Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 192: Let's fight together, Hina-chan

"Hinata, look what I made for you? Fruit salad... Enju, come get some too. I also made some for the debt baroness Tendo."

Feng Yu Chen placed his fruit salad in front of Hinata. His culinary skills were polished in SAO and he retained his mastery over the salad dishes.


Hinata grabbed a spoonful immediately.

"Well? Is it good?"

Feng Yu Chen asked.

"Nn~ It's good. Thanks, Feng-nii, your dishes are the best."

Hinata gave Feng Yu Chen a light peck on the cheek as thanks.

"Yeah, there are still more, keep eating."

Feng Yu Chen also added a bit of cheese to the salad, taking advantage of Hinata's love of dairy products.

"Wow, this is super good. Hina-chan, leave some for me."

Enju found the slight sourness of the cheese a perfect mix with the sweet materials of the fruit salad. It is a shame that Rentaro couldn't cook like this.

"It's good."

This is way better than the fruit salad sold in supermarkets. She didn't peg him as such a good cook.

"Debt Baroness Tendo, I need your help to find jobs for me. This is my IP ID, you should have no problem finding requests. I need to start paying down my debts. I need to put Hina-chan in a school, buy a house, and many other things so I need the dough too. I am counting on you."

Feng Yu Chen gave her his badge. He needs to leverage her connections for now.

"Oh, a top 1,000 IP ranker. Okay, leave it to me. What kind of mission and level of danger do you prefer?"

Kisara felt like Feng Yu Chen's power should put him in the top 500. His kick had quite the force packed in it, maybe he's one of the Mechanical Soldiers created in the New Human Creation plans? But she has never heard of someone like him before.

"No danger preference, as long as the money's good I will do assassinations, slaying requests, investigations, security, and Gastrea clean-ups."

Feng Yu Chen said.

The other Infinity players are probably facing the same situation as him.

Feng Yu Chen can rely on himself if it was just him. But, Hina-chan needs a house, food, and clothes. He also needs to send her to school.

"Okay, no danger preference, eh? I heard Seitenshi put a bounty on the Stage III Gastreas in the forest of the Outer Regions. The reward is good but you should get your will done before you depart."

Kisara said.

"Oh, Stage III, yeah, I can handle them."

Feng Yu Chen nodded.

Kisara passed his badge back.

"It is trickier than it looks, a few Top 1000 IP rankers died on the job. I would advise you to take easier assignments."

"Don't worry about it. You just want the interest to balloon further, right? You calculative woman..."

Feng Yu Chen pursed his lips.


Kisara rolled her eyes.

"Don't give up your life just because of money. Just pay my money back, I don't care about the interest just don't make me look like a bad person."

"No, I will still pay you back with interest, I promised so I will pay it back. I need you to take care of Hinata while I am doing the job though."


"You're going alone? Stage III Gastreas are hard targets even with Initiator assistance. Plus, this is a good chance to work on your cooperation. I get that you want to protect her but this is no way to go forward as an IP pair."

"Oh~ Hina wants to fight with Feng Yu Chen too. I am not a crybaby."

Hina raised her hand.

"I am happy as long as I am with Feng-nii..."

Rentaro came out of the kitchen, he overheard the conversation too.

"Yeah, trust your partner. When you believe in them, you will notice their powers. Enju solved most of my problems during combat. I am not overly reliant on her but we all have different fighting styles, the optimal method is still maximizing each other's strengths. Although, I find it odd that you're still acting like you guys just started climbing the IP ranks. Have you always battled alone?"

Feng Yu Chen flinched. He was overprotective of Hina-chan. He needs to trust her and let her bring out her hidden potential. He needed to trust her with his back like a partner.

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