Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 145: You can return to this world

Asuna listened to Feng Yu Chen's explanation. She felt dizzy from hearing about fictional and real worlds, the prospect of a multiverse blew her mind. For the players who entered her world like Feng Yu Chen, this world can be perceived as fictional. But, this world is real to her.

"If what you're saying is true, when you clear this game and save the world, you can pick me and I can leave with you. It just sounds so surreal to me, going to other worlds.

I mean, I have my parents, my brother, and everything else in this world, can I really give up my world? I don't know what circumstances led Inori and Saeko here. But, SAO is like a prison, I can return to my normal life after breaking this cage.

How am I going to break my attachments to this world? You're warm and you're a great guy. I like being with you and I know I am going to be happy if you're by my side. However, how is my family going to feel if I leave this world?

I can't be so selfish. This world is real to me. Perhaps it is a fictional world but it might continue existing after SAO. I want to stay in this world even if it's fictional. Let me stay in this world.

I can't go with you. I wanted to ask you who you're going to pick. Turns out it was not relevant. Sure, I can choose to go along with your extraordinary isekai excursions, I mean we are all female protagonists here. You chose one girl from each world, that's acceptable.

While that solved a problem, it created another one. I just can't sever my ties to this world. Sorry, Yu Chen, the time we spent together was really the best time of my life.

If you choose to stay then I promise to love you together with Inori and Saeko. I will become a great wife. I suppose you can't relinquish your connections to your original world too, right? In the end, we all have different paths to walk down.

Saeko lived in an apocalyptic zombie world while Inori lived in a world plagued by the Apocalypse virus. They are all dystopian worlds. They formed bonds with you just as you did with them. I still have attachments to this world so I can't leave this world even if I love you. At least, now now... That's why I..."

Asuna went on a length exposition. She wanted to stop this before she dived too deep into this relationship. She's afraid that she might leave her family for Feng Yu Chen.

"Asuna, I think it's better if you think properly about your choices. You know you can't give him up so easily. I don't think you can forget him with a snap of your fingers and you know it. Isn't your heart hurting?"

Saeko hugged Asuna. If she really wanted to break up with Feng Yu Chen, she's not the only one who's going to get hurt, Feng Yu Chen will also be hurt. Saeko didn't want to see that.

"But... What choice do I have? You guys just sprang this on me.  I just don't know what to do. I love him and I love my world too. It hurts me no matter which option I go with. If I knew this was going to happen, I wouldn't have fallen in love with him, if I knew..."

Asuna started choking up. It's her first love.

Asuna went practicing with Feng Yu Chen every morning. Then, they went around gathering food materials. They researched recipes, fought monsters, and laughed around each other. Feng Yu Chen also dove down into the ice hole when she fell, that move touched her. She knows she's too deeply in love with Feng Yu Chen.

Asuna felt Feng Yu Chen's warmth and when he protected her it made her feel fuzzy inside. It's hard to give Feng Yu Chen up. However, her family's going to be sad if she leaves this world. It would be a happy ending if Feng Yu Chen stays, however, she's sure he's going back to his world after clearing his quest in this world.

Inori grabbed Asuna's hand. She smiled at her.

"Don't worry. I know how we can meet in the middle. Feng Yu Chen can take me back to my native universe once a week. Although it's only for a single day, he can probably do the same for this world."

Oh, right...

Feng Yu Chen recalled the event with glee. He returned to Guilty Crown after beating the final Boss. He got that item and it allows him to return to a native world once a week for a single day. If Asuna comes with him, he can use that to return to her world.


Asuna looked at Feng Yu Chen with a pair of hopeful but doubtful eyes.

"Yeah, I swear it's true. We can always come back after we leave this world. You can visit your mum whenever you feel like it. How does that sound? Please don't leave me, you have a special place in my heart. I am afraid my heart's going to hurt if you're not around..."

"Really? You're not lying to me?"

Asuna grabbed onto this ray of hope. If they can always return to this world she can let down her worries and wholeheartedly go with Feng Yu Chen.

"Yes, I swear it on our love. I would never lie to you..."

Feng Yu Chen said with a serious look.

"We are otherworldly inhabitants and we are here, aren't we? If Infinity players can come to this world, returning to this world shouldn't be a huge surprise..."

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