Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 143: In the bathroom...

Feng Yu Chen thought Haruna and Inori looked very cute in their Christmas mini-dresses. He reckoned they would look good in maid or animal costume. He decided to make Inori and the others wear maid costumes next time. However, maid uniforms can only be made by players, maybe he needs to learn sewing-related skills.

He shelved the idea as he had no talent in sewing, his cooking is still okay but sewing is out of the question.

It's impossible in SAO so he has to wait until they return to the real world.

"What are you doing just standing there? Let's go..."

Asuna placed the pizzas on the table, she patted Feng Yu Chen on his shoulder. This guy must be thinking about weird stuff again.

"Oh, yeah, coming..."

Feng Yu Chen stopped his fantasies and he placed his dishes on the table as well.

"Let's chow down, everybody, gather up..."

Feng Yu Chen yelled.

"Oh, we are coming..."

Everybody gathered around the table.

"Wow, pizza... pizza... Mmm, they smell so good..."

Haruna's eyes lit up and she started drooling like a slob, she reached out for the pizzas.

"You sit your butt down, you're always the first one to act out of line..."

Feng Yu Chen knocked her on the head. Her salivating look would probably turn others off.

"Uuu, you're always picking on me..."

Haruna pouted.


The others laughed, this is almost a dinner ritual for Haruna.

"Okay, write down your wishes and stuff it inside this bottle. We are going to bury this bottle somewhere. May our wishes and prayers take root and be granted one day..."

Feng Yu Chen took out one bottle. He gave everyone a piece of paper. This is to commemorate their first Christmas together. It's one thing for the wishes to be granted and creating a lasting memory is another thing. This is how they wanted to spend the first Christmas in SAO together.


The others thought the idea was great. It proved that they are alive and they survived the first year. Just like how they lived in the real world, they are going to tackle everything with all of their abilities.

Soon, they wrote down their wishes and they shoved their papers into the bottle.

"Okay, let the Christmas dinner begin. First, a toast! This is our first Christmas together as the Wings of Freedom, I hope everyone continues to grow and train themselves to become the very best. We will all walk out of this world together!"

Feng Yu Chen poured everyone a cup of fruit alcohol after he took out a bottle of booze.


Everyone clinked their cups together.

Feng Yu Chen and Asuna started slicing the pizzas up, they divided it into portions of eight, everyone got a slice each.

"Thanks for the food..."

Everyone started eating. Eating together felt different from eating alone, Kirito enjoyed this kind of atmosphere. The Wings were different compared to other guilds. It's more like a group of friends than a squad of guild members. The relationships were solid and it was entirely different from when he was operating alone.

"This is so good..."

"The texture is so soft..."

"It's also very fragrant, it melts in your mouth and goes right down..."

"The meat doesn't have any unpleasant odor..."


"I am dreaming of a White Christmas..."

Zi Yue Ling started singing.

What's a white christmas without the appropriate song to go with it?

"Come on, let's sing it loud. I am hitting the sack after this..."

Zi Yue Ling gave everyone a suggestion.

Everybody grabbed the hands of the person next to them and they started singing as the party slowly came to an end. They made sure to nail this memory deep in their minds.


The festive and joyful sounds of people giggling and singing echoed outwards. The lights only went out deep into the night as every player celebrated in their own jolly groups and fashion.

After a day of labor, Feng Yu Chen got into the bathroom to clean himself up. In a game world like SAO, hygiene isn't an issue. Since they are living in this world, they might as well practice bathing. It's also a good way to get rid of stress. Moreover, Feng Yu Chen and his comrades entered this world in their real physical bodies.

Saeko entered the bathroom with only a towel covering her feminine parts. Ah, Feng Yu Chen forgot to lock the door.


The two stared at each other in stunned silence...

"I-I am going to wait outside..."

Saeko started blushing. She almost went to the fourth base with Feng Yu Chen but they still felt awkward when it comes to things like this. She leaned towards the conservative side this time.

"It's fine. Since you're here, might as well rub my back for me..."

Feng Yu Chen stood up and sat down on the stool near him. His towel covered his meat tower.


Saeko didn't turn him down. They should get used to being around each other. They are already very close to doing the tango in the sheets, she reckoned this is how Feng Yu Chen showed his respect for her. She also felt a bit embarrassed to say "Come, I am ready" or lines like that. They kept dancing this tense dance, if Feng Yu Chen is a bit more assertive, perhaps they would have...

Saeko started rubbing Feng Yu Chen's back with a red face. She was gentle, like a newly-wed wife.

Feng Yu Chen felt Saeko's gentle fingers on his back and he mused out loud.

"That's nice, taking a bath was the right choice..."


Saeko nodded. Her heart's racing and she didn't know what to say.

"You did good today, the old Saeko's back. I am very proud of you, Saeko..."

Feng Yu Chen praised her.

"Nn, you gave me energy, I..."

Saeko added.


Feng Yu Chen shook his head.

"No, you did most of the work, not me. I was wrong, I forgot about you and I focused more on Inori and Asuna when you're a very warm person that compromised on so many things. I misunderstood your kind intentions. Saeko is someone who always shone brightly and can mesmerize anyone. Relax, I will never repeat my mistake again. I was wrong, please forgive me..."

"No, it's not like that. I am happy as long as I am by your side..."

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