Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 189: System strikes back

Feng Yu Chen settled on Hinata-chan as his Initiator, she became a swift-type Initiator. The Swifts are one of the fastest birds on Earth, they can fly long distances and are known as the feetless birds by the Greeks since they never saw these birds landing anywhere.

They have been observed to traverse distances of 500,000 kilometers without stopping. There are also anecdotes of Swifts reaching 360km/hour speeds. They reach an average of 110km-170km/hour speeds during long-distance travel.

Feng Yu Chen is happy that Hinata got this strain. Even if Hinata got weak strains, he would whip her into shape. If she puts in the work, even a dull slab of stone can become a sharp needle.

There was pink dust in front of him. Out of the pink dust storm, a little girl in a pink dress appeared. She blinked in surprise when she saw Feng Yu Chen. She stepped back a bit before glomping Feng Yu Chen like a swallow.


Feng Yu Chen's body softened when he heard her mellow voice. Hinata is super cute and moe. The System most likely adjusted Hinata's memory and attitude to like Feng Yu Chen the most. The unique reward from the Infinity System is too great.

Then, the System's notification came again.

Black Bullet questline progressed, all players take note...

1: In one week, all players must find an Initiator and register as an IP pair at the IISO. Those who fail to do so will be exterminated.

2: In two weeks, All Initiators must rank up to 100,000 and below. Anyone spotting a higher rank than 100,000 will be exterminated.

3: In three weeks, there will be a Black Bullet Battle Royale. All players will be randomly assigned to teams of five. Winning teams will get 100 YBB while losing teams will lose 100 YBB. The team that cannot pay the 100 YBB will be exterminated. Winning streaks will give the team bonuses. 3 consecutive wins will give the winning team a small tier-up. 5 consecutive wins will give the winning team a big tier-up. 8 consecutive wins will give the winning team two big tier-ups. A 10-win streak will give the winning team three big tier-ups. Max tier-up is limited to the middle Gold tier. Thereafter, there will be one battle royale once a week.

4: Stage I Gastrea gives 1 YBB upon death. Stage II Gastrea gives 10 YBB upon death. Stage III Gastrea gives 100 YBB upon death. Stage IV Gastrea gives 1000 YBB upon death. Stage V Gastrea gives 10,000 YBB upon death.

5: Killing 100 Gastreas is the minimum clear condition. Players that did so can return to the real world.

6: Players are not allowed to kill one another outside of duel settings. Failure to abide by this rule will result in instant death. Duels require consent from two sides. A base fee of 100YBB will be charged. A dueling party might forcibly initiate a duel by paying 1000YBB.

7: Players have the right to be sent to the Outer Regions once every 3 days. Players can farm YBB coins by killing Gastreas in the Outer Region. Players must stay a minimum of 1 hour in the Outer regions before being sent back into Tokyo Area. Those players who die in the Outer Regions will be sent back to the real world.

Feng Yu Chen listened as the System shifted the rules to create controlled fighting situations. No longer can players kill other players without initiating duels. This is a good way to protect newbies and weaklings. This means the newbies will have time to grow. This is troubling for Feng Yu Chen since he can't weed them out before they become a problem.

The Black Bullet Battle Royale looks like fun. Through constant battles, those who can make it will steadily become stronger over time. Those who can continuously win will grow fast and reach Feng Yu Chen's level, mitigating his advantage. He is already in the Gold tier. Groups of Gold-tier players might kill Feng Yu Chen if he isn't careful enough.

He can imagine dozens of Gold-tier Players trying to off one another in the final stages of this game. The difficulty will be amped up. He will be facing multiple IP pairs that are within the sub-100 in the rankings, terrifying.

Feng Yu Chen wanted to yell at the Infinity System for chipping away his advantage over other players. He originally had an absolute edge over other players since he is already a Gold-tier without receiving win-streak boosts from the System. He also needs to pay 1000 YBB to duel other people forcibly.

Feng Yu Chen is starting to think that the System has it out for him. Maybe the System thought he grew too fast in the previous three worlds. This unilateral change to the game rules irked him.

However, he can't argue against the GM. Plus, this will serve as good training for him. It would be way more meaningful to grow after endless struggles and arduous fights.

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