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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 193: Seitenshi

Under Kisara's guidance, the IP duo went to Seitenshi's office to accept the assignment to slay Gastreas. They lost a few top 1000 rankers so they warned that whoever took up this assignment better be ready.

Feng Yu Chen met Seitenshi, she is called a hollow beauty but she is still the highest ruler in this region.

Kisara told him a different story. According to her, Seitenshi obtained the support of the people through her stellar looks and charisma. Compared to the previous two Seitenshi, she fared better at her job.

Feng Yu Chen felt like she aimed for the pure white look a little bit too much. She wore white clothes and white accessories that had thin layers which gave her the image of a bride going on a summer vacation.

If he had to describe her in his own words then it would be that of a holy priestess. Her divine beauty is why the title Seitenshi (Divine child of the Heavens) title fits her so well.

Her porcelain white skin fit well with her white hair. She looked like Snow White in her current attire.

"Your greetings! You have no business eyeing Seitenshi-sama!"

The bodyguard leader yelled at Feng Yu Chen.

"Nn, it is fine. I cannot hide my visage from the people."

Seitenshi curbed the guard.

Feng Yu Chen greeted her.

"Hello, I am Feng Yu Chen. I would like to accept the Stage III Gastrea slaying request, do you have any information that might be useful?"

"Come, sit. I've read your dossier, I know you're not one to stand on ceremonies. Although the details were shady, the Organization guaranteed your abilities. I am not doubting you but the sudden appearance of another Top 1000 ranker shocked me."

Seitenshi motioned for Feng Yu Chen to sit down.

The guard captain looked like he had more to say. He didn't like the idea of a punk civil defense officer talking with Seitenshi. But, Seitenshi told him to watch it so he has to be on his best behavior.

Moreover, Feng Yu Chen had military titles. He is a second lieutenant just like him.

The higher the IP rank, the likelier the IP ranker to hold key intel and military titles. As a second lieutenant, he cannot order the punk around.

"Oh, yeah, I was born in the Tokyo Region but I grew up in the Outer Areas. Granted, I do not hold any ill will against the people of this town. I accepted a secret mission from the Organization but you should be able to obtain the info if you reach out to them. The less you know the better."

Feng Yu Chen explained.

"Okay, I was only probing you. Let's get down to brass tacks. There are multiple Gastreas and infected humans near that area. The people who were defeated are probably Gastreas by now. Exceed 50% infection rate and you're gone. I guess that's why those people lost.

Again, this mission is very hard. I tried to reach out to the other top 1000 rankers but they are all either busy, afraid, or can't deal with this mission.  For your safety, I would advise you to gather a group of IP duos. Losing an elite IP ranker like you would be a devastating loss for this city."

Seitenshi described the difficulty of this mission while giving him advice.

"Multiple monsters, eh? Fine with me, not the first time I got surrounded. I will complete this mission as soon as possible."

As long as the enemy isn't a Stage V Gastrea, he reckons he should be fine. Plus, he did kill 1,000 Gastreas in the Black Bullet's entry trial.

"Okay, you can call the shots. I am leaving this mission to you."

Seitenshi was convinced she found the right guy.

"Okay, let's go."

Feng Yu Chen stood up. He didn't bow down to Seitenshi because he was used to people treating him like a king, not the other way around.

"What an uncouth brute."

The guard captain grumbled.

Seitenshi ignored her guard. That is the gait of someone on the path of a conqueror, his mysterious regal air and his sudden 1,000 IP rank made him an oddity among the civil defense officers in the city.

"I already investigated him. The Organization did give him a special mission, however, all the information was expunged. I did pull my cables and found out a shocking feat. The Organization had only one description for his accomplishment.  He slayed 1,000 Gastreas in 500 seconds. This is something only the top 100 monster rankers can do. His IP Rank of 1,000 must be some kind of information cover to protect his real identity."

A fit old man entered the room. He placed a bunch of documents in front of Seitenshi. This man is Tendo Kikunojou.

"Oh, I see. That is an awe-inspiring feat indeed. Was he sent to kill Zodiac Stage V Gastreas? I wouldn't have pegged that mysterious guy as a strong fighter."

Seitenshi read the dossier.

"I say we keep our eyes on him. We don't get to see the top 100 rankers in action much. I will also get my people to record his battle."

Kikunojou said.

"No, don't. He trusted us by revealing himself, if we probed further then he will not take kindly to the idea."

Seitenshi shook her head. She instinctively chose to believe in Feng Yu Chen.

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