Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 161: Looking for rabbits

After killing Gleam Eyes, Feng Yu Chen & co cleared the floor. Everyone also knew about their achievements through the in-game notification System.

The exterminated Army players led many players to a pit of disappointment. However, the Wings swooped in and saved the day once more. As long as the Wings are around then everything will be fine.

Heathcliff, the Blood Knights' captain's potential duel against Feng Yu Chen is a hotly anticipated event. Who will come out on top? Feng Yu Chen's rapid and devastating strikes or Heathcliff's absolute defense?

This epic fight didn't materialize because Heathcliff never got around to initiating a duel. Feng Yu Chen is down to fight anytime but his skills that existed outside this world's boundaries made Heathcliff rather apprehensive in regards to his chances in a duel. If he suffered heavy damage and still retained his HP then that would give away his hidden ID as the GM of SAO. He can't keep the show going if that is exposed. Just beat the GM and you can clear the game, why clear all 100 floors?

Heathcliff preferred to keep his ID hidden. He liked observing the struggles players go through while fighting bosses. The sadness, shock, fear, elation, joy, the various emotions and experiences they cycle through bouts of life-and-death fights.

This was the true test of SAO perfection, its ability to elicit various emotions in its inhabitants. He wanted to be a part of his own creation, that's why he joined them as a player. He wanted to see the strength of the human will.

Since he wants to keep this going a bit longer, Heathcliff chose to stay away from any talks of a duel with Feng Yu Chen. He's sure Feng Yu Chen will wreck him with his multiple Extra Sword Skills. Getting busted will not do him any good.

Feng Yu Chen also garnered more than 100,000 points, enough to use the one-hit-kill command to get rid of Heathcliff. [The Sovereign of Boss Extermination, he wanted that title, that's why he tagged along with Heathcliff's charade.

Feng Yu Chen & co started a rabbit hunt when they got back on the 74th floor.

Ragout Rabbit, a rabbit that drops S-rank food material upon defeat. It's also known as the fastest monster in SAO.

Catching the Ragout Rabbit is a test of speed and skills. The speedsters in the Wings are: Feng Yu Chen, Kirito, and Shirotama. Shirotama probably isn't down to hunt rabbits. She prides herself as a viper-attribute girl, maybe she's actually very adept at hunting rabbits?

The task falls upon Feng Yu Chen and Kirito's shoulders.

"Kirito, let's go, it's rabbit hunting time. Let's see who is faster between both of us..."

Feng Yu Chen invited Kirito.

"Me, me me me... I want to hunt rabbits too..."

Haruna bounced around with her hand raised.

"Me too..."

Inori looked like she wanted to try it out too.

"I am coming too. I want to try catching food materials myself..."

Asuna raised her hand.

"Alright, that's five of us. We will go in different directions. Remember, we are out for Ragout Rabbits!"

Feng Yu Chen gave them the objective of this hunt.

In SAO, there are monsters that dropped food materials instead of Cors or equipment. Food loot monsters usually dropped high-tier materials upon defeat. Rare materials can be sold for jaw-dropping prices. The foodie culture is catching on in SAO.

Feng Yu Chen & co went in five directions. They traversed the grassy forest in search of the rabbit. The time is close to the evening.

They chose this time because this is the active period for the target.

Ragout Rabbit is a rare monster. It's not high-leveled or terrifying in combat. It also didn't yield much EXP, it just has one of the highest quality food loot, Ragout Rabbit's meat.

Players can buy soups and bread in the game. They tasted bland but it filled the hungry bar. It's also the reason why many players chose chef as their sub-class. Food by cook players is popular in SAO. Feng Yu Chen & co also cooked for themselves.

Tasting different dishes is a type of pasttime for SAO players.

Feng Yu Chen entered the forest only to see Asuna trailing behind him. It would seem she somehow bumped into him in this forest.

"You're here as well..."

Feng Yu Chen greeted her. They both giggled at the same time.

"Let's look for the rabbit together..."

Feng Yu Chen grabbed her hand.


Asuna nodded while blushing.


They heard a critter crying in front of them. It sounded like a grass flute being blown.


Feng Yu Chen told Asuna to stay quiet. He used his Searching Skill to locate monsters and players. It's an effective skill to prevent an ambush. Proficiency upgrades will also allow the player to detect hidden monsters and players.

Feng Yu Chen already honed his Searching skill to a high level, this was the result of food material hunting with Asuna on an almost daily frequency. It's basic survival practice to make sure they are safe when hunting in the wild with players and monsters around.

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