Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 195: Tenchu Girl vs monsters

Hina's bullet had a mysterious force driving it. The bullet accelerated beyond physical limits. Even the artificial eye in Rentaro's head can't calculate the speed.

Her bullet can recalibrate its trajectory and ignore air friction and wind speeds. Her bullet behaved like a Swift bird. Free and untethered, although they might change the destination, nobody can stop them from reaching it.

"Oh, that was incredible. Show me a few more shots."

Feng Yu Chen said. He wanted to confirm if she can do this multiple times.

Hina-chan was happy that Feng Yu Chen praised her. She started firing her pistol

Bang bang bang

The bullets drew multiple arcs that hit the bullseye.

To test her ability again, he tried to gauge if her bullets can reach targets hiding behind obstacles.

Feng Yu Chen stood between the tree and Hinata.

"Okay, Hina-chan, I need you to shoot the target while making the bullet go around me, if you can do that then I will take you to see the dolphins at Oceanworld, kay?"

"Baby dolphins?! Okay, leave it to me!"

Hina-chan imagined the tree as the target, Feng Yu Chen isn't her target.


The bullet flew out and Feng Yu Chen raised his guard. He is durable enough to withstand gunshots. Plus, he had multiple healing potions.

Hina's mind is pure. She forgot the fear kids should have of guns. She did as Feng Yu Chen told and the bullet flew past Feng Yu Chen.

The bullet hit the target behind Feng Yu Chen.


Feng Yu Chen hoisted her up.

"Oh~ I am flying!"

Hina-chan is also happy.

Hina-chan can fire haxx bullets. Her bullets can home in on targets while retaining incredible speed.

If she wants to kill someone or something then hiding will do the target no good. They are gone the moment she fires her gun. Talk about an OP loli.

"Okay, let us begin."

Feng Yu Chen said.

"Oh~ Here we go~"

Hina-chan is happy although she has no idea what it means to fight.

"Here, these are Varanium bullets meant for the mean monsters. I also prepared an Ithaca 37 shotgun for the bigger baddies. If you can't kill the monsters with Varanium bullets then use the Varanium shotgun shells."

The shotgun was half Hina's height. The 2.3kg shotgun should have been something a child couldn't handle. But, with Hina's Initiator physique, she should be able to handle them.

"Oh~ Are we fighting monsters with these?"

Hina-chan took over the shotgun.

Monsters? Was she up all night watching Ultrahombre kicking monster butts?

"Yes, we are hunting monsters and you're Tenchu Girl."

He told her an analogy.

"Oh~ Tenchu Girls fight monsters. Let's go, Feng-nii, let's defeat the monsters."

Hina-chan said. She was infected by Enju's Tenchu anime.

"Let's go, we will rain down punishments on the monsters."

He rallied his partner.


Hina-chan skipped forward.

"Wait up, wait for me..."

Hina-chan had ridiculous speed. He had a hard time catching up. Her feet were barely touching the ground. It was like she grew a pair of wings, is this another one of her abilities?

He thought she would drag down her performance but it seems she can handle herself in a fight. The person herself is unaware of her own abilities. Maybe she thought she had these abilities all along?

"Let's play tag. You're it, come get me, hehehe..."

She dashed in another direction.

"Ugh, wait for me! It looks like I have to chase seriously or she might leave me in the dust."

Feng Yu Chen sped up as he tried to catch up with Hina-chan.

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