Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 185: Asuna joins the family

Feng Yu Chen stopped in front of his house. He thought long and hard before finally ringing the bell.

Ding dong


He heard a series of footsteps before the door opened up. Wang Yue Ling opened up the door. Immediately, she started lecturing him.

“Why are you always going out? Your Gaokao is almost here, you better check your attitude before I…”

“Mom, I just went out to get a friend. Here she is…”

Feng Yu Chen showed off Asuna.

“She is Asuna, a friend I met learning English online. She is from England and thanks to her my English grades improved greatly. I taught her Mandarin while she taught me English. We got to know each other and when she said she wanted to visit China, I immediately went to the airport to fetch her. She needs to crash at our place for tonight.”

“An overseas friend? When did you get yourself a foreign girlfriend? You rascal…”

His mum gasped. The last thing she expected from her son when he returned was a cute English girl like her. Not bad, her kid has skills. But, isn’t this girl a little too good-looking? This is already beyond just skills, her son has some serious explaining to do.

“Hi, Auntie, my name’s Asuna, sorry I didn’t bring any gifts because I was in a rush. I will definitely make it up to you next time. Guess I will be imposing on you guys by staying over tonight.”

Asuna bowed. Feng Yu Chen’s mum looks younger than her actual age and she is still a looker.

“Gosh, your Chinese is so good! Come inside, I will cook something up for you guys. You can wear my spare slippers. You must be famished, come, come…”

His mum’s perception of her immediately improved. She has manners and can speak fluent Mandarin. Seriously, she didn’t think her son could get a girl of this caliber.

“Nn, Feng Yu Chen taught me well. It is thanks to him that I made it here. I was thinking of touring this place and exploring the architectural designs here.”

Asuna chuckled.

Feng Yu Chen reckoned that Asuna had good communication skills. Her mum is in trouble, she might fall in love with Asuna.

“Well, it’s Sunday tomorrow, get Feng Yu Chen to show you around town. First, you need to sit down in the living room and rest while I go cook up something for you two to eat.”

Asuna is growing on his mum. She might be a foreigner but her manners are superb and she is super beautiful.

“Can I cook with you? I want to learn some culinary skills through your guidance. I like cooking too, it wouldn’t harm me to know a few Chinese cuisines…”

Asuna clasped her hands together with shining eyes.

“Oh my, you’re such a good girl. Okay, come with me.”

Giving her more points in her mind, the mum immediately treated her like her future daughter-in-law. She is already a far better candidate than many Chinese ladies here, it’s hard to find someone who likes cooking in this day and age.


Feng Yu Chen felt like he became the minimal focus of the day. His mum threw him aside to mind Asuna.

“Oh, we have a guest over?”

Feng Zheng Tian, his dad put down his newspaper to come over. He overheard his wife talking about how his son got a foreign girlfriend. So this is why it looked like Feng Yu Chen isn’t dating anyone, his hands went international, and he bagged himself Asuna like a son of a gun.

“Hi, Uncle, my name’s Asuna, sorry to disturb you at this hour.”

Asuna bowed frantically.

“No… No…”

His dad shook his hand. What does she see in his son? She is so good-looking she can go for anyone she likes. She looks like a porcelain fusion of Asian beauty. He doesn’t remember being this charming during his youth.

“Enough, go clean the study, Asuna’s sleeping with me. Hubby, you go sleep in the study. Also, Yu Chen, go buy more drinks. We don’t have enough stock at home. Go buy Asuna some pajamas while you’re at it. Oh, get cups, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other basic necessities for her. Go, don’t drag your feet here.”

She started bossing everyone around. She also summarily sent her husband to sleep in the study by himself.


Feng Yu Chen felt like his social status just got lowered in the family along with his dad. His dad is hen-pecked, he hopes this isn’t hereditary.

“Fine, let’s go buy some stuff.”

His dad started grumbling.


Asuna fit in incredibly well. Took her no more than a dozen minutes to dethrone Feng Yu Chen and his dad.

This is a good start. Saeko’s figure is too good, he might cause a misunderstanding if he brought her home first. Inori’s too quiet for her own good, and she looks younger than her actual age, her mum might call him a lolicon. Asuna has a good vibe around her. She knows how to please people and can cook so she was perfect as the starter course.

After exiting the house, his dad immediately linked his arm around his neck.

“My boy, where did you find yourself a girl like Asuna?! You’re going to make me the hot topic in this neighborhood. Your mum is obviously over the moon happy with her. Well? Are you going to seal the deal? You better not screw this up and let her get away. I am normally not pleased if you try to get yourself a foreign chick but I will make an exception in this case. She is so pretty and well-behaved. Your mum probably won’t be able to sleep in elation tonight.”

“You like her?”

Feng Yu Chen felt that it is okay to integrate Asuna into the family. He needs to get Zi Yue Ling to forge an identity for her.

“What the heck are you talking about? Of course, I approve of her! You need to move fast before someone else steals her. She is easily prettier than the idols you see on TV. You took pages from my book, didn’t you? You remind me of when I was young.”

His dad started bragging.

“Yeah, I am going to get her, don’t worry. I was actually concerned that you guys might not like her.”

Feng Yu Chen knew he was in the clear.

“No way, she is incredibly good-looking. There are plenty of good fishes out there and you just fished the biggest tuna. We are not prudes, this is the 21st century, and we’ve seen plenty of interracial marriages. As long as she has a good personality and knows how to behave, we basically don’t care who you date. Go get her, son. Ah, but don’t slip up on your study. Also, don’t forget our bet. If you don’t get first-class grades, you’re joining the national team.”

Feng Yu Chen’s dad reminded him. His son had the brains, talents, and skills, he felt like it was a total waste that he isn’t enlisted in the national team.

“I will definitely get good grades. You can forget about me joining the national team.”

Feng Yu Chen said. Why is his dad so fixated on signing him up for the National team?”

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