Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 25.2: The feeling of having a wife is so nice!

Chapter 25 Part 2

A few weeks ago, he still hadn’t known that this person was his fiancée. In order to recite incantations for him, he stayed at the other’s home.

It’s impossible for a six year old child to grow up alone, whether in the mundane world or Xuanxue world.

When Ye Jingzhi was small, he had actually received help from several seniors: Qishan-daoren, Master Buxing, Cengxiu-zhenjun……They had a good relationship with Yi Lingzi. When their old friend unexpectedly passed away, they all wanted to accept Ye Jingzhi as their disciple so they could look after this young child. However, Ye Jingzhi refused.

Pei Yu had once talked about this matter to Xi Jia. He had merely described the matter itself, and didn’t say what had happened after or the reason why.

Only Ye Jingzhi himself knew the reason behind the refusal. However, what had happened after was that many seniors secretly gave Ye Jingzhi some help. Ye Jingzhi lived alone and studied magic techniques alone using the sect’s secret manuals that Yi Lingzi left behind. He slowly grew into the Hell King Ye of today.

For so many years, the seniors’ help had always been limited. They couldn’t take care of every bit of Ye Jingzhi’s life. The house that Yi Lingzi left behind wasn’t big. It was an old house built in the last century with only 80 square meters.

Yi Lingzi used to often say to Ye Jingzhi, “Jingzhi ah, what we ghost hunting Celestial Masters don’t lack the most is money. Your Master once hunted a ghost for those rich people, and it was seven figures up front. They even wanted to invite Master, and Master didn’t feel like giving them a glance. But do you know why we are still living in this kind of house even though Master has this much money?”

Little Ye Jingzhi honestly answered, “Because Master likes to gamble and loses everything every time.”

Yi Lingzi’s old face darkened, “Non-nonsense! Master, Master wants you to temper your willpower! Ghost hunting Celestial Masters can’t be finicky or extravagant. If you encounter a powerful malicious ghost in the future, you will need to chase it for several days and nights, eat and sleep outside, and toil for long hours. You will suffer this kind of hardship, you know? Your wise Master is cultivating your spirit of enduring any hardships from an early age!”

Little Ye Jingzhi didn’t quite understand.

Clearly, Master would often bet money with Senior Qishan and Senior Buxing. After losing every time, he would even hit people shamelessly with Wu Xiang Qing Li and drink his sorrows away. After getting drunk, he would always say, “This old man is not betting anymore, will never gamble again!” After three days, a few people would gather again to gamble.

Master really had no money. How did it turn into cultivating his spirit of enduring hardships?

When Yi Lingzi died unexpectedly, Qishan-daoren came to report. He brought back Wu Xiang Qing Li for Ye Jingzhi, and even gave him a large sum of money. Qishan-daoren could only do this much. At that time, he was at his peak and would often head out to ghost hunt. He didn’t have a lot of time to come and see Ye Jingzhi, and could only help his old friend’s disciple materially as much as possible.

Master said that this house was very small in order to train his hardworking mind.

Little Ye Jingzhi felt that this house was very big. Without Master. Only him.

Although Master was very unreliable, he had always said “good night” before going to sleep every time. On the countless nights after, little Ye Jingzhi held Wu Xiang Qing Li and the Mt. Tai stone and said “good night” to them before going to bed. However, no one would say “good night” to him again.

Until 19 years later, he entered this person’s home, holding an apprehensive state of mind.

Seeing Pei Yu in S City, Ye Jingzhi was also very surprised. He knew that this young Celestial Master was Tianci-daoren’s favorite disciple and was ranked very high on the Modou Rankings. He didn’t know how to interact with Celestial Masters of the younger generation like Pei Yu or how he should decline Xi Jia’s good intention. He could only nervously stay in the apartment with them.

At night, Pei Yu was in the living room saying that Hell King Ye was very terrifying and Hell King Ye was so scary.

Ye Jingzhi stood in front of the guest room’s window, looking at the moon in the sky.

Pei Yu said a lot to the young man with strong yin energy. Ye Jingzhi never interrupted, and he only looked at the moon. Slowly, Pei Yu eventually fell asleep and said no more. Ye Jingzhi also felt that he should do something to express his thanks to that young man for letting him stay here.

Then, he heard someone knocking on the door. Once he opened to look, that young man warmly smiled and said to him——

“Master Ye, good night.”

Ye Jingzhi widened his eyes, staring hard at the person in front of him. Until this person left, his heart was still fiercely pounding.

Recalling that phrase of “good night” hidden in the deepest part of his heart, Ye Jingzhi slowly looked down, still holding Xi Jia’s hand and thinking of methods to help him remove this red word on his palm. He didn’t utter a word. Xi Jia didn’t know what he should say either. However, watching the silent person before his eyes, Xi Jia felt that his heart had never been as calm as it was now for some reason.

Ye Jingzhi kept his head lowered, reciting incantations and casting magic techniques. Xi Jia watched on just like this. The sound of wind in his ears slowly dissipated. The hand that was being held by the other person felt a burst of warmth. A sense of comfort gradually permeated from where the skin touched.

“……Don’t be afraid, I am here.”

The low male voice was lost in the wind, and Xi Jia didn’t hear it clearly. He asked, “What?”

Ye Jingzhi looked up. There was a calm galaxy of stars reflected in his black eyes. He said one word at a time, “Xi Jia, I am here.”

At this moment, his heart started beating to the max. His heart had never raced like this before. Xi Jia looked at the man in front of him in a daze and couldn’t even say a single word.

