Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 182: Rect joint venture

Feng Yu Chen & co came to Asuna's hospital room to visit her.

The scene caused a ruckus because Feng Yu Chen's identity as the Kazegami Zaibatsu scion got revealed. There were dozens of bodyguards and Feng Yu Chen gave his friends a ride to the hospital in limited editing supercars.

Feng Yu Chen & co greeted her father Yuuki Shouzou. He is the CEO of RECT inc, the game company behind Rect Inc.

"Hi, uncle, we talked on the phone just now. I am Feng Yu Chen, Asuna's SAO friend and also her boyfriend."

Feng Yu Chen introduced himself. There is nothing to hide, he is the heir of a huge zaibatsu, and this identity will give him a lot of leverage.

"Ah, the young heir of the Kazegami conglomerate. Thanks for taking care of Asuna in SAO."

Shouzou recognized the insignia on Feng Yu Chen's suit. He was wearing a bespoke suit of the highest caliber. Anybody who is anybody would recognize that logo.

"Yeah, and I am here with a business proposal."

Feng Yu Chen said.

"A proposal?"

Shouzou would never treat a youngster seriously if they came up to him with a proposal. But, this guy is the heir of a huge conglomerate. In a few more years, he would likely be the director of the entire group, his business empire is dozens of times bigger than Rect Inc, and any venture between them would likely elevate Rect Inc's status in this industry.

Feng Yu Chen continued.

"Although I was imprisoned for 2 years. The SAO world is still very beautiful, I see a lot of potential in VR worlds. This will be huge in the future and I want to put down a massive stake in this future, I want to pave a golden path in this emerging industry.

Here is my proposal,  I will invest greatly in developing the VR worlds and other network infrastructure. My business empire needs a solid partner like Rect Inc to venture into this industry as my group's VR abilities are inadequate at the moment. I want to supply Rect with enough funding and assets to create an improved VR universe.

I heard you developed ALO using SAO's servers. Now, if we just expand the worlds, add more content, and design decent lore, increase regulations, and improve character transferability, I am sure more players would join."

"The Kazegami groups want a piece of the VR universe pie, huh?"

Shouzou was tempted.

The conglomerate had piles of money. It can easily fund a rapid expansion into various corners of the earth, not just Japan. With his money, he could revolutionize the world and increase the level of technology by years. The Kazegami group could do all of that.

"Yes, as I said, I see a lot of potential in this space. Rect Inc is still stuck in Japan, right? We can do so much more, we can conquer the whole world. With my funding and alliances, we could enter China, the US, the UK, France, Germany, Russia, Canada, Australia, Korea, you name it. We can become the greatest VR company in the world. So, what about it? Are you stepping up or stepping down to the challenge?"

Feng Yu Chen told him.

"I... I don't know what to say. I don't think Rect Inc can handle such a rapid pace of expansion. Can we really go global?"

Shouzou said. He wasn't sure if he could lead Rect Inc well enough.

Feng Yu Chen chortled.

"I know it is impossible for Rect Inc to do this by itself. We are talking about becoming the dominant player in over 50 countries. I am going to buy up the competition, unload dealers and franchises, centralize design in Tokyo and set up marketing outposts in key markets. I have the skills, the manpower, and the money. Join me, you just need to focus on doing your part and soon the whole world's VR market will be ours."

"If you put it like that, turning you down would be asinine. The Kazegami group's help would help my company out greatly."

Shouzou knew Feng Yu Chen is just letting him in on this grand move. He was just a convenient cog in this whole plan. What a sly fox, but, he does bring important capital to the table, all thanks to Asuna.

"Oh, one more thing... Your daughter and I are husband and wife in SAO. We also made promises to be together in real life. I hope you will give her hand to me when the time comes, I will definitely look after her and give her the happiness she deserves."

Feng Yu Chen came clean about his relationship with Asuna.


He was after his daughter all along. But, Kazegami group is huge, and his daughter will basically marry into a richer family. Other people are lining up to send their daughters for marriage interviews, now, that eligible bachelor is here all on his own. But...

"I want to hear what Asuna has to say. If you two really like each other, I have no reason to come between you two. Wait for her to wake up, let us respect and hear her input."

Shouzou said. If Asuna is indeed his girlfriend then all well that ends well. His grandkid would likely become the successor of a giant conglomerate, the Yuuki family will be set for life.

"Hmm, okay. Let us wait for her to wake up."

Feng Yu Chen grinned inside his heart. His identity sealed the deal on this. Shouzou can't turn him down and he has the System to thank for this.

Asuna, you're mine now...

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