Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 160: Sword skill storm

Dancing in the air, an elegant waltz through the sky.


Gleam eyes bellowed while snorting two jets of bluish-white steam. Gathering energy in its mouth, the Boss dashed over as if it's getting ready to shoot.

Feng Yu Chen ignored the imminent energy attack. He walked to the ceiling before adjusting his position vertically in a 180-degree arc. He tapped against the ceiling multiple times before disappearing in a poof.

He appeared in front of Gleam Eyes in an instant.

Spiral sword slash

He spun at high speed while descending. Feng Yu Chen turned himself into a blue tornado of sword slashes that went drilling towards Gleam Eyes.


He manifested a massive and gnarly hole on Gleam Eyes. The sword tornado hit the wall, shaking the entire Boss room.

At the same time, Gleam Eyes exploded into a rain of data polygons.

Feng Yu Chen solo-ed the Floor Boss.

"The theoretical highest level continuous-hit sword skill, that guy actually created such a powerful technique!"

Kirito yelled out loud. Feng Yu Chen pulled off another super sword skill.

He recalled the debate they had on continuous-hit sword skills...


"Skills that have four hits or more are high-level sword skills, right? Kirito?"

Feng Yu Chen asked.

"Yes, four hits and above make the sword skill high-level in terms of classification. For instance, Vertical Square is one such skill. Against monsters, multiple hit skills can deal tremendous damage while also stun-locking them in place. Once someone chains sword skills enough, it's theoretically possible to kill Floor Bosses in record time."

Kirito said.

"Skill Connect requires speed and timing. Since the slashes are so fast, everybody knows the user must have super-fast reflexes and a strong will to unleash continuous hits through Skill Connect. Even the sword skills with higher hit counts are harder to pull off. Such is the problem posed by continuous hit sword skills..."

Feng Yu Chen said.

"Nn, it's rare to see players do this. However, captain, you can unleash continuous-hit sword skills with more than 10 hits, right?"

Feng Yu Chen nodded.

"Nn, Kirito, you can do it too. No, what I am talking about is the possibility of a sword skill that is the fastest and can hit more than 100 times, even a thousand hits..."

Kirito gasped.

"That's hard to imagine. Dozens of times? Hundreds of times? I am aiming for over 20 hits at most. Anything stronger than that is just impossible. A 100-hit continuous-hit sword skill? That's just not possible, right?"

Feng Yu Chen shook his head.

"No, I am sure it exists. For example, imagine a tornado of slashes. If someone can unleash the ferocity of a tornado in the form of sword slashes, a 100+ hits sword skill should be possible, don't you think so?"

"A sword skill storm, huh? Man, the captain sure is far-sighted. Indeed, you have a point. That should create an unthinkable sword skill, you might just be able to unleash hundreds of slashes. However, how do you go about starting something like that?"

Kirito agreed with Feng Yu Chen. But, how does a player achieve that feat?

Feng Yu Chen gave him a mysterious smile.

"Since we concluded that it can exist, the next thing is to bring it into reality!"

"You're going to attempt something like that? That's amazing. Please let me see it if you ever devise such a skill. That might be the ultimate level of continuous-hit sword skills."

Kirito got excited. That would surely be a sight to see.

"Oh, I will make sure you get to see it..."


It's been a month since said conversation. Kirito didn't think Feng Yu Chen would come up with his Storm Sword Skill in that time. This tornado-esque sword skill is also powerful.

"Yeah, Feng Yu Chen-nii's the best! We are going get so much meat tonight..."

Haruna jumped in joy. For her, a speedy boss fight meant more time for meat consumption.

"That's such an inscrutable skill, I counted at least 30 hits?"

Asuna gasped.

"Nn, Feng-nii is the strongest..."

Silica praised while hugging Pina.


Inori also nodded. Feng Yu Chen is an incredible person in her heart.

"What a monster!"

Zi Yue Ling's mouth widened.

"Oh, wait, he is a monster..."

Zi Yue Ling confirmed.

Saeko also gave her analysis.

"This sword skill probably requires significant air time to build up the momentum. A user would need to have his air-stepping skill and mind-boggling sword skills. I don't think there is a boss that can resist that kind of penetrative power..."

Shirotama also looked at her master in reverence. As expected of the man that subjugated her.

Feng Yu Chen landed on the ground after finishing his attack. He turned towards Kirito.

"Told you, the Storm Sword Skill became reality. I designed this skill myself, I dare say it's probably the strongest skill in SAO..."

"Nn, you're probably the only one who can use it anyway..."

Kirito is satisfied with the show he got.

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