Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 148: Training in progress

"You want me to be your toy for a night? That's going too far, I overestimated you."

Ice Butterfly huffed. Feng Yu Chen went overboard. She never let any man touch her. As if she's going to let Feng Yu Chen turn her into a stuffed sock puppet.

"Hmm? I don't see how I am asking too much. It's to improve the trust between us. Feel free to say no, I will just turn your offer down. What? Think you're too short for me? It's okay, I like petite women too!"

Feng Yu Chen pressed Ice Butterfly down against the bed. He had an evil grin.

"Wh-what are you doing? I am going to kill you if you mess around!"

Ice Butterfly's heart started racing. She felt like she fell into a trap. She can't let him do that to her.

Feng Yu Chen didn't answer her. He placed his palm on her modest chest. It's very modest but it felt bouncy to the touch. It's also soft and smooth so it felt good to fondle her.

"Tsk, I thought you would do anything to finish the job, where did that go? Are you embarrassed? You're bashful over this? I didn't the demon of murder's actually so modest. I heard you already killed more than 500 natives of this world. That's a cruel number. I mean, if you want the [King of Slaughter] title, you're gonna have to work for it.

Oh, if you go after my women, I am going to break you. Touch a single hair on them and you're going to learn what it means to be truly merciless. Such a beautiful body you have here, I wonder what it would look like if somebody whips it?

Try to go after them and I am going to relentlessly hunt you down. I am going to humiliate you in every conceivable manner in SAO and then when we go back to the real world, I am going to come after you. I will bring potent aphrodisiac with me, I will make you beg me to stick it in you. When I am done with you, I will turn you into a sample and string you up as an exhibit. What a glorious exhibit you're going to be. Now..."

Feng Yu Chen licked Ice Butterfly's tender neck.


Ice Butterfly stared at Feng Yu Chen's crazy red eyes. This guy's not screwing around, that stare is sending chills down her spine. But...

"You can't scare me. I don't care what you do to me, I know you're going to be devastated when one of your women dies, it's going to haunt you for the rest of your life. The ball is in your court, we can still walk away from this deal happily and all would be well. I didn't come here to fight."

Ice Butterfly coldly said.

"Do as I say, won't you let me play with you? There are no free lunches, you've to earn it."

"No, no deal, change your terms, anything but that..."

Ice Butterfly said with flushed cheeks. Feng Yu Chen's deft caress is already started to get to her. A one-night stand with this man so she can get her title...


Feng Yu Chen let go. He beamed at her.

"You need to kiss me. If you arouse me and I touch you, the deal's considered done. It's your win if you can arouse me. Well? A kiss and you can get your [King of Slaughter] title, sound good?"


Ice Butterfly felt like that could work. A kiss for a title, that seems...

"You have three seconds to think, or maybe you think a one-night stand is better after all? Make up your mind before I change my mind."

Feng Yu Chen pinched her cheek.

"I need you to verify, if you move then I win, correct?"

Ice Butterfly asked.

Feng Yu Chen nodded.

"I promise."


Ice Butterfly bit down on her lips. She agreed with the new term. She's sure she can get this guy in the mood. This guy's rumored to be a massive lolicon. She is also confident with her cute loli appearance. If she makes a move on him, she's convinced he will start touching and fondling her. If she wins, the title will be more or less hers. Feng Yu Chen's also pretty handsome as he's not a burly ugly bastard. Kissing is still within her permissible limits. It's time to bite the bullet, that title's worth it.

Feng Yu Chen smiled as he laid down on the bed. He waited for Ice Butterfly to make her move. Ever since he saw this killer loli, he always had the urge to train her. She's perfect, he reckons her embarrassed look will definitely look better since she's always so Haraguro.

With her palms propping her up, she stared into Feng Yu Chen's burning eyes and she felt a bit awkward. This is her first time doing something like this. She wasn't sure how to describe her current emotional state. She straddled Feng Yu Chen. Slowly, she leaned forward and downwards, she closed her eyes as she pressed her lips against Feng Yu Chen's lip.


She had no idea what to do. This is the first intimate contact she had with the other gender. She didn't know left from right. Kissing is just bumping lips in her dictionary. She's also very new to the thing called love so she's as helpless as a fawn.

Feng Yu Chen felt her supple but cold lips. Although this girl didn't know how to move, her proximity alone felt very good. He can also smell a faint but sweet scent wafting from her body. Feng Yu Chen's heart started throbbing hard.

A while later, Ice Butterfly still didn't feel Feng Yu Chen fondling her so she moved her lips away from Feng Yu Chen's lips while roaring in anger.

"You bastard, are you doing this on purpose? I have been smooching you for a while, okay? Are you messing with me?"

Feng Yu Chen grinned.

"You call this kissing? Putting your lips on mine and sitting there like a statue? Laughable, this is called bumping lips, not a kiss, okay? You can't turn me on like this, you think I am that easy to arouse?"

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