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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 191: Revenge shall be mine

After Feng Yu Chen begged and pleaded, Kisara finally agreed to lend Feng Yu Chen money. However, she is charging 10 times the local lending rate. But, Feng Yu Chen can't choose as he prioritized his loli teammate more.

Feng Yu Chen and Rentaro started shopping for their daily necessities. Meanwhile, Hinata and Enju became good friends.

"Did you watch Tenchu yesterday?"

Enju excitedly said.


Hinata replied.


Why did you try to say yes when you hadn't seen it?


Enju reorganized her thoughts.

"Okay, never mind, you've got to come to my place, we can watch it together. I promise you it will be great."


Hinata nodded.

"Hina wants to see it too."

"Henceforth, we are the Tenchu Girls"

Enju enlisted another comrade.

"Oh~ Hina's a Tenchu Girl. Oh~"

Hinata cheered.


"Sorry about hitting you heavily."

Feng Yu Chen apologized.

"Let bygones be bygones. Anyway, where did you guys come from? The other regions?"

Rentaro asked.

"Sorry, I shouldn't be questioning your origins, consider it my curiosity having the better of me."

"It's fine. We just returned to town after a mission. We are citizens of this town but I misplaced my money in a brain fart I should have known to stay clear of. I am Feng Yu Chen, IP rank 1000 and this is my Initiator, Hakamada Hinata. I call her Hina-chan."

"Oh, a 1,000 ranker. Your elite title befits your strength. I am Rentaro, IP rank 123452, Enju is my Initiator. The lady from before is my boss and owner of the company, Tendo Kisara. I didn't think I would be lucky enough to encounter a top 1,000 IP Ranker."

Rentaro gasped. There are only 1,000 of these strong IP pairs.

"Nah, we just made the cut."

Feng Yu Chen started buying milk, fruit, eggs, and some salad dressing. He was planning on whipping up a fruit salad for Hinata.

Feng Yu Chen finds the situation weird as Saeko, Inori, and Asuna weren't transferred with him. The System had too many restrictions.

He can only contact Zi Yue Ling, Xiao Han Yue, Haruna, and Shirotama.  He can do without Zi Yue Ling and Xiao Han Yue, they are just women who are with him in a win-win situation. Shirotama is Feng Yu Chen's trusty lieutenant. She can handle herself in a fight so he's not worried about her. Hopefully, her Initiator will not turn out with a wicked character like her. He's worried about Haruna. If she gets paired up with someone similar to her then they might get into trouble.

"Hinata, here's some milk."

He passed her some milk.

"I will whip up some fruit salad for you later. I promise it's going to be a delight on your tongue."

"Oh~ Feng-nii's the best!"

Hinata raised her arm.


Feng Yu Chen liked Hinata's moe vibe.

Rentaro placed some distance between himself and Feng Yu Chen. He's starting to suspect that this guy might like them young and smooth.

Feng Yu Chen also borrowed Rentaro's place. He had no place to call his home so he decided to barge in on Rentaro. With his loan taken out from the loan shark boss known as Kisara, Feng Yu Chen is sure he would have to work hard to get rid of his debt.

"Come, Hinata, it is time for Tenchu Shoujo!"

Enju pulled Hinata over to the TV.

Feng Yu Chen entered the kitchen with Rentaro.

"Hey, I need to borrow your kitchen, you're not going to charge me, right?"

Feng Yu Chen wanted some assurances that this will not add to his huge debt. He also made a mental note to renegotiate his loan with Kisara. 10 times the lending rate is no joke. Kisara is probably getting back at him for making her look bad.

"Relax, Kisara-san wouldn't do that. Anyway, don't tell me you guys want to sleep over too."

Adding 2 more heads to this household would weigh on his already tight budget.

"Yeah, I need to borrow your place too. But, relax, I will start working tomorrow and earn the cash to pay the bills. I got to pay those bills or I may have to start selling my butt."

Feng Yu Chen sighed.

Talk about a loan shark.

Rentaro knew Kisara was out to get Feng Yu Chen but he didn't think he would play along too. Looks like Kisara just found herself a good cash cow.

Dear god, please bless Feng Yu Chen and his x10 loan.


Somebody entered the room while laughing out loud. Kisara started gloating.

"Rentaro, that sucker today was so easy. Haha, we are set for months now...


Rentaro grabbed his head.

He didn't think his boss would gloat before checking the house for any other individuals. She was so loud even the neighbors could hear her.

"Hey, my day is already bad, stop rubbing the salt in my wound."

Feng Yu Chen's hands trembled.

Who are you calling a sucker? I will have my revenge!!

"Argh, you guys were here?!"

Kisara didn't think the sucker cash cow would be here.

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