Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 181: Assembly

Silica was led into a gigantic living room. She gasped when she saw Feng Yu Chen approaching her.

"Feng-nii, is this your house?"

"Yeah, how about it? Do you like my place? A bit too empty since I was living by myself. With you guys coming, things should liven up a little. Can I get you something to drink?"

Feng Yu Chen chuckled.

"Oh, milk tea, thanks."

Silica looked at Saeko and Inori who were in maid uniforms. So they were his personal maids? Shocking.

"Okay, you heard her, please prepare milk tea for us."

Feng Yu Chen told Saeko. The others should be arriving soon.

"Wow, a zaibatsu scion. I didn't expect this."

Agil entered. He wore a white shirt and blue jeans that couldn't hide his slightly muscular physique.

"Haha, please take a seat. Looks like everybody is doing fine."

Feng Yu Chen invited Agil in.


Agil nodded

This mansion is super huge. He honestly didn't think Feng Yu Chen had this much money. The Kazegami zaibatsu has operations all over the world, it is a titanic business conglomerate.

"Erm, I didn't go to the wrong house, right?"

Klein couldn't believe his eyes when he saw Feng Yu Chen again.

"Awesome... this place has rooms for days..."

Liz entered, she was wearing a high school uniform.

"Hey, guys..."

Kirito and his sister arrived too. They were restraining themselves because they didn't know how to walk around in a big mansion like this.

"Hey there..."

Zi Yue Ling and Xiao Han Yue arrived too. They couldn't Feng Yu Chen's luck, why did the System give him such a nice real-world setting?

"I am back..."

Haruna entered with a maid leading her.

"Eh? Aren't we missing someone here?"

Klein looked around.

Feng Yu Chen explained.

"Yeah, Asuna is still unconscious. I called her home just now and her dad told me how Asuna and 300 other players are still unconscious."


Silica and Liz were worried.

"No way. Don't worry, Captain, I am sure Asuna will wake up soon. She is probably just sleeping from the built-up of fatigue."

Klein assured him.

"Probably, I hope she is okay."

The others tried to calm Feng Yu Chen too.

"It's fine. Anyway, let's eat first. We will go see Asuna in the afternoon. The servants probably prepared a feast for us by now."


The others are still trying to figure out why Asuna isn't awake yet.

The maids prepared a full-course western buffet for the guests. There were over a dozen of different dishes.

"Oh my god, I am digging in."

Haruna immediately salivated. She picked up her chopsticks.

"Ugh, it's good to see Haruna hasn't changed."

Silica and Liz exclaimed at the same time.

Haruna ignored the fancy mansion and focused solely on the food in front of her.

Feng Yu Chen also chuckled.

"Don't hold yourselves back, guys. Eat up, don't hold back just because I am here. Here, some for you, Silica, some meat for you, Liz..."

Feng Yu Chen served everyone. He beamed at the Kirigaya siblings.

"You must be Kirito's sister, you're cute. I am your brother's best friend so you're my sister too. Come over and play sometime."

"Oh... er, yeah..."

Suguha didn't peg the strongest SAO player as such a warm guy.

When SAO ended, the word immediately spread of the Wings of Freedom's achievements. They lauded the captain of this guild as a godlike man who saved thousands of players from the death game known as SAO. When the reporters did a little digging and found out about his status as the scion of the Kazegami Zaibatsu, he basically ascended the ranks of the most eligible bachelor in the nation.

"Kirito, you better watch out. There is a rumor that Captain Feng hits on girls like he does bosses, relentless."

Klein warned Kirito although he had to admit Suguha looked cute.

Kirito also cautioned Feng Yu Chen.

"Captain, you already have Asuna. Don't go after other underage girls..."

"No, no, no, I am just looking out for my cute sister, there is no other intention here..."

Feng Yu Chen smiled.

Suguha also wondered why her brother is on guard around this guy. He looks affable, handsome, and he hadn't pulled any moves on her yet.

"Thanks, I will grab some food myself."

Suguha thanked Feng Yu Chen. She didn't feel it was appropriate that the host served her personally like this.

"Eat up, no need to thank me."

Feng Yu Chen nodded. Suguha is a tough nut to crack, she has a thing for her brother after all.

"Game over, Kirito, you shouldn't have brought your sister over."

Klein was aiming for Suguha but Feng Yu Chen already made a move first.


Kirito also realized it was a bad idea to bring his sister here. He made a mental note to make Suguha stay at home the next time. Feng Yu Chen's words cannot be trusted.

"Come on, I am being nice here. Don't take it from me, ask Silica and Liz, did I do anything to them? I am a person of outstanding integrity, you guys are giving a bad rep here."

Feng Yu Chen defended himself.

"As if anyone would believe you, lolicon."

Klein retorted.

"I agree. Don't try to make a move on Suguha or I am telling Asuna. We will see how she chops you up if she hears of this."

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