Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 186: Black Bullet trial

You're about to enter the Black Bullet. Generating Black Bullet trial...

Black bullet trial. Please choose from five different difficulties: Iron, copper, silver, gold, and dark gold. The higher the difficulty, the more dangerous the trial.

1: Last 1000 seconds or defeat all Gastrea monsters.

2: Upon death, all memories of the Infinity games will be deleted and the user will die in an accident a year later in the main universe.

3: Players are given a Varanium sword+10 to defend themselves, no other weapons are permitted.

4: Rewards for clearing trials
Iron: STR +10
Copper: STR+20
Silver: STR+30, three cure-alls from Gastrea infection
Gold: STR+50, Max speed +10m/s, immunity to Gastrea infection
Dark Gold: STR+70, Max speed +30m/s, blood will develop antibodies for Gastrea infection. Long term consumption of the user's blood will reduce an Initiator's infection rate

5: No contracted characters may help.

6: Killing all Gastreas in 500 seconds will give the user the ability to create a skill once. The System will rebalance the skill and give it anti-Gastrea properties. Afflicted Gastrea will lose regenerative abilities.

7: No title questline for this world. No subquests will be generated. Choose your difficulty wisely, you only have one chance. Your fate as a peasant or king will be decided here.

8. The no.1 player in this trial can choose one Initiator from among the top 1000 IP-ranked Initiators. Other players need to apply from the IISO.

You have 60 seconds to choose. Countdown initiated. 59 secs remaining... 58 secs remaining...

Black Bullets have Cursed Children roaming the world, they are all lolis. Feng Yu Chen is looking forward to the battles in this world. The System forced the players to choose their fate from the outset. Imagine the horror of the players when they are thrown into this world.

A bunch of powerless mortals standing up against monsters that can regenerate and exhibit superhuman strength and dexterity. The System is designed in a way to weed out weak players and forge the strong and talented. The victors will become stronger over time.

Who can last 1000 seconds in a ghoulish world like this?

Feng Yu Chen wants to choose the highest difficulty of Dark Gold. The rewards are enticing. Boosting his strength by 70 would send him into the golden tier. He also needs to work extra hard since there is no title questline here.

Infinity System allowed players to take it easy in the previous rounds. This time, the difficulty got amped up and everyone's fate is more or less decided from the start. The System probably won't give players the chance to develop factions. Everyone will fend for themselves. Which trial is he going to choose?

The System left Feng Yu Chen with no other choice than the highest difficulty since Feng Yu Chen always went for the title questline. This is probably the Infinity System's method of forcing growth from its players. They don't want to lose out on the rewards given to them at the start.

With no extra bonus and titles, the players can only finish the main quest and go home.

Feng Yu Chen chose the highest difficulty.

Player 007 chose the highest difficulty. Assigned Black Sword+10

Teleporting into the battlefield in 10 seconds...





Feng Yu Chen found himself in a bloody-red world. He is in an area about the size of a football stadium. The ground shook as tons of monsters with gleaming red eyes stared at Feng Yu Chen. There are easily over 1000 Gastrea monsters here. There are hornet-type, spider-type, and wolf-type Gastreas here.

Talk about an ultimate trial. This is probably prepared for players who got bonuses and titles from previous rounds.

Feng Yu Chen gulped before getting into a stance.

Varanium sword can weaken Gastrea's regen and deal damage to them. He must fight over 1,000 Gastreas. He can use camouflage skills, Sharingan, Byakugan, Soru, Geppou, and other skills. Plus, he polished his sword skills and he had damage bonuses from bladed weapons.

At least, Feng Yu Chen is up against Rank I and Rank II Gastreas. These are still monsters but he should be able to manage them.

Roar growl hiss

The monsters didn't give him any chance to rest. They wanted nothing less than to devour Feng Yu Chen, bones and skin included.

A few dog-type Gastreas rushed over. In the blink of an eye, they surrounded Feng Yu Chen. Their drool hit the ground while their claws drew lines in the ground.

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