Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 188: Hinata-chan

Wheeze pant...

Feng Yu Chen held onto his black blade which was stabbed into the ground. Beads of sweat dripped into the soil.

There is no superhuman regen like in SAO. He can't recover his stamina and HP by drinking potions. He also doesn't need to mind breathing, energy, pulse, fatigue, and efficient movements in SAO.

Against 1,000 Gastreas, Feng Yu Chen killed 900+ with only 100 seconds left if he still wants a skill creation reward by finishing his task in 500 seconds. He wants to recreate his SAO ultimate, the storm slash ultimate mode: All swords return to One True Source. Feng Yu Chen is sure he can do another spiral sword slash but the Return to One True Source can't be created without supernatural aid. Even in SAO, he needed immense focus to pull it off.


The monsters aren't going to let him rest. These are savage beasts that are hell-bent on killing him.

"Argh! Die you monsters!"

Feng Yu Chen disappeared from view after a battlecry. He appeared in the center of dozens of monsters. He started going to town on the monster squad.

30 more... 20 more... 10 more... 9... 8... 5... 3... 1...

After finishing off the last monster, Feng Yu Chen collapsed as his body finally caved in. He felt like he had used up almost all his strength. His tank is running on fumes. Now, he knows the limit of his body.

Player 007 passed the Dark Gold Trial. Cleared in 487 seconds, final rank designation...

Rank S.

Special reward obtained: +1 life, revival only applies to the Black Bullet universe.

Obtained No.1 on the rankings.

Reward obtained:

1: STR+70, max speed +30 meters/s. The Player's blood will now have antibodies against Gastrea infection. Long-term consumption of the player's blood can lower the Gastrea infection rate of Initiators.

2: The player can create a skill. This skill will be adjusted by the System before the player is allowed to use it. This created skill will automatically have the passive ability to weaken the regenerative powers of Gastrea monsters.

3: The player can create any initiator and start from Rank 1000 and up.

STR value at lower gold tier, new ability unlocked. The player can now use stored energy to reconnect lost limbs.

Generating skill creation environment, prepare yourself.

A surge of energy vitalized him in an instant. Then, Feng Yu Chen was sent to a sealed space that had treasure swords all over the place like a hill of swords.

I wonder if I can recreate all swords Return to one True Source.

Feng Yu Chen is brimming with power and speed. He was empowered by the System after successfully completing the Dark Gold Trial. Now, even a mechanical soldier might lose in a fight of pure strength.

Feng Yu Chen picked up 12 blades before recalling the process needed to set up the sword skill formation. If he did it once then surely he can do it again.

Feng Yu Chen got into his fighting mental state and he leaped into the sky using Geppou. He threw six starting blades into the ground and balanced the remaining six in a ritual circle.

He slammed down from the sky.


He smashed into the center of the sword circle.

The twelve blades got knocked into the air before he started creating a storm that engulfed the blades.

"Storm Slash Ultimate Mode: All Swords Return To One True Source"

Skill logged and created. Storm Slash Ultimate Mode: All Swords Return To One True Source created.

Sending the player into the Promoter area, get ready.

Feng Yu Chen got sent to another place. There is a huge screen in front of him.

Before he can finish his skill, the Infinity System sent him to the place to generate an Initiator.

Imagine your desired Initiator, the screen will capture your vision and work on that for the Initiator generation.

Feng Yu Chen gasped. He can create anyone? Can he choose templates from another Anime? That would be so awesome.

The Player can choose from any non-magic, non-fantasy, or non-sci-fi setting to reincarnate a character of your choice. Pick the source and input the character detail.

The System read his mind. He pursed his lips before narrowing down his choices. With his genre narrowed, a lot of options are off the table. Maybe he should pick from the school life genre?

Feng Yu Chen thought about titles like Rokyubu SS. There are also quite a lot of petite girls there. He should choose one from that work. Feng Yu Chen made up his mind.

The Player chose Hakamada Hinata from Ro Kyu Bu SS.
Age: 12
Height: 131 cm
Blood type: O
Birthday: 3rd of March
Zodiac: Pisces
Gastrea strain: Swift-type Gastrea strain
Note: The Player may bring this character back to the real world as the unique reward for scoring No.1 on the rankings.

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