Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 194: Hina-chan's first time

"Feng-Nii, I want apples, give me the sweet apple..."


Feng Yu Chen took Hina on a window-shopping trip.

Hina-chan shared her syrup apple with Feng Yu Chen. The two giggled after sharing bites of the same snack.

Then, he noticed something, people were looking at him.

They were caught up by Hina's cheerful vibe.

He can't help but recall a certain story.

A doctor once operated on a Genki Loli but on the second day the doctor failed his operation because the Genki Loli took away his sanity.

He let his guard down which shocked him. He must have relaxed because Hina-chan kept calling him Feng-nii.

He sighed before picking Hina-chan up. She has already caused a slight ruckus among the pedestrians around them. The creepy uncles are also surrounding them.

"Oh~ We're flying..."

Hina-chan enjoyed this rapid dash Feng Yu Chen unleashed. It felt like she was riding on the wind.

Feng Yu Chen got away from the city. They entered the Outer Regions and started walking to the location marked on the map given to them by Seitenshi.

He slowed down as Hina-chan is fighting for the first time. She has never seen a Gastrea before, how is she going to fare?

She is a Swift-type Initiator, maybe she has great agility and speed?

Feng Yu Chen taught her how to handle a gun. He gave her guns that can deal with Stage I & II Gastreas. Although the bullets cost YBB, he doesn't mind spending them on bullets that can protect Hinata. He doesn't think a gun will bring out Hinata's potential though.

He isn't sure how he should develop her Swift-type ability.

"Feng-nii, what's wrong? It is fine, I will share my apple with you. It's sweet and it will make all your troubles fly away."

She passed her candied apple to Feng Yu Chen.

"No thanks, you can have it."

Feng Yu Chen squatted down.

"Hina-chan, do you have any fighting preferences? I want to hear your thoughts on this."


Hina-chan started thinking seriously with her index finger poking her chin.

"Nope, not a clue."


He gave her a pistol to start her gun training.

It is a Colt's Officer ACP semi-auto pistol.

He let her practice with normal bullets.

"Hina-chan, look at the gun in my hand. We are going to fight with this gun equipped. Aim at the monsters' heads and soft spots, can you do that?"

Feng Yu Chen gave her the pistol.

She nodded as she listened to the class Feng Yu Chen taught. She knows she must master this to help Feng-nii in combat.

He drew a simple target on a tree. Then, he instructed her.

"Look at the circle on the tree. The closer you hit the bullseye, the higher the points. You're a genius, I am sure you will get it once I teach you the basics. I am not an expert gunman, I am only good at fighting in close quarters. Make me proud, okay?

First, you want to make sure your eyes, the aim, and the target are aligned. Then, hold your breath before you fire. Release your breath when you're done."

Feng Yu Chen taught her basic marksmanship. This is about the best he can do for her given his limited knowledge.

She aimed her pistol at the target.


Something incredible happened.

The bullet hit the circle after a massive acceleration.

Feng Yu Chen used his Sharingan to gauge the bullet speed. Not only did the bullet seemingly ignore air friction, it sped up and had no deviations.

A bullet would normally slow down after a certain distance. The bullet ignored recoil and air friction to fly true in its direction.

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