Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 180: Logging out

After returning to the real world, Feng Yu Chen gave Shirotama a call. He sent her out to end Suguo. He wants her to delete Suguo from existence before she can imprison Asuna.

"Woah, this place is so nice. But, my clothes..."

Saeko looked at her maid uniform.

"I think it is nice."

Inori said.


Two lines of maids formed near the door as a butler entered. Feng Yu Chen's healthy look made the butler incredibly happy. He bowed instantly.

"Congratulations on logging out of SAO. I was worried sick that the Kazegami Zaibatsu would go down without an heir..."

"Enough, Sherlock. No need to be so formal with me. Go prepare some food, I am hungry."

Feng Yu Chen acted as a young master should. He reckoned it would be nice to live like a king for two days before returning to reality.

"Yes, young master..."

Sherlock ordered the maids near him to go prepare food.

"Sherlock, go back to the company. I am feeling fine so you can go back and handle company matters. Sorry for making you do all the work after my father died."

Feng Yu Chen said. He sent him back since he is a loyal worker.

"Please, for what your father did, dedicating my life is the least I can do. Very well, I shall return. Call me anytime you need my service."

Sherlock nodded. He rushed back home when he heard the news of SAO ending. The shareholders of the conglomerate kept making a ruckus about changing the boss. With the young master back, he can calm down the peanut gallery.

Feng Yu Chen sighed after Sherlock left. The System randomly generated this identity for him. He didn't think he would be given the identity of a scion of a large Zaibatsu.

Feng Yu Chen discovered that the mansion he is staying in had rooms and space to spare. It is like a giant castle. There are maids everywhere and they were respectful. He could get used to this.

"Call up the other Wing members. It's no fun to hog this place to just the three of us."

Saeko said. This place can compete with Buckingham Palace.

"Yeah, I will give them a call."

Feng Yu Chen called Haruna, Zi Yue Ling, Xiao Han Yue, Kirito, Klein, Agil, Silica, and Liz.

"Haruna, it's me, where are you? In the hospital? Okay, I will arrange for someone to pick you up."

"Yue Ling, my place is..."

"Han Yue, come to..."

"Kirito, you awake, bro? Come here, bring your sister too."

"Silica-chan, your Onii-san is..."

"Liz, I want to look at your real appearance."

"Klein, you eating? Stop at once and come here. I got more food here."

"Agil-ossan, come, we're having a party."

Feng Yu Chen called Asuna.

"Hi, this is the Yuuki residence, with whom am I speaking to?"

A polite guy greeted Feng Yu Chen from the other side of the phone.

"Oh, Yes, I am Asuna's friend. Is she awake? Can you put her on the phone?"

Feng Yu Chen couldn't help his excitement. Is she still stuck in a game?

"Oh, right, she is still asleep. I don't know why but there are 300 other players like her who are still stuck in VR realms. Sorry, since she gave you the phone number she must trust you greatly. You can come to check on her at the hospital."

The guy said with an anguished tone. He is worried sick about Asuna.

"Okay, I will visit her along with her other friends. I pray she recovers her consciousness soon. Don't be too down, I am sure she will wake up soon."

Feng Yu Chen sounded a bit disappointed.

Asuna is still stuck in a game. Shirotama, please do your job quicker...

"Nn, thanks. I have some business to attend to if you will excuse me..."

"Okay, bye."


Feng Yu Chen turned to Saeko and Inori with pursed lips.

"I am sure she will be fine. Shirotama is on the case so this won't be for long. She is going to force Suguo into releasing Asuna before she kills him."

Saeko tried to calm Feng Yu Chen down.

Inori also grabbed Feng Yu Chen's hand. She is signaling that everything will be fine.

"Yeah, Shirotama knows what she is doing. She can finish the job."

Feng Yu Chen nodded.

Feng Yu Chen called a maid to his room. He sent her to pick Haruna up from her hospital. That girl cannot be trusted with navigation.

Then, Silica arrived at his mansion.

Silica confirmed that she is standing at the right address by double-checking the strip of paper in her hand.

Yeah, it's this place alright.

"Hi, are you the young master's SAO friend?"

A maid greeted her with a radiant smile.

"May I know your SAO handle?"

"Oh, it's Silica."

Silica answered. There are also guys in black suits looking out so the security is top-notch here.

"Ah, Silica-jousama, please, follow me. The young master is waiting for you."

The maid led the way.

"Oh, sure..."

Dazzled by the grand reception, she wondered if Feng-nii is a young lord. Who else can live in such a huge mansion? He is both a winner in-game and in real life?

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