Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 159: Gleam eyes

Feng Yu Chen & co couldn't help but take a step back when the Gleam Eyes roared. It had an imposing aura, those burning eyes told them the boss had its eyes on them.

"A demonic-looking boss, how surprising. This is just too realistic. A demon's eyes, huh?"

Feng Yu Chen mused with intrigue. He might sound nonchalant but he's dead serious. This Boss is something else and he knew it.

"Nn, go attack it first, the Captain should be the one to gauge its power, right?"

Zi Yue Ling shoved Feng Yu Chen forward, staggering him towards the Gleam Eyes.


Feng Yu Chen's action was taken as a sign of aggression. The Boss emitted a thick stream of steam from its snort. Then, it bellowed out loud as if it's psyching itself up for a fight.

At the same time, the two lines of flames shook heavily. The whole room also trembled. The vibrations can be felt all the way over at Feng Yu Chen's spot.

Gleam eyes spat out a hot breath of bluish steam. It placed the Zanbato in its right hand on its shoulders.

Gleam Eyes rushed over with incredible speed. The beast's rampage made the ground shake, a testament to its immense strength.

Feng Yu Chen already analyzed Gleam Eye's attack style. Two-handed-greatsword, that's the beast's skillset. Giving up any prospect of using a shield to focus on pure attack power.

Normally, players would use swords in their right hands and shields in their left hands. There are players who use greatswords. Typically, these users would poke or jab with one hand. Only when they are attacking will the users use both hands to maximize attack power. That's the difference between using one hand and two hands.

Greatswords have weaknesses too. Firstly, it's easy to read the attacks. The heavy blade is not as wieldy as the shorter swords like rapiers and shortswords. Secondly, it takes longer to swing the blade.

Gleam Eyes took this to another level with its skills. Feng Yu Chen can tell the beast is swift just as his range is wide. The shockwaves generated by the Boss can shave HP points away. In other words, even when it missed, Gleam Eyes still indirectly hurt Feng Yu Chen.


Feng Yu Chen chose to back away instead of pulling off a counter. Dang, Zi Yue Ling, that cheeky lady. Her abrupt actions disrupted his stance. He had to retreat to regain his footing. In a way, Gleam Eyes is powerful enough to force Feng Yu Chen back.

"Dear, me, I am so sowwy. My bad..."

Zi Yue Ling giggled, she's completely not apologetic at all.

"I will spank you hard when we go back later!"

Feng Yu Chen snorted.

"Fine with me, as long as Asuna doesn't mind..."

Zi Yue Ling winked.

"Nope, I don't mind. Feng Yu Chen, make sure you spank her hard..."

Asuna said, she's joking, of course.

"Ugh, how dare you use your husband-wife power to gang up on me. I see, silence is the best cure here..."

Zi Yue Ling stored her cheeky grin away. Asuna isn't cute in her books anymore. Whenever she teased her, Asuna would always blush or shy away. To think she would...

"Keep an eye on the fight. This boss has got skills. It even forced Feng Yu Chen back. Granted, Zi Yue Ling-san disrupted the start but it's still powerful enough to cause problems for Feng Yu Chen. It is mixing patterns into its unpredictable attacks. What a troubling way to use a greatsword."

Zi Yue Ling assessed.

Normally, players attack after discerning the monsters' attack patterns. With an erratic pattern like this, it's hard to come up with a solution. This is very problematic.

It looked easy in the Anime. In reality, Feng Yu Chen got a firsthand taste of how hard it is to deal with Gleam Eyes. He is surprised but not intimidated. To him, the Boss is just more powerful than the last one. He can still defeat this Floor Boss.


Feng Yu Chen flashed behind Gleam Eyes in an instant. He cut downwards with his Mercurial Sword. The red lines of damage appeared on the back of Gleam Eyes.

This wasn't the end. Feng Yu Chen continued dishing out the punishment. In an instant, he unleashed four more slashes. Forming a pentagon shape on the Boss' back.

He unfurled a final jab at the center of the bloody pentagon.

Star Crushing Slash

Feng Yu Chen's unique high-level skill, the Star Crushing Slash is a 6-hit sword skill that can hurt the opponent internally with the last hit.


Gleam Eyes isn't taking this sitting down. It spun around to swing at Feng Yu Chen.

Soru, Geppou.

Feng Yu Chen disappeared once more. He rapidly tapped his feet against the ground and jumped into the sky. He jumped once more with Geppou, achieving a greater height than before.

"He's gone?"

Kirito couldn't believe Feng Yu Chen disappeared without a trace. Gleam Eyes is also fazed by Feng Yu Chen's sudden movements.

"No, he didn't disappear. He's in the air!"

Asuna pointed at Feng Yu Chen who can apparently walk on air. It's the second time she saw Feng Yu Chen using Geppou. Still, this filled her with great shock and astonishment.

The others also looked up at Feng Yu Chen who took a stroll in the air. It's like there were invisible stairs in the air.

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