Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 171: The final promise

“The strongest sword skill?”

Kayaba didn’t think Kirito would claim Feng Yu Chen had access to something like that, isn’t Kirito’s Dual Blades supposed to have the highest DPS? There is something far more powerful than the Dual Blades?

Feng Yu Chen jumped into the air like there was an invisible stair only the heavenly emperor can see and stand upon.

Like an angel of war, Feng Yu Chen defied gravity as he dashed around the sky. If Heathcliff didn’t reveal himself as the GM then they would have suspected Feng Yu Chen is abusing his GM privileges.

Kayaba also couldn’t ignore this weird feat. He recorded the movements Feng Yu Chen is doing to analyze later. It is possible to move in the sky but that requires Administrator-level privileges. How is a normal player flying around in the sky? This is the strongest skill Feng Yu Chen had? No, he is only setting up his move.

When he reached the zenith of his sword dance. He did a 180-degrees turn to swoop down with the ceiling of the dome as his jump pad. In the next instant, he was already 1 meter above the ground. With immense momentum, he crashed down.

Spiral sword slash

Covered in blue energy, Feng Yu Chen who is within his sword cyclone drilled straight for Heathcliff.

Clang clang clang

Kayaba couldn’t react in time. Fortunately for him, his immortal status kept him from dying. But, even so, he couldn’t parry Feng Yu Chen away. This power is already beyond just absurd STR stat.

The sound of sword slashes hitting hard metallic surfaces was so loud people had to cover their ears.

Clang clang clang

Feng Yu Chen drilled Kayaba into the walls of the arena. He buried Kayaba deep in the giant hole.

Clang clang clang

Despite already pinning the GM in the wall, Feng Yu Chen kept his spinning momentum up. After a short while, the sword cyclone stopped. His Mercurial Sword broke into two pieces.


He exhausted the durability of his own equipment.

That is demonic-sword-level equipment. One move exhausted its durability. Now, Feng Yu Chen has to grind for another blade like it.

Clang clang clang

Kayaba clapped his hands.

“You’re a genius. What a technique, I have never seen a stronger sword skill. I dare say you probably have the strongest sword skill in SAO. That technique had power, speed, defense, and crowd control, it was a perfect skill that integrated defense and attack. You unleashed hundreds of slashes in a matter of seconds.

Thanks for the performance just now, I gathered valuable data on the wings you exhibited. By the time we fight again, your skill will probably be ineffective against me. You should do as you said, exceed your current levels and transform into an angel with wings.

So that was the inspiration behind your guild name. Indeed, your Wings of Freedom is a sight to behold. Now then, let us meet at the 100th level. As much as I want to fight you again. I need time to come up with a counter to your move. You can call me a cheater but I want to see more of your wings!”

Feng Yu Chen shook his head.

“Nah, you’re just a jerk. Sit tight on your lonely 100th level, I will exceed myself and face you there. Don’t go pulling this infinite HP BS during the final fight. Also, where is my World Seed?”

“Hmm, no problem. I will keep my end of the bargain. I will witness your Wings of Liberation. All the players of this world can be released but only you shall die at the end of SAO.”

Kayaba faded from view.


The players loosened up when Kayaba went away. They were outraged that Kayaba lied to them. However, they are also incredibly terrified. What if they get wiped out?

“Go to the 76th floor. Calm yourselves down. We have to keep fighting and moving up. The weak-willed may stay behind. I will end this even if the Wings is the only guild left in the raid group. I believe Kayaba will let everyone go in the end. He wants me and only me. Now, who has the will to keep fighting to the end with me?!”

He fluttered his cape and left with Kirito, Asuna, Saeko, Inori, Zi Yue Ling, Xiao Han Yue, and Shirotama.

“We already climbed all the way here. I am not calling it quits here. Even if I can’t help the Wings on the last floor, at least we will escort them there…”

Klein led his Fuurinkazan to tag behind Feng Yu Chen & co.

“Count me in, we already cleared 75% of this world, only 25% left…”

Agil placed his ax on his shoulder before moving forward.

The players also turned silent. They know the rest of the battles won’t be as easy as before. Some of them might lose their lives. In that case…

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