Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 184: Bringing Asuna home

Obtained 242545 points in SAO, converted points to 2425 YBB.

Special reward obtained for killing the final boss of SAO, Heathcliff. Obtained final title of Boss Annihilator. Unlocked SAO Ring, can enter and SAO once a week, staying no longer than one day.

Special reward obtained for creating the strongest sword skill All Swords Return to One True Source. Sword mastery (passive)

Blade mastery (proficiency 0/500): A passive skill, damage of bladed weapons increased by 10%. Damage bonus increases with proficiency gains.


Feng Yu Chen swayed after the stream of game information entered his mind. He appeared in the villa they used as their base. Asuna also appeared near him. Saeko and Inori also arrived with them. They were three heroines taken out of three different works.

Haruna, Zi Yue Ling, and Xiao Han Yue also appeared in the villa.

"Ah, I see, so you chose Asuna."

Zi Yue Ling said.

"Woah, Asuna..."

Haruna hugged Asuna. She is happy because another good cook joined them. Feng Yu Chen and Asuna can cook like pros so she was glad.

"Guys, I am going home. My parents are waiting."

Feng Yu Chen looked at the time. 2 years in SAO and almost no time had elapsed in his native world, how did the Infinity System bend time like this?

"Can I go with you? It should be easy for me to blend in since my hair color isn't as striking as Saeko's purple hair or Inori's pink hair."

Asuna asked Feng Yu Chen.

"You want to meet my parents? Sure, no problem. Brown hair is pretty common but you're just too beautiful, people are going to gawk at you."

Feng Yu Chen reckoned Asuna would make heads turn.

Asuna pouted.

"Is it my fault I am so cute? Jeez, just bring me home. I want to meet my in-laws."

"I want to go too."

Inori said.

"Hey, Asuna, that is rather sly of you."

Saeko knew she bagged Feng Yu Chen because of her body. Plus, she and Inori can get away by saying their hair colors were from technicolor dyes.


Inori and Saeko are his women too. If he only brought Asuna home then it wouldn't be fair to them.

"I promise I won't hog sleeping time with him after meeting his parents. How does that sound?"

Asuna offered Inori and Saeko.

"Hmph, you're just afraid he would eat you up, right? Don't use us as an excuse, you two are married now, so it won't be weird for you to consummate it."

Saeko teased her.

"Yeah, Asuna is so slippery."

Inori nodded.

Asuna stuck her tongue out.

Asuna put off the bedsheet rolling until he returns to the real world. Now that they are here, she has no more excuses.

"Fine, but I am leaving Asuna alone in a room. Inori and Saeko, you two will have me for the rest of tomorrow. Sounds fair?"

Feng Yu Chen said.

"I want to play too. You're the shark and I am the fish."

Haruna raised her hand.

"LOL, huh? Count me in..."

Xiao Han Yue said knowing full well that she is a liability. She was hoping Feng Yu Chen & co's skills would rub off on her.

"What game is that? Can I watch?"

Staying alone in a room sounds sad, why can't she watch them play?


Saeko and Inori told her off. She pulled a headstart on them when they agreed to a sisterly pact. This is her punishment.


Asuna said. She is planning on coming out of her room anyway. A flimsy door isn't going to stop her.

"Okay, let's go."

Feng Yu Chen pulled Asuna along. He wondered what his parents would say when he brought her home.

Indeed, when they were on their way home, the people around them kept staring at Asuna. The light is dim since it is night now, however, her beauty is still something that caused a mini uproar.

"Woah, check that chick out. She has both oriental and western features, she must be a half-blooded foreigner. What a goddess..."

"Is she part of an idol group? Holy shit, she's beautiful."

"Are my eyes playing a prank on me? She looks like a certain 2D character, am I going crazy?"

"Is she cosplaying as Asuna from SAO? Her makeup is so realistic!"

"Ah, cosplay, I thought she was the real thing for a second there."

"Are you high? No way, Asuna is a fictional character. But, goddamn this cosplayer is good, she has got her face and personality on lock!"


Feng Yu Chen power-walked his way out of that place. The longer he stayed in public, the higher the risk of Asuna's appearance drawing unwanted attention. There are a lot of Otakus out today for some reason. Maybe it's because the 21st century saw a new generation of geeks being minted.

"Yu Chen, slow down, they won't surround us, you're thinking too much."

Asuna heaved in fatigue.

"Princess, you underestimate your popularity, you have no idea how the name Asuna can catch the attention of many. If they knew you're the real thing, the ensuing chaos would be too much. I remember the last time Inori went out without a disguise, frantic fans chased her for several kilometers. That's it, we are not using public transport. I didn't think the anime geeks can be so crazy. Now, I am afraid of bringing you out to town."

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