Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 199: Tendo Kisara's meal ticket

After getting his money, he went back to the Civil defense corp to pay off his debts.

He entered the room to find Kisara chilling in her room.

"Oh, you're back. I can give you two more days if you can't pay up. I will just add five times the interest since I am feeling generous. How about it?"

Kisara shamelessly promoted her insane interest rate while acting like a saint.


Feng Yu Chen slammed a stack of bills down on Kisara's table.

"No, thank you. I don't want to owe you money any longer than I need to. Here, 10,000 Yen for the 1,000 you lent me. 10 times the interest."

Kisara's eyes sparkled the moment she saw the stack of bills.

She calmed herself down.

"I was charging daily rate. Three days elapsed so you owe me 31,000 yen including principal!"

"What?! 31000?! You're a vampire!"

Feng Yu Chen felt like he was being scammed and he almost resorted to violence. Daily 10,000% interest? Tendo Kisara is butchering him. She is the reason why there are anti-loan-sharking laws.

"No, no, no. You said you would pay, I never forced you into this. I am a kind soul who waived the introducer's fee. Your Rank III mission had people drooling at the mouth. Do you know how hard it was to find a job like that? I should be compensated for my time and effort."

Kisara said.

I must endure this hardship.

Feng Yu Chen protested.

"You didn't say anything about the daily interest rate. It is hard taking care of Hina-chan, you're forcing me into an awkward situation here. Look, Hina-chan is getting thinner because I can't even buy her nutritious food. She is 12 years old and is just 131cm tall. Enju is 10 and she is already 140 cm tall. She just wants milk, just go easy on us."

He is trying to bargain for a cheaper price.

Anger will not do him any good right now, only physical cash can help.

Kisara doubted his words.

"Hina-chan, are you really living a hard life right now?"

Hina-chan is an honest kid.

"Nope, I just have a smaller appetite compared to other kids. I also hate a lot of food so I guess I didn't grow much from those attributes?"

Feng Yu Chen couldn't believe it. Hina-chan blew his cover. If she worked with him then he can weasel his way out of the devil's deal.

Kisara patted Hina-chan on the back for telling the truth. She reached an open hand out.

Pay me. Now. No hiding.

"I will never fall for your tricks again. You vampire CEO, don't ever think about employing my services again. I will do my jobs and you can have your crappy company to run. Don't contact me again!"

Feng Yu Chen took out the money he owed and was getting ready to leave when...


Kisara looked at Hina-chan.

"Hina-chan, don't you know you're never going to see Enju again? You don't want to watch Tenchu Girls anymore? Enju prepared so many toys for you..."

Hina-chan looked at him.

"Feng-nii, can I pwease stay with Enju longer? I want to stay here since we just became BFFs yesterday. Feng-nii, pretty please?"


Unable to resist her pleas. He foolishly nodded.

"Fine, we can stay a while longer."

Kisara passed two sets of forms to Hina-chan.

"Enju signed an employment contract with us, the strongest civil defense corp. Hina-chan should join too, you will become a real Tenchu Girl!"

"Oh~ I want to sign up!"

Hina-chan signed her name on the paper.


"Kisara-san! You!"

Feng Yu Chen turned dark.

Kisara leaned back against her chair.

"Man, you're free to do whatever you want. If you want to attack a harmless girl like me then you're going to look like a big bully in front of Hina-chan. I wonder what she would say then? She would probably hate your guts..."

"Fine, you win... I will sign your stupid and illegal contract! I curse my luck for meeting a devil in sailor uniform."

Feng Yu Chen signed up too. Tendo Kisara just turned him into a meal ticket. Rentaro is stuck here too. He has the skills to pay the bills but he always screws up in the end. Hence, they usually made little to no profit at the end of the month.

Feng Yu Chen became the real breadwinner here.

Rentaro is stuck at the 10,000th IP rank so he isn't as popular as Feng Yu Chen. Once word gets out that he finished the Rank III slaying quest alone, more missions will come their way so Kisara had to force Feng Yu Chen to stay, by hook or by crook.

"Yeah! Awesome."

Kisara waited long and hard for the day when she can lay back and let someone else do the heavy lifting for her.

"Feng-san, you're going to thank yourself for joining this company one day."

Kisara said.

"Oh, I am sure I won't, you..."

Feng Yu Chen cursed.

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