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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 187: The true meaning of skill creation

Feng Yu Chen wasn't surprised by the speed the dog-type Gastreas exhibited. Feng Yu Chen easily traversed a distance of 24 meters in a second, this averages out to 86.4km/hour. A little faster and he would be able to contend with cheetahs that had a max speed of 100km/hour although they only average 60km/hour over longer distances.

His speed is good, however, mechanical soldiers would still be able to outrun him. Unlike animals and modified soldiers, Feng Yu Chen's base stats gave him immense speed. He can use this speed as he pleased.

One of the giant dog monsters tried to maw him with a jumping chomp.



Feng Yu Chen moved behind the dog by jumping and he decapitated the monster with his varanium sword. These Stage I and Stage II are no match for him. He isn't a newbie to this game. After three rounds of Infinity Games, this type of scourge fazed him no more than the undead hordes of the first round.


Hornet-type Gastreas descended in a swarm. They wanted to tear Feng Yu Chen apart while he is in the air.

But, Feng Yu Chen used his Geppou to sidestep and slaughter the flying monsters.

His condition worsened in a few seconds.

All the Gastreas started moving in. There are scores of flying monsters. Any mishap and Feng Yu Chen would be hurt if not consumed by one of these monsters.


Feng Yu Chen hid himself using his invisibility skill. He moved behind the monster swarm and used what little time afforded to him to get rid of as many monsters as he can.

He might be powerful as a unit but against legions of monsters, one small mistake could cost him his life. These monsters weren't dumb like the zombies. They are agile and had a size advantage over him. He is prioritizing safety over maximizing killing monsters. At worst, he would last 1000 seconds.

After 2 years of fighting monsters in SAO, his mind is incredibly sharp and he could move around these huge monsters with ease.

The sword skills from SAO started playing in his mind. Most of the skills he had made himself so he found it easy to unleash even without SAO guiding his body.

"Ah, I see, so this is why..."

This is why people could design their own skills in the previous round.

The System nudged the players to develop their own skills in order to bolster their fighting skills. Then, they can use these skills as they pleased.

Feng Yu Chen felt like someone should have informed him of this. SAO sword skills can't be brought out of the native universe. While SAO players can't use SAO skills, Infinity Players who designed their own skills could do so.

After realizing this, he understood how SAO was just a realistic simulation of the real fight. This is the arena where they are allowed to go on a rampage with their own created skills.

"Come, monsters, taste the fruits of my labor!"

Feng Yu Chen started using his modified Skill Connect.

He used his Wu Tang sword steps as he swept through the monsters like a violent storm. His black varanium sword lopped off the Gastrea's heads in the dozens.

He is already powerful, he just let the environment intimidate him.

With three rounds under his belt, he needs to drop the beginner mindset and use the skills he had. If he continued letting his weakness affect him then he would never be able to move forward.

"Yes, I am strong."

Feng Yu Chen steeled up. His sword started dancing as he entered a state of enhanced focus and calmness. He had 157 STR and can reach 24 meters/s speed. While he might not be as powerful as when he had the Cardinal System's guidance in SAO, he can recover a portion of his skills in that world.

This was shown by how he did nigh-0-second delay sword skill connects.

Horizontal... slash... Vertical... slash... Lunge... slash... Stab... slash

One after the other, he used skill connects to weave together different simple sword skills. The focus and will he learned in SAO were slowly but surely emerging here. He was growing in this fight.

Without growth, one is cursed to stagnate. Worlds after worlds, he molded his skills, body, and mind.

1000 seconds? No, 500 seconds will do...

Feng Yu Chen hacked and slashed into the hordes of Gastreas like he was cutting grass down. His black sword of Varanium turned into the Grim Reaper's scythe that reaped the cursed monsters from their mortal coil. He was one-shotting the monsters like a savage beast.


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