Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 57.2: Xi Jia? There’s something wrong with his brain.

Chapter 57 Part 2

In the end, it was still Master Ye who was most doting. When they dual cultivated the next day, Master Ye moved the TV to the bedroom. Xi Jia looked at him in surprise. The tips of Master Ye’s ears were slightly red as he earnestly said, “Jia Jia, only I need to worry about cultivating, you can watch TV. Just that, you might not be able to change channels. What channel do you like to watch? I’ll change it for you.”

Brother Jia was instantly moved.

Master Ye was doting sure enough! Both considerate and meticulous. Brother Jia had only said one thing, and Master Ye had thought so much.

With the TV, Xi Jia’s period of dual cultivation became even more relaxed. After two days, Xi Jia received a particular call. After seeing the phone number, Xi Jia was a bit astonished since he didn’t understand why this person would call him. He answered the phone, only to hear the other say with a smile, “Xi Jia? Long time no see.”

Xi Jia indifferently said back, “Long time no see, Mr. Fang.”

That’s right, this person was precisely Fang Moting.

After helping Fang Moting with the Kuman Thong, Film Emperor Fang added Brother Jia on WeChat, and they even exchanged phone numbers. Fang Moting took the initiative for everything. Although Xi Jia wasn’t good at socializing, if someone else took the initiative to mention it, he wouldn’t refuse.

Two months had passed since the Kuman Thong incident, and this was Film Emperor Fang’s first time calling Xi Jia. Xi Jia didn’t know the reason. Film Emperor Fang politely said a few superfluous pleasantries. After talking for a minute, he mentioned the main point, “It’s like this, Xi Jia. I have a script here that I think will suit you very well. There aren’t that many scenes, but the role is very important. I wonder if you are interested?”

Xi Jia was stunned since he didn’t expect Fang Moting to actually forward scripts to him. He asked, “May I know what it is?”

Fang Moting started to elaborate.

Speaking to a person like Fang Moting simply didn’t require using their brain. Before Film Emperor Fang called, he had prepared everything. Once Xi Jia asked, he gave the show’s name, subject matter, script, producer, director……As for the co-actors, he even listed them all.

With a friend like this, it was truly too comforting. Brother Jia was really not good at interacting with others. Listening to Film Emperor Fang’s voice that was like the spring wind, he felt free from worries the more he listened. Speaking to the end, Film Emperor Fang said in addition, “Director Chen is my old friend, and his level is very high. Among Huaxia’s new generation of directors, he has originality and reputation. Furthermore, his character is very good. I think you will get along with him well. I gave some movie clips of you to him to watch, and he also thinks that you’re very suitable for this role. Xi Jia, if you’re interested, do you need me to send the script to you?”

Brother Jia was a bit overwhelmed by this favor, “Film Emperor Fang……Cough, Brother Fang, why are you helping me?”

Fang Moting seemed very shocked, and he slightly smiled, “Aren’t we friends?”

Brother Jia was deeply moved: Take a look at Film Emperor Fang, knows how to treat people well!

This movie was truly very suitable for Xi Jia. In addition, it was even a modern crime suspense movie. Xi Jia had filmed so many years worth of ghost movies. Only lately did he shoot mainstream movies, and they were all ancient period movies. He was very interested in this movie, but he also felt bad to just accept Fang Moting’s good intentions.

Fang Moting seemed to hear his hesitation through the phone so he kept on persuading in every possible way and even incessantly said, “You really really suit this role. If you’re not acting, then I will be distressed. I guaranteed Old Chen that I would definitely persuade you. Now where can I find a Male No. 3 for him?”

Only then did Xi Jia agree.

It wasn’t that Brother Jia was climbing over someone, but he was actually embarrassed to voice wanting that role. Fang Moting and he were neither relatives nor friends. After adding each other as friends for two months, not one word was spoken. Now suddenly, the other gave him such a good role (any role with a pay of over a million yuan was good in Brother Jia’s mind). With this kind of favor, Brother Jia was a bit bewildered.

Before hanging up, Fang Moting even especially said, “Thank you for saving my life last time. Xi Jia, I’m truly grateful.”

He completely didn’t mention wanting Xi Jia to thank him, but instead, he even thanked Xi Jia properly.

Xi Jia hung up the phone. Reading through the script that Fang Moting had sent over, he started to think whether or not Film Emperor Fang had something to ask of him. After racking his brains, Xi Jia couldn’t think of any leads. He might as well ignore this matter for the time being and focus on reading the script.

Once the boat reached the pierhead, it would go straight with the current.1 If Fang Moting really had something to ask of him, it would probably have something to do with ghosts. He would just help when the time comes.

Thus, in mid-August, Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi left G Province and returned to S City. After staying in S City for two days, Xi Jia set off for Haicheng and started filming for the new movie.

