail-chain mega-corporation. Your parents are dead and you have sole control over Sherlock Corp's operation.


Holy crap.

Feng Yu Chen's jaw dropped. The System really did him a solid by giving him this identity. So this is what it means to be the no.1 player. He was given the ID which made him the most eligible guy in town.

Saeko and Inori had maid uniforms. So they were given identities as his maids? This Infinity System really knew how to make ridiculous settings.

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