Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 167: The closed-door

The final night of the honeymoon.

"How was it? Is Yui asleep?"

Feng Yu Chen sat on the sofa as he took in Asuna's gentle look. Due to the wedding and the sudden appearance of a daughter mellowed her out.

"She is asleep..."

Asuna nodded.

Feng Yu Chen clenched his fists.

"Yui is actually an Administrator below the GM. She is like a mental guidance NPC. The game's current state took away her powers and although she is tasked to look after players, she cannot take charge and is thus reduced to such a state."

Asuna nodded.

"Nn, but that's not important. she is our daughter now, we can't just abandon her. Plus, it is kind of nice to have such an obedient and cute daughter around us. Let her stay, why don't you?"

Feng Yu Chen agreed.

"Okay, we never treated her as a virtual NPC anyway, let's live like a happy family in this world."


Asuna leaned into Wu Yan's embrace. Slowly but surely, she is fast becoming reliant on this guy. It feels like she would never be able to part from him. He is already like her husband. Although marriage is still a far-away topic for someone at Asuna's age. She can't wait until the day she can officially tie the knot with Feng Yu Chen.

"Okay, go to sleep. We probably need around half a year to clear this world. We have to do battles tomorrow so we should get some rest. We might find the boss room of the 75th floor soon."


Asuna nodded before falling asleep on Feng Yu Chen's chest.

"Seriously, you're just like a kid."

Feng Yu Chen lifted the sleeping Asuna before heading for the bedroom.

On the second day, Feng Yu Chen and Asuna met up with the rest of the Wings' members. They are preparing to make a boss raid in the Boss Room on the 75th floor.

"Uu, Feng Yu Chen-nii, I missed you. I am so hungry! Asuna is also not with me. Mwuu..."

Haruna is the first one to run up to Feng Yu Chen. Without her personal cook, this ravenous child is famished.

"Me too..."

Silica grumbled.

Inori, on the other hand, is puffing her cheeks like a hamster. She wanted to enjoy the honeymoon with Feng Yu Chen too, why does Asuna get to hog him?

Saeko showed a helpless look.

"Man, I almost had it with Silica and Haruna. About time you returned. Is my culinary skills that bad? I mean, compared to the master chef, of course, I was going to fall short. I don't train my cooking  skills every day, this is so unfair..."

"Woah, where did you find that cute girl? You, did you expand your strike zone to little girls?"

Zi Yue Ling started judging Feng Yu Chen.

Feng Yu Chen and Asuna rolled their eyes at her. she had too much imagination for her own good.

Asuna finally understood Feng Yu Chen's plight. She really needs to put a lid on that mouth of hers.

"Alright, everyone, let me introduce Yui, our daughter..."

Feng Yu Chen pushed Yui forward.

"Holy, you guys sure made a baby quick..."

Haruna bought his words.


The others were too stunned for words. They created a daughter during their Honeymoon.

"Anyway, the story is a bit complicated. I will explain it after this. Yui is now part of the Wings of Freedom. Take care of her, okay?"

Feng Yu Chen said.


The other members nodded. They started swarming Yui, treating the cute elf-like girl as the mascot of the guild. They couldn't care where the girl came from.

Silica also raised her arms in joy. She is not the youngest girl in the guild anymore. Since Yui is younger than her, she can graduate as the mascot of the guild.

Yui also warmed up to the rowdy guild in no time at all.

Feng Yu Chen and Asuna exchanged a smile. Yui is getting a big expansion pack to her family.

Afternoon, Feng Yu Chen and his cohorts started the raid. Haruna, Yui, and Silica are in charge of looking after the base. Feng Yu Chen also prepared lots of fruit salad for them.

The labyrinth of the 75th floor is made out of obsidian-like mineral growth.

Unlike the rough floors of the lower labyrinth, the floor here is so smooth it looked like someone sculpted it.

Feng Yu Chen & co are about to fight the boss here.

This time, all major raid groups are going to join forces. After the crippling blow dealt to the Army on the 74th floor, there are no raid groups dumb enough to challenge the Floor boss on their own. They waited for the Wings to assemble before they would even attempt to do something like that.

After going through the strategy, Feng Yu Chen & co entered the boss room.

The boss room is a wide room in the shape of an egg. The walls went up into the ceiling, giving the room a feeling like they are in a giant colosseum.

The dark space and cold air made the souls of the fighters here shiver. The Boss room shut tight after everyone entered. This rarely happened before. In other words, this is a fight to the death, those who entered will either win the fight or die by the boss' hands.

Asuna looked at the ceiling. She heard something whistling through the air. Then, something fell from the ceiling as the air shook.

"What in the world is that..."

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