How good was this movie? Good to the point that Xi Jia’s shooting schedule was only ten days, and yet the pay was over a million. The character was also especially likable. Moreover, he didn’t know if it was because Fang Moting had greeted the crew in advance, but the whole crew took good care of Xi Jia. When there was an NG, the director would get angry, but in the end, he would still patiently guide Xi Jia and help him correct the scene.

While wrapping up, Xi Jia felt that it was a bit unreal.

This was such a good role, and Fang Moting just gave it to him. How come he felt that……there was a trap?

However, up until Xi Jia’s wrap, Fang Moting still didn’t ask Xi Jia to do anything. Even on his last day, Fang Moting personally came to the set, gave him a cake and a bouquet, and congratulated him for wrapping up, “I just so happen to be in the movie city for filming. Congratulations, Xi Jia. Old Chen kept on praising you, saying that you are very clever.”

Xi Jia, who had been scolded for an hour that afternoon, took the flowers silently, “……is that so? Thank you, Brother Fang.”

Fang Moting was smiling but didn’t speak.

This time, Ye Jingzhi didn’t follow Xi Jia to Haicheng for filming. First, he needed to meticulously prepare and study the 4th level of the Unity of Yin and Sha. Second, Song Song suddenly got sick. He needed to stay in S City and take care of Song Song.

After Xi Jia wrapped up, he sat in the dressing room. With his head lowered, he sent a text to Ye Jingzhi stating that he would drive back tonight and should be back home by 9. He had just sent the text when a low magnetic voice sounded beside him, “Xi Jia, you’re going back immediately tonight? Do you want to eat together?”

Xi Jia swiftly looked up, only to see Fang Moting standing by the mirror, smiling and looking at him.

Suddenly feeling that something was off, Xi Jia looked left and right and noticed that there was only him and the makeup artist in the dressing room. Fang Moting actually came looking for him. Seeing Fang Moting’s warm smile at the edge of his lips, the suspicions in Brother Jia’s heart grew.

Film Emperor Fang……why was he being so good to him?!

This type of good was too strange.

If it weren’t for Brother Jia knowing himself and felt that he was unlikely to have universal appeal, he would’ve thought Film Emperor Fang was secretly in love with him.

However, Xi Jia was now completely confused. He politely declined Film Emperor Fang’s invitation and stated that he still had things to do and needed to rush home. Fang Moting smiled, “According to common sense, Xi Jia, you should be inviting me for a meal tonight as thanks.”

Brother Jia, who was incompetent in communication, only realized it now.

That’s right. Fang Moting introduced this gig to him. Based on the situation and reason, he should at least invite the other for a meal.

Once he thought to here, Xi Jia looked down again to give Ye Jingzhi a text, expressing that he might return later tonight. He hadn’t sent the text yet when Fang Moting lightly laughed, “I’m joking with you. Xi Jia, we’re friends, I’m just kidding. Don’t take it seriously.”

Talking to Film Emperor Fang truly cost too much brain power. Xi Jia invited a few more times, and Film Emperor Fang declined them all. All along, he insisted that he was merely joking and didn’t truly want Xi Jia to invite.

Everything seemed like help from friends. Film Emperor Fang had no desire nor requests, being a good person doing good deeds, and gave Xi Jia a good role without cause. When Xi Jia left the set and was about to drive the Benz back home, Film Emperor Fang suddenly remembered, “Oh right, Xi Jia, when I was filming a few days ago, something strange seemed to have happened.”

Xi Jia suddenly saw the light: It’s finally here!

“What’s the matter? Is it a ghost haunting?”

Fang Moting smiled as he said, “It’s not such a big deal. It’s just that an actress was taking a shower when she suddenly felt someone touch her butt, but when she turned around, she didn’t see anyone.”

Xi Jia, “……a perverted ghost?”2

Fang Moting, “I also don’t know, it might be.”

Xi Jia saw so many years worth of ghosts and even saw several perverted ghosts. All day long, they would lie on girls’ backs and sneak looks at places that they shouldn’t be looking at. Every time Brother Jia saw these kinds of perverted ghosts, he would pull them down from the girls’ body without the slightest hesitation, beat them up, and let them perish on their own.

Xi Jia seriously said, “Where did this happen? I can go take a look.”

Fang Moting shook his head, “It’s not a big deal. Aren’t you rushing back home? Then, I’ll not bother you. How about this, you said to me before that if something like this happens, I can find a Celestial Master specializing in ghost hunting, and they can take care of it. If it is convenient, can you give me the contact details so I can get in touch with them?”

Xi Jia thought for a long time and only now realized, “Are you talking about the Xuanxue world’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs?”

Fang Moting said in amazement, “So it’s the Xuanxue world’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ah.”

