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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 183: Asuna wakes up

Kirito watched as Feng Yu Chen ironed out the details of the joint venture with Shouzou. He hit it up with Asuna's father. It is like he was truly a conglomerate heir. The topics were beyond their understanding.


Feng Yu Chen's phone rang.

"Sorry, I got to take a call."

Feng Yu Chen went into a quiet corner as he accepted the call from Shirotama.

"Master, mission completed. I forced Sugou to release all the trapped players. Thereafter, he was neutralized and I made sure to leave no trace. What is my next move?"

Shirotama reported.

"Go back to the real world. Wait at xxx spot, that is our base."

Feng Yu Chen told Shirotama to go back to the real world. She has no further business in SAO's universe.

"Okay, understood."


"Asuna, are you awake?!"


"Captain Feng, you're going to want to see this."


When he ended the call, Asuna woke up too.

Silica and the others cheered in joy.

Feng Yu Chen also joined in. He hugged Asuna tightly.

"You're finally awake. We agreed to meet up in real life but you never woke up. You're such a problematic fairy."


Asuna blushed, her dad is right there. Feng Yu Chen's warm gesture still made her feel very safe.

"Okay, jeez, let me go, I can't breathe. My body is still a bit weak..."

Asuna patted his back.

"It's fine, I am making chicken soup tonight, how does that sound?"

Feng Yu Chen grabbed her hand.

"Oh, I want some of that."

Haruna heard it first. Anything related to food and Feng Yu Chen piqued her interest.


Asuna is trying to think of excuses and arguments for when she inevitably gets questioned by her dad tonight. It is Feng Yu Chen's fault for not holding himself back.

"Asuna, your boyfriend is the heir of the Kazegami zaibatsu. You lucky girl, we just came from his mansion, it was almost as huge as Buckingham Palace. I am so jealous, you're gonna live like a queen when you marry him."

Liz tapped Asuna's shoulder.

"Please, Liz, what business does a super-rich scion have cooking for others in SAO?"

Asuna didn't buy Liz's story.

"Nope, we all saw it. There are multiple supercars outside if you're still not convinced. Dozens of bodyguards are waiting outside this room. He made us feel like VIPs when he escorted us here."

Agil vouched for Feng Yu Chen.

"Agil, a blackhearted merchant's words cannot be trusted."

Asuna waved her hand.

"It's true..."

Silica said.

"Are you all in on this?"

Asuna still assumed they were pranking her.

Shouzou watched as Asuna's friends gathered around her. She has grown up. Looks like her experiences in SAO were fulfilling and growth-inducing.

"Asuna, your friends are speaking the truth. Feng-dono is indeed the heir to the Kazegami zaibatsu. He was so worried about you that he called the moment he logged out. Then, he arranged for your friends to gather in your room."

Shouzou praised Feng Yu Chen.


Asuna flinched, looks like Feng Yu Chen roped her dad into this.

Feng Yu Chen got down on one knee. He looked up at Asuna.

"Asuna, would you do me the honor of marrying me. I swear to cherish, love, protect, and give you a warm house. To live as one till death do us part, I will protect you from loneliness, fear, and darkness."


Asuna blushed bright red. She glanced at her father. She seriously wanted to say yes.

"Follow your heart. Don't look at me, if you love him then I will support you two."

Shouzou beamed at her.

Asuna nodded.

"I... I... Yes..."

"Very well, princess, you're now my wife... I will do everything in my power to protect you, this I swear..."

Feng Yu Chen kissed Asuna.

Clap clap clap

The others clapped in unison.

Feng Yu Chen and Asuna hugged as their lives merged.

Three days later.

Ding ding dong ding dong dong

The chapel's bell rang as Feng Yu Chen and Asuna became husband and wife in front of the altar. They swore to love each other forever.

Clap clap clap

The attendees all applauded as Feng Yu Chen and Asuna finally tied the knot. When they did this, the countless couples in SAO also decided to follow their steps and host real-life weddings.

Sherlock witnessed Feng Yu Chen's deal with Shouzou. They started working on a worldwide infrastructure of VR connections, development, and distribution.

Using the honeymoon as an excuse, he brought Asuna back to the real world, away from her SAO universe.

Returning to the real world...

Please choose a character to take out from <<Sword Art Online>> as a reward for ranking no.1.

"I choose Yuuki Asuna."

Selection made, returning to the real world in 3... 2... 1...

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