Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 168: Skull reaper

When Asuna yelled, all the players looked up at the ceiling some dozens of meters high.


The whole place shook, as a gigantic white creature of unimaginable lengths came crashing down from above.

Crash thud boom

The hulking monster easily dozens of meters long approached the raid group.

This creature is known as the Skull Reaper. It had massive scythes for pincers and legs. It looked like a centipede made of a gigantic elongated human skull. It had a long ribcage that had multiple skeletal protrusions that ended in its long bony scythe segment. It looked extremely vicious with its two giant bony scythes. The burning blue flames within its skull also threatened to freeze the mortal souls gazing upon its titanic proportions.

"Ah... Ah..."

The Skull Reaper sent multiple shielders flying with its initial crash. Those shield-bearers specialized in defense and they still got sent flying like sacks of potatoes. This meant the boss isn't lacking in offensive power.

This is probably one of the biggest boss Feng Yu Chen & co has ever faced. It is basically a behemoth rustling around on sharp legs that can act as scythes. It possesses both speed and strength.

A large body, immense strength, incredible agility, this is going to be a tough fight and Feng Yu Chen & c0 knew it.

"I will block its attacks. Find the chance to attack its weak points. This boss is powerful but we will overcome it. We already made up our minds and threw away the keys when we entered the boss room. We will kill whatever stands in the way between us and victory. We will come out of this room alive or we will all die."

Heathcliff calmly said. He maintained his composed look as he scanned everyone's look. Those are the eyes of a scientist studying the behavior of caged mice...

His eyes showed pity and this didn't escape Feng Yu Chen's and Kirito's astute eyes. The players are all somewhat anxious or panicked, except for this guy. It is like he isn't a part of this raid, like a machine, he felt nothing going up against the floor boss.


Skull Reaper started charging toward Feng Yu Chen & co. The Skull Reaper immediately did away with two of the KoB knights in its way. It used its oversized scythe pincers to pierce the knights. In an instant, two vanguards of the raid group fell in a rain of Polygon.


Heathcliff anchored his right foot and faced his shield towards the charging Skull Reaper. He successfully blocked one of the two giant scythes. Even so, the boss still pushed him back.

The boss knew it couldn't pierce Heathcliff's defense so it used its free scythe to attack nearby players.

"Don't think it will be that easy!"

He isn't going to let any more casualties happen.

Kirito charged forth with his black sword drawn. But...

Bam pshct

The Skull Reaper's scythe hit Kirito and his sword. The sheer force knocked Kirito back. The strength of the boss could be seen in how Heathcliff can only defend and can't go on the offensive.

The raid group turned taciturn.

"Looks like we need someone strong enough to keep its remaining scythe in check. Okay, I will do it. The rest of you focus on timing your attack on the boss..."

Feng Yu Chen disappeared in a flash. He blocked the boss' scythe attack but he didn't g get smashed away.


Kirito backed away. Skull Reaper tried to follow up and Kirito was exposed but Feng Yu Chen interrupted just in time.

"Nah, we are comrades anyway."

Feng Yu Chen parried the scythe attack before beaming at Kirito.

"Okay, let's return to the fight."

"This guy is on another level..."

Kirito started praising Feng Yu Chen. Not only did this guy take the attack of Skull Reaper head-on, but he also did that while chatting with Kirito like he is drinking tea at a cafe. It is easy to see why he is stronger than Kirito. Is there a limit to Feng Yu Chen's powers? He has never seen the guy panicking before.

Blocking the strongest attacks the Skull Reaper can unleash, the two strongest guild leaders did their roles splendidly.

The players calmed down, regrouped, and fought once more.

They rushed towards Skull Reaper.



Skull Reaper is having none of this, it swiped the players with its bony tail.

"Watch out for the tail. Stand out of range and dodging shouldn't be a problem. Heathcliff and I will be stopping the two main pincers by ourselves. Focus on chipping away its health by attacking its body. It is just a large target for us to take down, focus your attack on the parts you can hit."

Feng Yu Chen told everyone.

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