Xi Jia explained, “Right, the Xuanxue world has always had a Ministry of Foreign Affairs that handles things between ghosts and humans. But, they seem to only handle cases that are relatively larger. This kind of……uh……small matter like catching a perverted ghost, I don’t know if they would deal with it.”

Fang Moting mentioned without thinking, “Last time, the Celestial Master that you helped me get in touch with is quite enthusiastic. After he suddenly had something come up and left, he still came back to the set and continued to help me take care of the matters with the Kuman Thong. How about giving his contact information to me? I’ll see if he has time to help me take a look at this perverted ghost incident. In the future, if I run into a problem, I can also consult him so I don’t have to bother you.”

Xi Jia thought for a moment and recalled that the Celestial Master that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had assigned to take care of the Kuman Thong incident was Hu Die.

Hu Die was actually very enthusiastic?

Brother Jia overall felt that something wasn’t right. However, after he thought for a long time, he still asked Ye Jingzhi for Hu Die’s contact information and forwarded Hu Die’s WeChat to Fang Moting, “Brother Fang, I don’t know if he would add you or not, I think……Um, he doesn’t seem to be that enthusiastic. Try adding him. If he adds you, then that would be best. If he doesn’t, then you can come find me anytime if you have any trouble in the future.”

Fang Moting smiled in response.

After finishing everything, Xi Jia drove home. Through the rear-view mirror, he saw Fang Moting looking down at his phone, but he didn’t know what he was thinking about. He felt that something was strange, but he couldn’t think of anything. Probably the strangest thing was……

Hu Die was very enthusiastic?!

In the entire Xuanxue world, the most enthusiastic one was clearly his family’s Master Ye!

Xi Jia deeply felt injustice for his family’s Master Ye. However, he didn’t feel like correcting Fang Moting. He didn’t want Ye Jingzhi and Fang Moting to get in touch with each other. Even he couldn’t get a read on Fang Moting. If it was Master Ye, he would definitely be duped by Film Emperor Fang.

After giving Hu Die’s WeChat to Film Emperor Fang, Film Emperor Fang sent Xi Jia a text a few days later stating that the perverted ghost had been taken care of.

Just as Xi Jia was going out to watch a movie with Ye Jingzhi, he suddenly saw that text. He said in surprise, “Hu Die really went to take care of the perverted ghost? Is he really that kind?”

Ye Jingzhi was looking down and buying the movie tickets through an APP. After hearing this, he looked up and asked, “What about Fellow Daoist Hu Die?”

Xi Jia talked about how Fang Moting encountered the perverted ghost and the matter of him asking Hu Die to help ghost hunt.

Ye Jingzhi slightly furrowed his brows, “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs would only look after matters of malicious ghosts killing or harming people. They wouldn’t give any points for compensation for these sorts of common wandering and wild ghosts. I don’t know Fellow Daoist Hu Die very well, but Fellow Daoist Measurement knows him quite well. I’ve heard Fellow Daoist Measurement say that Fellow Daoist Hu Die never liked being nosy. Without points, he wouldn’t ghost hunt. Unless……” Ye Jingzhi paused for a moment before he said, “Unless there was a very high amount of remuneration.”

Upon hearing this, Xi Jia hesitated for a moment but still sent a message to Film Emperor Fang, “In the future, if you encounter another small ghost, Brother Fang, you can find me. I can help.” Anyway, he wouldn’t accept the money.

Fang Moting sent a smiley face but didn’t say anything else.

If he was willing to spend money unwisely, then it didn’t matter to Xi Jia. After driving to the movie theatre, Xi Jia went in to get the tickets and bought two buckets of popcorn. Once he left the theatre entrance, he saw Ye Jingzhi standing before a movie poster with his head lowered and looking down at the small print below.

Xi Jia walked up to take a look and smiled as he said, “The director of School Beauty: Soul Shocking Night and Pei Yu know each other. I heard that this director’s uncle is Pei Yu’s teacher’s junior. Director Wang knows of my relationship with Pei Yu and actually wrote my name on the movie’s poster, putting it in fifth place in the casting. When I heard about it, I was also surprised.” Saying this, Xi Jia handed a bucket of popcorn to Ye Jingzhi.

Ye Jingzhi took the popcorn and seriously looked at the row of small words. After a long time, he said in a low voice, “But, you’re not on the poster……”

Xi Jia didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry, “I only have a total of three scenes, the poster definitely wouldn’t have me on there.”

Ye Jingzhi pursed his lips. He was a bit dissatisfied, but he didn’t voice it.

Translator’s Addition:
Song Song: This baby has finally appeared! But this baby got sickkkkkk QAQ

Translator’s Notes:
1 An idiom, meaning everything will be alright.
2 One of the ways to say pervert or lecher (dead or alive XD) in Chinese is 色鬼, the second character means ghost.

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