Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 197: Seitenshi's pantsu

Feng Yu Chen went back to Seitenshi's palace with Hina-chan after finishing the assignment. He wants to get his payout or he will be eating grass this month. Kisara charged him 10 times the maximum allowed interest rate, that monster. She preyed on his momentary financial illness.

"Feng-nii, are we going to see dolphins? I want to go to the aquarium..."

Hina-chan asked.

"I don't have money at the moment. But, we're going to go paid right now. Once we get the dough we can buy milk."

Feng Yu Chen assured her. With the funds he got from Kisara more or less used up, he finally realized how child-rearing is hard on resources. He needs to earn more money. How he wished he still had his young master background from SAO.

"Oh~ Hina-chan can wait until Feng-nii gets paid. I am a good girl."

Hina-chan nodded her head.

"Nn, good girl."

He picked her up in a princess carry before he dashed forward. Moving around without an automobile is a hassle. He should probably buy a bike to start with. He can't afford a car for now.

He contacted the officials at the palace and arranged for a meeting with Seitenshi. He also saw the annoying and prideful lead bodyguard. But, he ignored the bastard and chose to sit in front of Seitenshi much to his annoyance.

"Pay up, Seitenshi-sama."


Seitenshi was stunned for a second. Feng Yu Chen isn't like the others she had met until now. He was completely unrestrained around her. He treated her like a normal lady.

"Oh, here's your reward. You can redeem them anytime. Still, I didn't expect you to clear the mission so soon. Erm..."

Seitenshi passed him a debit card. She wasn't sure what to call him.

"Yu Chen, Or you can call me Feng-san. It is up to you. If that is all, I am heading back."

Feng Yu Chen grabbed the debit card before standing up. This place feels like a cage and he wasn't one to stay in a cage. He didn't want to stay long in this giant cage palace. Kings and Queens usually stay in their oversized cages but that is not the life for him.

"Feng-san, hold on."

Seitenshi stopped him. He pointed at Hina's slightly torn dress.

"Your partner's dress is torn. Stay here for a while, I think I can go get the dresses I wore as a kid."

Feng Yu Chen looked at Hina-chan's dress. She must have torn it while jumping around trees. She was also dusty from the fight. It wasn't right to let a girl like her run around like this. Plus, he needed to conserve funds for now.

"Okay, I appreciate the help."

Feng Yu Chen told Hina-chan to go with her.

"Hina-chan, this nice lady is going to give you a change of clothes."

"Oh~ Change my clothes~"

Hina-chan nodded.

"Hina-chan? That is a nice name. Come, Hina-chan..."

Seitenshi gestured for her to come closer.

"Oh~ Feng-nii, please wait for me while I change my clothes."

Hina-chan waved at him before following Seitenshi out of the meeting room.

Feng Yu Chen drank the tea near him as he waited. He was thirsty after running around the whole day. He also drank Seitenshi's tea since it looked like she wasn't going to finish it.


After an hour, Feng Yu Chen got tired of waiting.

What are they doing? How long is this going to take? Another hour?

Seitenshi's personality was something he read about in manga. She is not biased against Cursed Children. She is a kind soul at her core and she truly wishes for a way to give the Cursed Children the childhood they deserved and not the scorn of society. She is also drafting the New Gastrea Act which aims to guarantee the basic human rights of Cursed Children.

It is highly unlikely that Seitenshi would do something bad to Hina so what is up with the delay?

Feng Yu Chen headed for her room. After getting the location for a guard, he went to Seitenshi's room.

"Excuse me."

He knocked twice. After a brief delay with no answer, he pushed open the door.

Seitenshi's room was empty.

It looked like a normal lady's room with mainly white decor lining the room. Seitenshi must like white.

Feng Yu Chen discovered Hina and Seitenshi's apparel on the bed. Where are they?

Then, he saw something that he couldn't help but look at twice. There were two pantsus there, one was a bear-patterned one that belonged to Hina and the other one is a lacey white one belonging to Seitenshi. Even the tarp of her secret garden was white. She must like white.


"Feng-nii, are you joining us to take a sparkly bath?"

Hina and Seitenshi came out of the bathroom.

He saw the incensed look on Seitenshi's face. She was embarrassed and mad that this guy barged into her room.

Feng Yu Chen also looked at the hills hidden behind her thin towel. Her porcelain white skin was flushed after taking a hot bath. Her blushing mien also added to her charm.

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