Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 170: The duel between the strong

Heathcliff, no, Kayaba is a very meticulous guy.

He is planning to use 10 minutes to analyze Feng Yu Chen's attacks and then use the System to design counter-measures. He is probably banking on the chance that he can beat Feng Yu Chen on the 100th later.

Kayaba looked at Feng Yu Chen's composed expression with visible shock.

"You're collected as ever, I am shocked that you can still stay calm. But, I am putting quite a lot at stake. If you can defeat me on the 100th floor, SAO is yours for the taking, including the World Egg, how does that sound?"

"The World Seed is a series of program packages you can use to create VR worlds, basically, you can create any virtual world you want with this."

"Not only that, it allows for convertibility between VR worlds so you can give players the ability to change their avatars, exchange currencies, and items between VR worlds. In other words, one player can live in multiple VR worlds if the player so chooses."

"This is the biggest gift I have in store, after you defeat me. Consider it my offer for using a handicap. If I am still defeated after analyzing your moves for 10 minutes then it would be my utter defeat."

World Seed?

Feng Yu Chen is shocked that Kayaba brought this out. He is probably hoping Feng Yu Chen will work harder. What a tantalizing offer.

Kirito understood the joys Kayaba derived from his sick plan. It is because Feng Yu Chen exceeded his expectations that he wanted to see where Feng Yu Chen can take this game. No matter what, Kayaba will have fulfilled his main objective in creating SAO and trapping players here. If Feng Yu Chen wins then it will prove Kayaba wrong and vice versa. It will be a fight of who has the stronger will. Kayaba is operating on a level the average human cannot fathom.

"Great, I will let you see what a miracle looks like. Even if you copy me, I will just exceed the parameters you recorded. Keep that chin up, now."

Feng Yu Chen unsheathed his Mercury Sword. He got into a fighting stance.

"Well, I am looking forward to this miracle of yours..."

Kayaba raised his shield as he executed a shield bash charge. He is totally abusing his invulnerable status to weigh down Feng Yu Chen.

He wants to force as many of Feng Yu Chen's techniques out as possible so he can analyze and emulate a solution when he returns to his lair. If even after cheesing so much, Kayaba still lost then it will prove beyond reasonable doubt that Feng Yu Chen is the better man.

The working hypothesis right now is that Feng Yu Chen had multiple unregistered techniques that are not in SAO yet. If he can log and create files for these moves then he can devise better and stronger techniques after this fight.

No, Feng Yu Chen isn't going to play his game. He is just going to keep himself alive for 10 minutes without showing his cards. Sounds easy...

Bam bam bam

Although Kayaba used multiple sword techniques on him, Feng Yu Chen blocked and parried his way with margins to spare. He used his original moves here and there but not the ultimate moves he kept for the strongest opponents. The fastest attacks Kayaba can use are painfully slow when viewed through his Sharingan.

Kayaba used the Cardinal System's help to increase his speed and attack. Meanwhile, Feng Yu Chen used his Sharingan to increase his speed, reaction time, and agility.

Kayaba's boss-like attacks were easily blocked by Feng Yu Chen. The reaction speed, evasion, and attack speed displayed by Feng Yu Chen is so refined and high-level, it felt like Kayaba is fighting an untouchable monster that had 0 gaps in defense.

Sharingan is active so Feng Yu Chen can read Kayaba's attacks like an open book.

"Oh... As expected of the strongest player, normal attacks won't work on you. Even sword techniques can only force a few techniques out of you. I am not sure if you're sly or this is just your abilities. It seems like it won't be easy to gather data on you. I can't let it slide like this. I must gather some intel. Don't think bad of me for abusing my GM powers, let me show you the power of the 100th Floor Boss, this is your preview!"

Kayaba is utterly disturbed by what he is seeing. His confidence is like papier-mache in front of Feng Yu Chen. Without using stronger attacks, he can't pose any threat to Feng Yu Chen at all.

"By all means, use your full power. I want to see how you're going to gather my data. Also, how are you sure I am not gathering data on you? Final Boss?"

Feng Yu Chen chuckled. He calculated the remaining time. He had 1 minute left before he wins this duel. This last minute will be drastically different than the 9 minutes before.  He will be facing the 100th Floor Boss in his full glory."

"Oh, you're an intriguing player. You want to turn the table on me? I am getting more and more fired up. Don't hold back or you might..."

Kayaba changed his attack pattern.

He raised his shield and sword.


Feng Yu Chen also got ready. This looks like Kirito's Dual Blades. Kayaba is going to use his shield like another sword. An attack style incorporating his shield in defensive and offensive moves. His sword also looked like it is charging up a powerful sword skill.

Feng Yu Chen rapidly tapped his foot on the ground before seemingly flying into midair.

"Here it comes, the strongest sword technique in SAO."

Kirito excitedly said. The Storm Slash Sword Technique, he wants to try fighting Feng Yu Chen when he uses this skill, the skill only Feng Yu Chen can unleash.

"The strongest sword skill?"

Everyone heard Kirito. If Kirito is already one of the top 5 players in SAO and he said this is the strongest skill then...

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