Ba-dump ba-dump!

Ba-dump ba-dump!

Xi Jia suddenly curled up his fingers, covering the word on his palm. Ye Jingzhi looked at him in surprise.

Xi Jia hesitated for a long time. Restraining the rolling emotions in his heart, he said, “Master Ye, is there some misunderstanding between us? To me, aren’t you too……” His voice stopped abruptly. Xi Jia’s eyes widened, looking at the other in shock.

Ye Jingzhi asked, “Xi Jia?”

Xi Jia, “……”

Ye Jingzhi became worried, “What happened? Do you have something you want to say to me?”

Xi Jia silently glanced at Ye Jingzhi and then looked down at his palm. He unfolded his hand to look at the red “Ying” character. Finally, he expressionlessly faced the Xuanxue masters that were still in a heated discussion in the distance, and loudly said, “Masters, I think I know what the deal is with this character. Ziying……talked to me just now.”

At the center of the leveled wilderness, a group of Celestial masters surrounded Xi Jia and carefully looking at him as if looking at a rare animal.

Xi Jia listened to the voice that sounded in his mind while simultaneously restating, “Ziying said that he knew from the start that he might not be able to enter the Mausoleum. When Li Si and Xu Fu designed the Mausoleum, they did it according to Qin Shi Huang’s requests and left a passageway that was reserved for Fusu. More than two thousand years ago, that passageway was blocked after Ziying was carried in by the eunuch. The entire Mausoleum was like a cage. None can enter and none can leave.”

Jiqin-zhenren hurriedly agreed, “That’s right. For more than three hundred years, we also have been unable to enter the Mausoleum, and the things inside have never came out either. This time, if it wasn’t for Buxing this bald donkey causing an accident, Qin San Shi simply couldn’t come out at all.” After he finished talking, he even glared at Master Buxing.

Master Buxing, “Amitabha, this poor monk……this poor monk is not talking.”

Xi Jia continued, “That’s why Ziying couldn’t push or open the gate earlier. It should be expected. Since he’s able to escape the Mausoleum, it is very hard to go back inside. It isn’t Qin Shi Huang intentionally making things difficult for him, but the Mausoleum forbids outsiders from entering.”

It was hard for other people to understand the obsession that Jiqin-zhenren held against the Mausoleum, “Then why did he go in later?”

Xi Jia looked at Jiqin-zhenren, “It was Qin Shi Huang that took him inside.”

Jiqin-zhenren, “Ah?”

Xi Jia, “This master should have seen it personally. It was the First Emperor who personally appeared and took him inside. Ziying said that if the First Emperor didn’t appeared, he wouldn’t be able to enter. The First Emperor consumed some power to help him open the Mausoleum’s gate, allowing Ziying to return.”

“So it’s like that.”

“It turns out that Qin Shi Huang really was only there to pick up his son to return home and not to fight us?”

“I’d say, enmity between this father and son doesn’t last the night. No matter how much Qin Shi Huang dislikes his son, he can’t possibly watch his son stay outside until his soul disperses.”

Everyone of the Xuanxue world breathed a sigh of relief.

Xi Jia listened to Ziying’s voice that rang in his mind. He slowly wrinkled his brows and continued to repeat, “It is precisely because Ziying felt that he himself couldn’t go back, and his soul would disperse sooner or later. So he left this thought transmission to me.1 He originally wanted to help me if I run into Qin Shi Huang in the future. Putting it in a good way, it’s because I……” I look a bit similar to Huhai, and he needs to persuade the First Emperor to not beat me up.

How could he say the rest of the words out loud? No matter what, Xi Jia didn’t want to admit that he and Huhai looked similar.

He held it in for a long time before correcting himself, “Because for some reason, Ziying left this thought transmission to me. And right now, he has successfully returned to the Mausoleum. This thought transmission also has no meaning anymore, but he just discovered that he can transmit his thoughts and talk to me.”

Jiqin-zhenren hurriedly asked, “You ask him, what is the current situation of the Mausoleum? What about Qin Shi Huang?”

Xi Jia said, “The First Emperor woke up from a deep sleep in order to bring Ziying inside the Mausoleum and had consumed a lot of power. He is now sleeping on top of the river of mercury to recover. Ziying said that the First Emperor won’t wake up within a year.”

This time, everyone of the Xuanxue world completely relaxed.

However in the next moment, Xi Jia said, “Before the First Emperor went into deep sleep, he said that since Ziying can leave the Mausoleum, then he should also try it out sometime and see if he can go out of the Mausoleum. If he can go out……”

His voice suddenly cut off.

Everyone widened their eyes, looking at Xi Jia, “Can go out? Can go out then what?”

Xi Jia sighed, “The First Emperor said that he wants to establish the Qin Dynasty again.”

The masters of the Xuanxue world, “……”

The next second——

“F*ck! Sure enough, that Qin Shi Huang wants to destroy our Xuanxue world. He even wants to be an Emperor!”

“We can’t let Qin Shi Huang breathe. While he is now injured, fellow daoists, let’s quickly storm into the Mausoleum and beat up Qin Shi Huang!”

“That’s right, he is now injured. With a great chance like this, if we don’t beat him up now, when are we going to beat him?”

Xi Jia, “……” Is there anyone like you guys that would say that they’re taking advantage of others when they’re down so loudly!? That is so not disgraceful at all, alright?!!!

Translator’s Addition: The moment I see you, my heart accelerates.

Translator’s Notes:
1 意念 Thought transmission – The term here means idea/thought, but adding the transmission seems more appropriate.

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