Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 190: Fight for condensed milk

After teleporting, they discovered a huge problem.

"Chen-nii, we are in the air..."

There were 3 meters above the ground.

By the time they reacted, they had already fallen.


Tendo Kisara was happily walking along the street after Rentaro told her that he got himself an Initiator. They can finally start earning money as the Tendo Civil Security Corporation.

But, trouble fell from the sky in the form of two individuals. The male also straddled her after falling. She wanted to use her Battojutsu to cut them to pieces.

Kisara kicked Feng Yu Chen away.

"Oh~ Nii's flying..."

Hinata said excitedly. She is riding Feng Yu Chen like a roller coaster.

"Hey... hey... hey..."

There is a broken road pole near them. Hitting this would impale them like a kebab. Why isn't Hinata afraid? Bubbly girls are so scary.

He spun around and used the broken pole as a foothold to disappear after rapidly tapping the air.

"Tendo Sword Style, form 1, Slash!"

Kisara used a minor sword beam on him. But, this is nothing to him.

Feng Yu Chen appeared behind Kisara and choked her.

"Look, pretty lady, you need to tone down the violence or people are going to start hating you."


Kisara tried to do a high kick against Feng Yu Chen's temple.


He grabbed her ankle while teasing her.

"Doing a high kick in a skirt? People might see what you're wearing..."


"Hidden bullet: Sky Wind!"

A guy in a high school uniform dashed over to attack Feng Yu Chen. His speed was incredible.

"Rentaro... Wait for me..."

A young girl in twintails and a yellow coat dashed over too. She noticed the girl in a pink dress hanging off Feng Yu Chen's back. She immediately recognized her as the same kind of girl as her.

Hinata also winked at the twin-tail girl.

Fast as Rentaro might be, he isn't fast enough to pull a fast one on him.


Feng Yu Chen kicked the guy away with a swift middle-sweep kick.

"Oh my gosh, Rentaro..."

The girl with twintails picked the high school student up.

"Are you a civil defense officer? Which company do you belong to?"

Kisara pegged him as a Promoter since there is an Initiator with him. He seems powerful. Without using his full power, he already subdued both Kisara and Rentaro. He should be an IP rank sub-1000.

"Oh? We are associates, huh? Fine..."

Feng Yu Chen released Kisara after recognizing her. Judging by how the young girl called the high school male Rentaro, these guys are probably Kisara, Enju, and Rentaro from Tendo Civil Defense Corporation. He didn't expect to see the protagonists here. Maybe the System arranged for this?

"Woah, he is good."

Rentaro spat out some blood. Rather than a human kick, Rentaro felt like someone threw a lorry into his chest. This is the first time he met a Promoter with such power. This guy can probably kill Gastreas without an Initiator, what rank is he?

"Rentaro, you really need to check your rash personality. He isn't emitting battle intent. If he wanted to, Kisara-san would have died before you can do anything."

Rentaro got berated by his younger Initiator. Then, she turned to Feng Yu Chen with hands on her waist.

"How dare you attack my Promoter, I am going to need to teach you a lesson."

"Sorry, I don't hit little girls. You can fight me Initiator though. Hinata, if you please..."

Feng Yu Chen asked Hinata to step in.


"No, Hinata's hungry. I want condensed milk."

Hinata protested.


They lost the will to fight.

"Jeez, fine, we can eat first."

Feng Yu Chen wanted to bring Hinata out for some condensed milk. But, he recalled something crucial, he is broke.

"Chen-nii, I want milk..."

Hinata raised her arms.

Ah, fine...

Feng Yu Chen asked Kisara for money.


Kisara knew Feng Yu Chen is up to no good.

"Erm, can you borrow me some cash? I promise I will pay you back."

Feng Yu Chen begged. Hinata is hungry so he needs to fix something up for her.

"I don't have cash too. Rentaro can't do his job and our company ran out of money. Sorry, can't help you there."

Kisara said. Enju and Kisara messed up too many times so they didn't really earn much despite clearing assignment after assignment.

"Hinata is hungry... Chen-nii, milk..."

Hinata wanted food.

Feng Yu Chen knew he had to do something for his Initiator. Looks like he will have to find some food quickly.

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