Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 144: A fantasy world

Asuna came downstairs, she saw the light was still on in the bathroom and she got curious. When she got close, she can hear the sound of people talking inside.

Spurred by her curiosity, she inched closer to the door. She was surprised to hear Feng Yu Chen and Saeko inside. The door wasn't closed entirely so she can see through the open slit. Saeko's rubbing Feng Yu Chen's back. The two also talked with each other. Her mind stopped for a second. Are Saeko and Feng Yu Chen already at that level in their relationship?

Badump badump badump

Her heart raced. She wanted to back away but she stepped on her sleeping robe and she slid.

"Who's there?"

Saeko and Feng Yu Chen looked back in shock. Who would be walking around during midnight?

Saeko saw Asuna through the gap and she felt a bit bad. Asuna saw her rubbing Feng Yu Chen's back. She knows Feng Yu Chen is trying to get close to Asuna, if she saw in such a compromising position, how would she feel?

The one she liked is more intimate with another girl, what would she do?

Saeko whispered in Feng Yu Chen's ears.

"It's Asuna..."

Feng Yu Chen suddenly felt like his head hurt. Asuna almost confessed to him when they were making dinner. He pacified her, but if she sees this then...

Feng Yu Chen wiped himself dry and he put on his pajama. Exiting the bathroom, he saw Asuna sitting on the living room couch with an expressionless look, she's waiting for Feng Yu Chen to explain himself.

"It is as you just saw, Saeko's my girlfriend, Inori too..."

Feng Yu Chen massaged his temples, he tried to figure out what he's going to say to get himself out of the doghouse. He needs to make it clear that Feng Yu Chen loves other girls too, not just Asuna.

"That's not what I wanted to hear..."

Asuna calmed down.

"I already guessed you guys were in that kind of relationship. I get it, we can't move on without addressing this. This is about responsibility and it concerns our future together."

Feng Yu Chen nodded. This situation couldn't go on any longer, it needed a solution. Although Asuna guessed it, she never saw Feng Yu Chen doing stuff with Saeko and Inori that went past her tolerance. That's why she chose to ignore her thoughts. Now that she saw Saeko and Feng Yu Chen hanging out in the bathroom, she decided this cannot continue any longer.

Saeko also brought Inori downstairs. If she decides to cut ties with Feng Yu Chen, Saeko and Inori will try to persuade Asuna to stay.

Asuna glanced at everyone.

"Yu Chen, you need to choose one partner from among us. In this game, you can have multiple relationships but that's not the case in the real world. The law prohibits polygamy. After choosing your partner, the other two will have to back out so they can start new lives."

Before Feng Yu Chen can say anything, Saeko spoke first.

"Asuna, I think there's a misunderstanding here. We are both Feng Yu Chen's wives, you just joined so the right remains with you, whether you want to leave or stay..."

"Huh? That's impossible. After leaving SAO, he can only marry one person, the law doesn't permit polygamy."

Asuna gasped. She didn't think Saeko would say something like that.

"An explanation is in order..."

Feng Yu Chen placed his hands beneath his chin. He started explaining.

"Asuna, listen carefully to what I am about to say, it may shock you...

In a certain world, a certain picked up a phone that allowed him to enter anime worlds. Only after clearing a set of objectives can the player leave the world. As a reward for being the best, the player can choose to take a character out of his/her original world. Only the top player can bring an anime character into the real world after exiting the Anime dimension.

When I entered Saeko's world, it was a world infested with zombies. I saved the world, became the strongest on that planet and I chose Saeko as the character I wanted to take out.

Then, I entered Inori's world. It's a world affected by the Apocalypse virus. Similarly, I saved the world and became the strongest there. I chose Inori as the character I wanted to bring into reality.

Now, I entered your world. We were sent into SAO to clear this game. I intend to become the strongest, free everyone, and I want to bring you back to the real world with me

The superhuman footsteps where I danced in the air is a type of reward given by the magical system that was installed on the phone.

There are other matters I should tell you but I will only do so after you make up your mind."

Asuna was too stumped for words. According to Feng Yu Chen, she and the universe she lived in is only an anime work. She's a fictional character. But, that wasn't the case for her, everything around her felt real. She never thought she was living in a fictional universe. It just blew her mind.

"Nn, I understand why you're shocked. I didn't think my world is a fictional world too. Feng Yu Chen's universe is the real one, in his world, our worlds are just fictional universes. The same goes for Inori. As you can see, we are living in a fantastic universe. Naturally, that means we can stay with Feng Yu Chen too. Also, Feng Yu Chen saved both of us and he kept his promises..."

Saeko said.

"Nn, it's all true..."

Inori nodded.

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