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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 172: Forging a demonic sword

Feng Yu Chen & co continued clearing floors. They are now on the 81st floor. Feng Yu Chen & co were exhausted by the endless raids. They decided to rest for two days.

Feng Yu Chen also worked on his Spiral Sword Slash. He believes that is not the final form of his storm-like combos. There is a stronger variant to this technique and to achieve it, he needed a weapon that wouldn’t break from that skill.

Feng Yu Chen looted another demonic sword after his Mercurial Sword broke in the duel against Heathcliff. The Sinful Scythe on the 80th floor dropped it upon its death.

Feng Yu Chen isn’t satisfied with just one demonic sword.

Feng Yu Chen wants to merge the Dual Blades with the Spiral Sword Slash. He has an idea but he needs 12 demonic swords.

That will allow him to unleash a Spiral Sword Slash far stronger than his current skill.

However, demonic swords are rare drops. Even with his money and fame, he only got his hands on 3 extra blades excluding the fourth blade he got from the 80th boss. He is still short of 8 swords.

Only elite bosses or higher-grade bosses dropped that thing. To make the rest, he is going to need a weaponsmith to help him. Only top-level weaponsmiths can manufacture the swords he needed.

“If you want to make demonic swords, I have a friend who maxed out her weaponsmith subskill. She is one of the most famous weaponsmiths, do you want to check her store out?”

Asuna poured a cup of tea for Feng Yu Chen.

“Nn, Agil also placed commission with all the weaponsmiths he knew. I need more blades to create the skill that will end that guy.”

Feng Yu Chen nodded.

“Asuna, you never told me you knew a weaponsmith?”

“I am not leashed to you, don’t try to hog me. I have social needs too. She is just someone who knows how to repair my equipment. I decided to find a replacement for Agil and she came forward. Agil charges an arm and a leg for his services…”

Asuna grumbled.

“Nn, and?”

Feng Yu Chen urged her to go on.

“Just go see her. I bet she can make the swords you want. I am warning you just in case. She is very cute but you’re not allowed to hit on my friend when you already have me, Inori, and Saeko. I will bury you if you flirt with her. No more picking up girls in SAO!”

Sao leered at Feng Yu Chen. Maybe introducing Lisbeth to Feng Yu Chen was a bad idea?


Feng Yu Chen nodded.

“Fine, I don’t think there is anyone cuter than Asuna. I still love you, you know…”

“Papa, am I not cute?”

Yui glomped Feng Yu Chen.

“Yeah yeah, Yui is cute too.”

Feng Yu Chen tickled her nose.

“Who is cuter between Mama and me? Who do you like more?”


Feng Yu Chen hugged both Yui and Asuna. He rubbed his face against their cheeks.

“I love you two. You’re all precious to me…”

Asuna’s face turned red. She tried to get out of Feng Yu Chen’s hug.

“What are you on about? You’re embarrassing me.”

“What about us?”

Saeko pushed Inori forward.

Feng Yu Chen almost kneeled down. Why is his harem bombarding him with questions?

“Ooh~ Don’t forget about us. Silica and me, the cutest sisters who are Feng Yu Chen-nii’s favorites.”

Haruna brought Silica along.

“Don’t mind us…”

Zi Yue Ling, Xiao Han Yue, Kirito, and Shirotama promptly left.

48th Floor, Lindarth.

The main street isn’t modern. There are various waterways and waterwheels in this city. During the day, it is common to hear the sounds of forging hammers smashing metals into weapons and armor.

“Lisbeth’s Smith shop is over there…”

Asuna pointed at a weapon shop with a large waterwheel attached to the wall of the shop. It isn’t a huge shop but it still cost Liz 3 million Cors to buy. It is also a good investment because the fair value of her shop is already far more than 3 million Cors. There are no beautiful gardens near here but weaponsmiths liked this place.

“Are we visiting Mama’s friend?”

Yui asked.

“Yes, you need to greet her properly, okay?”

Asuna advised Yui. Calling Liz aunty would be rude as she is just sixteen. Calling Liz-nee would also make Asuna seem old in comparison to Liz since Yui calls Asuna her mama.

“Just call her nee-san. Yui should talk to her like how you talk to Inori and the others. Don’t overthink this…”

Feng Yu Chen chuckled.

“Okay, papa, I will call her nee-san…”

Yui beamed at Feng Yu Chen while holding his hand.

Why is she more obedient to papa?

Asuna felt a bit envious that Yui likes to hang out with Feng Yu Chen more than Asuna. She also likes to take Feng Yu Chen’s side when prompted to choose between her papa and mama.

Feng Yu Chen teased Asuna when he saw her pouty face.

“If you want someone who likes you more than me, you should give birth to one.”


Asuna turned red as an apple. This guy, he casually said something that Asuna didn’t want to think about until at least a few years later.

“Okay, we should stop messing around. Let’s go inside…”

Feng Yu Chen went into Liz’s shop with Yui and Asuna.

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