Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 166: A happy family

Asuna empathized with Yui's situation, she also remembered how it felt to feel powerless and alone in a crazy world. Asuna instantly accepted Yui as her kid.

"Yui, have fun with mama. Papa is going to go make us something to eat."

Feng Yu Chen smiled when he saw Asuna hugging Yui. It felt like they became a family. This is probably what a happy family looked like, right?


Feng Yu Chen started preparing a fruit salad. Yui probably likes something sweet.

After finishing his fruit salad, he returned to the bedroom with the fruit salad. Yui is already asleep in Asuna's arms. She is patting Yui on her back to make sure she sleeps comfortably.

"Shh.... She's asleep..."

Asuna cautioned Feng Yu Chen.

Nodding, he placed the fruit salad on the table nearby before heading for the kitchen once more.

Asuna followed Feng Yu Chen into the kitchen after tucking Yui in.

"Well, what do we do?"

"What can we do? We have to search for her parents in the Town of Beginnings. We need to get people out on the streets to gather intel. Ugh, our honeymoon became a mess..."

Feng Yu Chen wrapped his arms around Asuna's waist. He slowly teased her with his fingers.

"Watch those fingers, buster. We're in the kitchen..."

Asuna didn't push Feng Yu Chen away despite blushing.

"It's fine, there are only the three of us here. I wonder why Yui lost her memories? Why is there a kid her age walking around in this game? Man, it hurts to see her like this."

Feng Yu Chen nodded.

"Yeah, we need to look for her parents. Maybe they are worried sick looking for her?"

Feng Yu Chen cannot tell Asuna that Yui is an artificial intelligence designed to guide players. He already spilled the beans on the Infinity Game but now is not the time to spoil the story for her.

"Nn, we will search for her parents after we eat. Gosh, I hope we find her parents..."

Asuna nodded.

But, if they really find Yui's parents, that will mean parting with Yui and that mysteriously hurt Asuna. She liked the thing going on between them. It's nice to be around Feng Yu Chen but it's better with Yui around.

"Come, help me with the dishes..."

Feng Yu Chen started working on the dishes.


Feng Yu Chen finished setting up the dining table. Asuna went into the bedroom to wake Yui up.

"Yui, time for lunch, do you like fish? Be sure to spit out the tiny bones..."

Feng Yu Chen advised Yui.

"Fish? I am not good at eating fish... Papa..."

Yui mumbled in a dazed manner, she's still not fully awake.

"Oh, ask mama to teach you..."

Feng Yu Chen delegated the task to Asuna. He's ill-prepared to teach a kid how to eat fish.


Yui looked at Asuna. Then, she looked at Feng Yu Chen once more.

"But, I want Papa to do it..."

Asuna is a bit angry. Does Yui like papa more?

"Let mama teach you, she's very soft-spoken..."

Feng Yu Chen can see the tiny flames of anger within Asuna so he decided to shirk his duty.

"Oh, since Papa said so, Yui is going to ask mama..."

Yui went over to Asuna's side.

"Okay, the trick is to chew the meat slowly. You want to use your mouth to pick out the bones and spit it out carefully..."

Asuna started instructing Yui.

Soon, Asuna discovered that Yui needed guidance on many things. She patiently taught Yui how to eat fish. She's also curious how a kid like her lost her memories, what kind of tragedy made her forget so many things?

Yui is a quick learner. After a short while, she's already eating fish like a pro...

The happy family finished their dandy meals.

"Come, Yui, have some fruit salad. Papa made it just for Yui, you know..."

Feng Yu Chen handed the fruit salad to Yui.

Yui took a spoonful of salad and she swallowed it.


Yui looked like she was enjoying her meal.

"This is so good, Papa's very good at cooking..."

"Yeah, eat up..."

Feng Yu Chen nodded with a smile.

"Hey, papa, you should have some as well..."

Yui fed Feng Yu Chen a spoonful of salad too.

"Oh, Yui is such a good girl. What about mama?"

Feng Yu Chen ate the salad.

"Yeah, mama gets some too..."

Yui offered a spoonful of salad to Asuna too.

Asuna happily accepted Yui's offer. She rubbed Yui's head lovingly.

"Yui is such a good girl..."

Time passed as the happy family went about their daily lives in bliss. Asuna's desire to stay with Yui only grew stronger. She reckons it's okay to adopt her if they can't locate her parents.

After two days of intensive searches, Asuna and Feng Yu Chen couldn't locate anything related to Yui. It's almost as if she materialized out of thin air. There are no records and her name isn't on the Stone of Life in the Black Iron Castle. That stone contained the names of all the players in this game. The dead players had their names struck out. Their time of death and cause of death are also displayed on the stone.

Yui's system menu is also way too different compared to other players. She had a weird title called Yui-mhcp001 near the top of her status window. She has no HP bar or EXP bar. She also doesn't have a level display. She had an equipment window but there are fewer options in that interface than other players. She also has the "item" and "settings" tab only...

Asuna is hypothesizing something outrageous. Maybe Yui is actually an...

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