Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 164: The morning dew girl

The second day is an overcast day, it looks like the rain's just around the corner. Feng Yu Chen is sleeping in, a rare occurrence especially since his wife, Asuna's also in bed with him.

After finishing their nuptial ceremony, Feng Yu Chen and Asuna silently descended to the 22nd floor. They moved into the cabin of love they bought. The Wings gave them one week off. They have a week to themselves before they need to return and clear floors again.

"Mmh, Yu Chen, move your butt and make me breakfast... I am hungry..."

Asuna mumbled.

"Wait, I want to sleep just a short while longer..."

Feng Yu Chen gave Asuna's rack a slight squeeze before pulling her into his embrace.

"Jeez, Ugnnh..."

Asuna blushed. The in-game avatar isn't her real body but she can still feel it. Her physical body probably experienced an increase in heart rate. Feng Yu Chen wanted to consummate their marriage last night but Asuna felt like it's better to wait until they are back in reality to do the devil's dance in bed. She turned him down despite tying the knot with Feng Yu Chen. However, seeing as they are already husband and wife, she gave him the green light to do anything other than the fourth base. It's the reason why Feng Yu Chen tormented her last night...

"Mmm, Asuna you smell nice, my cutie pie..."

Feng Yu Chen hugged Asuna tighter. This felt unreal to him. He decided to really get his jam on with Asuna when they return to the real world. He might be in his real body in this virtual world but Asuna's body is a digital mimicry of her real body. There is still a slight difference.

Asuna started complaining with a red face.

"Hey, buster, other players don't cohabitate like this after marrying their partners. Even when they are together they still wore clothes, you..."

"Well, other people's business isn't our business, we just need to mind our lives together. Plus, you're still my wife even if we are in the real world, what difference does it make? Ahaha, come, give me a kiss..."

Feng Yu Chen smooched Asuna.

"Jeez, stop it... Mhh... Nn..."

Asuna pushed against Feng Yu Chen but she lacked the strength to stop him. Her lips got captured. As they got into the core of this sensual act, she started caressing his back as they enjoyed their newly-wed lives. Asuna didn't think she would touch so many bases in a game like this. It's also probably because this is a game that she unveiled a bit of her true emotions. She might have concealed her feelings in the real world.

After unleashing a barrage of tongue and lip attacks, Feng Yu Chen released Asuna. A silver line of saliva was still connecting the two when they parted. Their hearts are racing and it felt like they are connected to one another through the bonds they built over a year of love. They prepared themselves to do this but they still couldn't stop the pumping machine in their chests from going haywire when they are actually smooching. In any case, they are just going through the early phases of a newly-wed life.

"Yu Chen, I want fish soup..."

Asuna started acting spoiled while wrapping her arms around Feng Yu Chen's neck.

"Fine, I will go fish. You should grab a few snacks and take it easy. I will go whip something up real quick. After that, I will go fishing and make boiled fish for lunch, how does that sound?"


Asuna let go of his neck before falling back into the sweet embrace of lazy slumber.

"Yeah, just sleep tight, I will make the breakfast..."

Feng Yu Chen tucked Asuna in. He put on some clothes. He started making his way over to the kitchen while whistling a cheerful tune. He's still giddy over his marriage to Asuna.

To other players, they might have looked silly. Asuna's 16 while Feng Yu Chen's 18, they have no business being married at such an age. It just looks like they are playing a children's game. However, Feng Yu Chen and Asuna took this seriously.

Feng Yu Chen isn't sure what he should tell Asuna after returning to the real world. He can't just take Asuna away from her parents without proper explanations, right?

One thing is for sure. He needs to delete Nobuyuki Sugou from existence, he's planning to imprison Asuna's mind in another virtual realm. He's going to sick Shirotama on that guy. She will be the perfect killer to end Sugou's career.

After dealing with Sugou, Feng Yu Chen will have to craft an identity for himself. It won't be easy to create a fake profile but the Infinity System should be able to do it. Worse comes to worst, he will just have to bulldoze his way, having power placed him in a very unique position where he can tell people what to do and get what he wanted.

"Asuna-chan, I placed the food on the dining table. I am heading out to fish now, make sure you eat up, mkay?..."

Feng Yu Chen grabbed his fishing rod exiting the cabin. He's going to make sure Asuna get her fill of fishes today...

"Alright, come back soon..."

Asuna got up from the bed rather lazily. She put on her clothes and slipper. Arriving in the living room, she relished in the fact that she had a man who can cook for her. But, she wondered if his culinary skills can be replicated in the real world?

Disclaimer: Feng Yu Chen's very good at making fried rice with eggs, however, his culinary skills are growing rapidly.

In the span of one morning, Feng Yu Chen hooked a few dozen fishes. He kept two for himself while giving the rest to a bunch of elderly players. The environment here is pretty good so a few elderly individuals decided to settle down here.

After he's done packing up, Feng Yu Chen went into the forest to collect vegetables for the side dishes. The vegetables in the forest should complement the boiled fish well. An amateur can still ruin the dish as fish tend to smell bad. Wild vegetables can cover that stench while adding flavor to the dish.

Feng Yu Chen who is foraging for vegetables suddenly heard a weird sound. He used his detection skills and sight to try and locate anything out of place. But, his senses registered nothing out of the ordinary.

Maybe I am thinking too much?

Feng Yu Chen continued gathering vegetables when a white figure floated wandered into his field of vision.


Feng Yu Chen looked at the white figure. It was far away but he could make out the details of her appearance.

She's a very cute girl with porcelain white skin that looked as smooth as a baby's bottom. Her raven-black hair glistened in the glow of the faint sunlight. Put simply, she's an absolutely adorable loli...

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