Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 196: Hina-chan fights

Feng Yu Chen and Hina-chan arrived at the coordinates of the job they were entrusted with.

There are puddles of nearly dried blood near the entrance of the cave.

He traced his finger across the ground. Judging by the moisture and scent, the few people that came here were dealt serious injuries.


Feng Yu Chen looked into the cave and saw red glints deep within.

Hiding in caves?

Gastrea monsters had intelligence. Although low-level Gastreas are no different than beasts. The North American region reported several instances of Rank III Gastrea showing some level of cooperation, intelligence, and tool usage.

"Hina-chan, get ready to fight. I will handle the big ones. You will handle the small ones. Keep shooting at a distance and don't fight in close quarters with the bad monsters, okay? I know you can do it."

Feng Yu Chen took out his Varanium sword.

"Oh~ Beating monsters up!"

Hina-chan took cover behind a nearby tree. Feng Yu Chen instructed her to always keep an eye on the environment.


The monsters started rushing out of the cave after detecting human life.

The lead monster is a giant spider with wings. It also had a scorpion's tail. It seems like this monster had spider, dragonfly, and scorpion Gastrea strains. It is far stronger than the normal Gastreas. There are also smaller Gastreas trailing behind. However, these Gastreas are still 5 meters tall, easily over twice the size of grown adults.

A spider's nest.

The smaller Gastrea also show signs of late-stage Gastrea infection. They're probably the previous victims who were injected with the Gastrea virus. A human would turn into a Gastrea monster once the infection rate exceeds 50%.

Bang bang bang

A few shots came from behind him. They accurately hit the smaller Gastreas and the monsters slumped down on the ground.

100% critical shots. She shattered their skulls, an unimaginable feat for Hina-chan who is on her first hunt.


The Rank III Gastrea turned hostile. It decided to go for the shooter first.


Hina-chan switched to the shotgun to take out the monster's wings.


In an instant, the buckshot took down the monster's wings and floored the gigantic monster. However, the monster still fell near Hina's tree.

It swung its oversized legs at her but she dodged by jumping away. She winked at Feng Yu Chen as if telling him that it is his fight. Then, she moved on to the smaller spider monsters.

"Good job."

Feng Yu Chen gave her a thumbs-up.

By taking out the Rank III Gastrea's wings, she reduced the creature's mobility and took away its flight abilities. She also followed orders well by focusing on the smaller monsters instead of attacking the bigger monster.

He could kill the monster without Hina's help but he appreciated her effort. It saved him a lot of time. This is what it means to fight in a team. They helped each other out to reduce the risk and enhance their strengths. The efficiency of his hunts increased steadily.

With the Rank I Gastreas being steadily eliminated, Feng Yu Chen decided it was time to kick things into high gear. He can't lose to his partner. The Rank II Gastreas here had high vitality but that was all, they fell too easily to his blade.


The Rank III Gastrea spat out white sticky liquid in his direction.

"Huh? Are you mocking me?"

Feng Yu Chen jumped into the air before landing a drop kick on the creature's head. With nearly two tons of force slamming down on the creature's head, it was not hard to imagine its effect.


The shockwave shattered the ground as the creature got stunned by the immense force. Its head was also oozing green blood.


He did a vertical slash.


He sliced the creature apart.

The creature twitched for a second but the red lights in its eyes quickly faded.

Job complete.

The creature would have been more annoying if it could fly. But, Hina-chan pitched in and saved him a lot of hassle.


Hina-chan executed the last Rank I Gastreas. Then, she jumped down from another tree. She glomped him and asked for him to praise her.

"Feng-nii, am I a Tenchu girl now?"

"Oh, you sure are..."

Feng Yu Chen rubbed her head. Hina-chan did great on her first job. Rentaro and Kisara were right. Trust the Initiators, rely on these overpowered lolis.

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