Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 165: Yui-chan

Feng Yu Chen's mouth widened when he saw the young girl's exquisite look.

Isn't she Yui?

Feng Yu Chen watched SAO so he was sure this girl is Yui. The artificial intelligence is designed to look after the mental well-being of players in this game.

After turning this game into a death game, Yui got stripped of her admin rights. Because she had no admin rights to properly execute her function, her consciousness started fading as she turned into a wandering GM. She is a spirit designed to guide players.

Feng Yu Chen and Asuna spent their honeymoon on this serene floor. It's beautiful here and there is no one around to bother them. He didn't think he would stumble upon this loli in a place like this.

Is this fate doing its work or what?

Feng Yu Chen walked over to the ailing mental health counsel program. The girl is just wandering around with no apparent aim. She also looked weak.

"Hi, are you lost?"

Feng Yu Chen squatted down in front of Yui. He beamed at her kindly.

"What's your name?"

Yui's black eyes fell on Wu Yan. Her eyes rippled when this player talked to her. Next, her eyes lit up as she opened her slightly pale ruby lips.

"M-my name... is... Y...ui... My name is Yui..."

Yui stuttered, it appears she hasn't used her linguistic functions for a while now, her voice is still honey on the ears though. Her voice soothed the soul and brought peace to wary souls, it's almost like she's not a human but a fairy from fairy tales...

"Oh, that's a nice name. I am Feng Yu Chen by the way..."

Feng Yu Chen introduced himself.

"Yu Chen?"

Yui mumbled.

"Nn, are you lost?"

Feng Yu Chen asked.

"Ah... Hmm..."

Yui thought about this for a minute. She couldn't find an answer so she just murmured gibberish.

"Come with me, I am heading home to make a delicious fish soup. I am sure you will like it..."

Feng Yu Chen rubbed Yui's head. He pulled her hand as they started making their way home.

Yui stopped after a few steps. She turned toward Feng Yu Chen


Yui isn't sure she should call him that. She's afraid Feng Yu Chen might turn her down.

Feng Yu Chen flinched, he rubbed her head.



Feng Yu Chen nodded again.

"Nn, let's go home. Mama's waiting for us..."


Yui smiled, her eyes brightened up beneath her tidy bangs. Vitality returned to her doll-like visage. She looked like a doll given life. She giggled out loud.

"Okay, Mama's waiting for us. We should hurry home because I am on chef duty today. Papa is better at making food than mama..."

Feng Yu Chen grabbed Yui's hand.


Yui immediately committed that to memory. She's like a baby who was just born. She tried her best to remember everything.

Feng Yu Chen arrived at his love cabin with Yui in tow. Asuna's probably still lazing around in his bed. Feng Yu Chen made Yui sit on the couch.

"Yui, wait here like a good girl okay? Papa's going to wake mama up..."


Yui nodded obediently. She tilted her head while beaming at Feng Yu Chen.

"Good girl..."

Feng Yu Chen chuckled. He entered his bedroom.

"Yu Chen, do we have guests over?"

Asuna sat up from the bed, she rubbed her blurry eyes.

Feng Yu Chen sat next to her.

"I met a lost girl in the forest. She doesn't have any indicators on her and she is experiencing amnesia. The poor girl can only remember her own name. I don't think it's okay for an eight-year-old girl like her to wander the forest like that so I brought her home..."

"No indicators? Every player in this game has an indicator above their head. Plus, the Nervegear restricted kids below the age of 13 from entry. How did a girl like her enter this game? Silica is probably the youngest among us, right? Maybe this is some kind of bug?"

Asuna mused out loud.

"Who knows?"

Feng Yu Chen waved his hand.

"She looked pitiful. When I encountered her, she looked like a lifeless doll. It raked my heart to see her like that. She recovered slightly after we talked for a bit. I hope you can cooperate with me on a certain matter..."

"What? You mean you want to ask if it's okay to shelter her here? I don't have any problems with that. We can go look for her parents on the first floor later."

Asuna asked Feng Yu Chen.

"Well, she called me papa and I kinda played along... I just didn't feel right turning her down like that. I mean, what if I hurt her feelings? You're just gonna have to accept this daughter for now..."

Feng Yu Chen scratched the back of his head. He awkwardly laughed.

"I became a mother?"

Asuna had black lines running down her head. She just got married and now she has a daughter already?


Yui pushed the door open like a meek hamster. She looked at Feng Yu Chen before directing her attention toward Asuna.

"Papa... is she Mama then?"

Asuna recalled the fear and loneliness when she first got stuck in this game. She can see how this game can be frightening for a girl around Yui's age. She also couldn't turn Yui down.

"Yeah, I am Mama. Come, let me give you a hug..."

Asuna offered Yui a mother's embrace.


Yui lit up like a bulb. She dove into Asuna's embrace like a swallow.

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