Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 163:

Feng Yu Chen and Asuna's marriage news came as a surprise. Inori and Saeko looked like they knew about this. Feng Yu Chen ran the proposal past them first since they are also his women. They wanted to get hitched too. However, they allowed Asuna to go first since this is technically her universe.

"May your marriage be happy and long-lasting..."

Inori placed Feng Yu Chen and Asuna's hands together. She gave her blessings. In the <<Guilty Crown>> world, Feng Yu Chen already married Inori. In <<SAO>>, it's Asuna's turn. She hopes they will stay together and make their home a warmer place.

"You better treat Asuna nicely or Inori and I will get angry. She's family so you have to treat her like a queen. She's an excellent lady, treat her badly and all three of us will gang up on you, we will beat you into a pulp."

Saeko warned Feng Yu Chen while hugging Inori and Asuna.

"Nn, that goes without saying. The four of us will face each day together. We are going to stroll around during sunsets. We will also watch the starry sky together. We will move forward together."

Feng Yu Chen nodded. It's so nice to have them around, he wants to make them happy.

"Congratulations, you finally sealed the deal..."

Zi Yue Ling said.

"You lucky bastard, you've got three girlfriends. Anyway, congratulations..."

Xiao Han Yue congratulated them.

"Feng-nii, take good care of Asuna-san, okay?"

Silica chuckled. She admired Asuna's treatment.

Kirito also couldn't believe his ears.

What the? He's three-timing them? And, he got away with it? What a legend...

"Next, the marriage ceremony. Personally, I think we need to host a grand ceremony. Let's invite all the famous guilds and players to Floria on the 37th floor. There's a beautiful garden there."

Feng Yu Chen laughed.

"I will go make the invites and organize the events..."

Zi Yue Ling offered to extend her PR job to this front. She's also pretty adept at this.

"I will contact the culinary firms in SAO, leave the food to me."

Saeko said.

"I will also go and order some wedding gowns along with some suits, you're all going to look sharp at the event..."

Xiao Han Yue said.

"Okay, I am in charge of eating meat then..."

Haruna offered.


Everyone started laughing at the same time.


A few days later, a significant portion of SAO's player base gathered on the 47th floor's town, Floria. This is an important day. The captain of the Wings will marry one of the five most beautiful women in-game, the lady known as the Flash, Asuna.

As one of the most talked-about individuals in Aincrd, it's only natural that people treated this as a royal wedding. Everyone looked on with excitement and admiration.

Feng Yu Chen held Asuna's hand as they walked through the petal-strewn lane. They slowly advanced under everyone's eyes. They looked very blissful. They waved at the crowd as the world showered them with cheers and attention.

Feng Yu Chen led Asuna onto the stage. He bowed towards everyone with a smile.

"Welcome to our wedding ceremony. After a year of being around each other, Asuna and I have finally decided to tie the knot. We will rely on each other through thick and thin. To love and protect each other regardless of good times or bad times.

When I first entered the game, I was moved by Asuna the moment I saw her. After she became one of the Wings, she climbed up the ranks through her own abilities. I didn't give her preferential treatment since we only just met.

In the coming days, I started to fall in love when we spent our time battling and laughing. The times we made meals together really underscored the happy days in this place.

With Asuna in my arms, I feel like I am the luckiest man alive. I sweat to cherish, love, care, respect, protect, and stay loyal to her. No matter if the sea dries up or fire brimstones rain down from above, we will love each other to the end of eternity. Even if the world ends, I will always love her. You are all the witness to my solemn oath."


Clap clap clap

The players started cheering. What a bold guy, he confessed his feelings in front of SAO's player base. How romantic.

But, this also shattered the hearts of many maidens in SAO. Feng Yu Chen had a large following of female fans, beautiful ladies included.

Asuna also felt very blessed. Feng Yu Chen announced his love in front of thousands of players. She couldn't be happier. She grabbed Feng Yu Chen's hands as it felt like time had stopped. She savored every moment of this.

"Kiss her..."

"Yeah, kiss her!"


The audience egged them on.

Feng Yu Chen and Asuna exchanged a furtive red look. But...

Feng Yu Chen asked her.

"You ready?"


Asuna's eyes became misty.

Feng Yu Chen kissed Asuna on her ruby-red lips. He embraced her with his arms. Finally, Asuna became his...


Asuna's heart started racing. She wrapped her arms around Feng Yu Chen's waist. She responded as the two melded into one. She is going to be with this man for the rest of her life, he became his life partner...


Everyone started cheering again.

Saeko and Inori also watched on as they held hands.

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