Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 162: Getting married

After a quick search, they discovered a critter with grey fur and long ears. Reading its name revealed the target: Ragout Rabbit.

Feng Yu Chen stayed motionless. The creature is hiding behind a tree a dozen meters in front of him. Chasing it would result in failure since it's the fastest creature in game. Using Soru might work.

Asuna also noticed the rabbit. She focused on it while unsheathing her rapier. She wanted to do a blade throw on the creature.


Asuna tossed her rapier in a beautiful green trajectory.


Alerted to the incoming danger, the Ragout Rabbit jumped a second too late as the rapier struck it true.

It squeaked its last squeak before dying in a rain of data polygons.


Asuna started cheering while pumping her fists. She opened her inventory to confirm the Ragout Rabbit meat in her inventory.

"Congratulations, you got the material. Good, now we can head back."

Feng Yu Chen giggled.

"Yeah, this is the first time I got S-rank food loot. I am going to make good use of this. Wouldn't want it to go to waste..."

Asuna said with a serious look.

Feng Yu Chen concurred.

"It's fine, we are both master chefs, this piece of meat is in good hands. We are going to draw out its flavor..."

"Nn, let's go back and make dinner..."

Asuna couldn't hide the excitement of getting her first S-rank food loot.

He sent a message to Haruna, Inori, and Kirito. He told them it's okay to come back since they already got their target. Feng Yu Chen went speechless when Haruna told him she's lost.

"Ugh, you guys head back first. I am going to find Haruna and drag her back. It seems she got lost somehow..."

Feng Yu Chen helplessly said.

Asuna also nodded.

"Alright, you should have stopped her if you knew she was going to get lost. Everyone knows she's not good with directions. You knew this was going to happen when you allowed her to tag along with the Ragout hunt, didn't you?"

Nervous sweating...

"Asuna, you're already acting like a nagging wife..."

Feng Yu Chen teased her.

"I am not naggy, I am just reminding you to take note from now on..."

Asuna stomped away in a huff, her face is as red as a tomato.


Feng Yu Chen pursed his lips. He opened his friend list to locate Haruna's name. He tracked her down with the follow friend feature. It has the same tracking function as the Search skill. However, it can only be used on friends.

He looked around to see a world of dark green hue. He saw green steps on the ground so he started following her footsteps.

In the end, guess where he found her?

Sleeping on a tree with a black cat curled on her body, the cat's also asleep. That black cat is Haruna's familiar. A Shadow Cat with tremendous speed. She probably used it thinking she could sick it on the rabbit, right?

Feng Yu Chen couldn't believe Haruna's ditzy attitude. She slept out in the wild like the thought of ambush from predators hadn't occurred to her.

"Get up, Haruna..."

Feng Yu Chen patted her shoulders.

"Uu, I want to sleep more..."


Feng Yu Chen's veins started bulging. This girl needs the ultimate technique to get her up.

"Dinner's ready... who wants meat?..."

Haruna's ears twitched. Like a spring she bounced up in an instant. She raised her hand.

"Oh, me!"

As expected...

Feng Yu Chen stood up.

"Okay, let's head home. We secured the material. We are going to eat Ragout Meat as dinner tonight. If you don't go back now then Inori and Silica will finish your portion for you..."

"Oh, let's return then..."

Haruna pushed Feng Yu Chen forward. No way in hell is she going to let Inori or Silica get all the meat.

What a simple girl...

Feng Yu Chen nodded as he brought her home.

"Gosh, this is so good..."

"Mmm, splendid..."

"I can't stop myself, this is so good!"

"Nn, it's delicious..."


After satiating their hunger, they laid on the sofa while rubbing their stomachs. The Ragout Rabbit deserved its S-rank designation. It was juicy, delicious, and fulfilling, definitely the best meat they have had so far.

Clap clap

Feng Yu Chen stood up.

"Alright guys, I have something to announce. Asuna and I are getting married in a week's time. The venue will be on the 22nd floor's Coral village. It's a beautiful world with lakes. There is a log cabin near the southwestern edge of the floor. I hope you guys will be there to bless the ceremony..."


Asuna's face immediately turned red. Feng Yu Chen delayed the nuptial till now. With the honeymoon destination set, Asuna's heart is practically filled with love. She decided to tie the knot with Feng Yu Chen.

"Wow, really? Are you two going to have babies?"

Haruna clapped her hands excitedly.


The others sweated profusely.

"No, this is a virtual world. It's very real but I don't think that's a setting in here."

Zi Yue Ling taught Haruna about this world's setting. It would be truly miraculous if they can make babies in this world.

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