Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 120: The death threat comes again

After entering the labyrinth, Feng Yu Chen felt something off.  Maybe he's just thinking too much.

Feng Yu Chen and Asuna came out to gather food materials. The stock you can buy at the market isn't as good as the materials found in the field. For instance, by using wild herbs, the taste of the soup would skyrocket.

Asuna is the only one with him. The players approached them because they found the Boss room on the 35th Floor, Feng Yu Chen didn't think too much of it so he came to check it out.

Asuna pulled Feng Yu Chen's sleeve. She blinked her eyes at him, expressing her unease and puzzlement. The players were too weak to appear in a labyrinth like this. How did they know where Feng Yu Chen and Asuna was? Even Inori would have a hard time finding them because they randomly picked a few spots to harvest. The male player shouldn't have tracked them down so easily.

Girls are typically more attentive to details. He also couldn't help but feel a bit odd, coupled with Asuna's intuition told him that things aren't as simple as they seemed.

"Should we call for Saeko and the rest?"

Asuna asked.

Feng Yu Chen shook his head.

"No, let's see what they have in store for us. We are strong players, plus, we can just use the Return to Town crystal if we meet monsters we can't handle."

"Nn, okay, but I still think we should raise our guards..."

Asuna nodded. The Wings of Freedom is a guild supported by many players, by itself, the guild is so strong that one dared to openly pick a fight with them. How long can this dominance go on?

After entering the labyrinth's deeper region, they found themselves gazing upon a snow-covered mountain. It's not winter right now but the raging snowstorm suggested otherwise, it was also frigid.


Asuna rubbed her hands together hoping it would lighten the cold a bit.

Feng Yu Chen took down his coat and placed it on Asuna's shoulder.

"Wear it, it will warm you up..."

"Oh, okay..."

Asuna wore it but she couldn't help but see Feng Yu Chen didn't take out any warm clothes to put on.

"Aren't you cold? Why did you pass me the coat?"

Feng Yu Chen scratched the back of his head.

“Argh, busted. It doesn’t feel good to be warm when you’re shivering like that. It’s just a snowstorm, no biggie…”

“Mmm, you need to curb that macho manly personality of yours…”

Asuna rolled her eyes at him.

“I don’t think so. It’s just common sense to take care of the girls around me. I am as meek as a mouse at home…”

Feng Yu Chen helplessly replied.

Heck, I am the one cooking at home, talk about male chauvinism.

Asuna blushed.

“Calm down, I didn’t say I disliked your gesture. Fine, you’re very caring. How about that? I just don’t like seeing you in the cold like this. I am just worried about you, why did you have to go off on a misunderstanding like that?...”

Feng Yu Chen realized he is really bad at picking up her undertones.


Asuna giggled when she saw Feng Yu Chen’s helpless look. This guy is so cute.

They tagged behind the male player as they arrived at a certain floor in the labyrinth. There was a female player who hid in the corner of the room, waiting for Feng Yu Chen & co to come here.

Normally speaking, the labyrinth is divided into various regions. There are usually 20 sub-floors in a labyrinth, filled with creeps, mid-bosses, and the Floor Boss in the deepest region. The Boss door can be opened and if the players can’t handle the heat, they can always run away.

On the way here, they cleared away the creeps blocking their way. Dungeon monsters of that caliber aren’t something the male and female player can handle. Based on Feng Yu Chen’s observation, the male player started retreating whenever a monster got close. His response time is also very poor.

Feng Yu Chen raised his guard. Clearly, the male and female players aren’t the ones who found this labyrinth first. It’s a trap, someone’s using them.

“Alright, save your theatrics for later. State your goal, tell your master to come out. You should know the consequences of going against the Wings of Freedom, right? Tell me what your master wants and I will punish you two lightly.”

The two players faltered as they retreated backward. They looked terrified of Feng Yu Chen.


A twenty-something youngster walked out. He started laughing out loud with a sneer on his face.

“Ahaha, only two? That’s great. Wings of Freedom, was it? Let me clip your wings for you. I wonder how the Wings of Freedom will move once their leader is out of the picture.”

Feng Yu Chen frowned at the sight of this smug player. He’s a Red player. To reach here before Feng Yu Chen & co means he has the skills to dive into labyrinths on his own. Judging from the malice coming from him, it’s clear he also killed a lot of players before this.

“Which Grim Reaper guild do you belong to?”

Feng Yu Chen asked. He reckons this guy is just another smug player asking for a smackdown.

“A grim reaper guild? No no no, I am not affiliated with them, consider me, a rogue Grim Reaper. I came here because someone requested your death, you should know the one who asked…”

The male slowly explained. He had the confidence to kill Feng Yu Chen, otherwise he wouldn’t be wasting so much time.

“Oh? An enemy, huh? I don’t think I have friends who would want me dead. I don’t remember letting my enemies live…”

Feng Yu Chen knitted his brows.

Who could it be?

The guy took out an invitation letter drafted in black paper.

“She said you will recognize her the moment you read this…”

At a glance, he recalled the cloaked loli who liked to send death threats. Did she send this guy to test the waters?

“Haha, did that elucidate you? She’s the strongest Grim Reaper in our line of business. She already honed her assassination skills to the top. She told me to send this letter, killing you is just a personal interest of mine. I bet she’s going to be very pleased if I kill you off…”

Feng Yu Chen took out a Mercury Sword, an item dropped when he killed the floor boss of the 30th Floor.

(Author’s note: Most equipment dropped from monsters are far inferior to equipment made by trained blacksmiths. In rare cases, monsters might drop equipment that are far better than those that can be created by blacksmiths, such drops are referred to as demonic monster drops. Since this is a sword, it’s called a Demonic Sword.)

“If you want to duel then follow me…”

The guy didn’t want to duke it out here. He ran towards one direction in a lightning fast speed.

Feng Yu Chen chased after him while Asuna followed.

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