Conquest - Chapter 114 [Self-humiliation]

These words were so arrogant and arrogant that they already had the demeanor of a high-level dog-legged man. After the magician finished speaking, he immediately retracted his head and hid behind Shaar.

The black armored warrior on the opposite side came down, and everyone was originally angry, but when they heard Todor0 finish, everyone changed colors!

For everyone in the Byzantine Empire, some people may not know the name of His Majesty the Emperor, but... the name Hastings, I am afraid that even the deaf really know!!

Even Hasting was injured by this guy. Could it be that this guy sitting there arrogantly and looking like an uncle is actually the soldier who injured Hastings on the battlefield according to the recent rumors Strong general?!

The arrogance of the black-armored warrior Alfre Carter and others suddenly weakened. For a time, everyone changed color, and the black-armored warrior's face was blue and white for a while, and the sword in his hand did not know whether it was horizontal or not. Stand up, or retract it in a sullen way?
What are you kidding? The other party can even hurt Hastings, what is his ability?!

But when it fell into Shaar's ear, the turtle's face was instantly on fire.

Although he is a little shameless (well, Rabbit Ruhl, poor worm, Oaks, Tiangong, Tatara, and the collective resentment of Bonfret who died unjustly and tragically...), but after all, he still has some self-esteem.

Especially when Tatara said that Hasting was seriously injured and fled in front of him, it made Shaar's face red as a monkey's butt.

Uh, it's right to be seriously injured, and it's right to run away... But, that seems to be me, right...

He was very aware of his own abilities, and when he really met Hastings, he was definitely the one who fled. And... uh, with the speed of Hasting's dark horse, I'm afraid it's still a question of whether he can escape.
But Shaar's expression was different in the eyes of the other party: I saw that the legendary expert who defeated Hastings suddenly turned red, and his expression was full of hope!

As for those dodging eyes... the eyes are like electricity!

The black armored warrior Alfre Carter's face froze for a while, he exhaled a long breath, his face hesitated for a while, and finally showed a hint of toughness, gritted his teeth, and raised his head: "So it turns out that Your Excellency is the legendary defeated The fierce general in the army of Odin Hastings... Well, I have heard your name, Mr. Char! Although I admire your brave deeds, I am also a samurai, and I have the dignity of a samurai! Since The words I challenged just now have been released, and I will not take them back! Otherwise, my samurai group and I will not have to come out to meet people in the future!"
Alfrekat slowly swung the sword horizontally, gritted his teeth and said, "Although I ask myself that I am not your opponent, I will try my best to learn your magical skills! Please enlighten me!"

Saying that, the black armored warrior looked absolutely resolute, as if he was about to go to the execution ground.

Shaar opened his mouth, but before he could speak, he heard a sneer of "chi" in his mind. The laughter was full of disdain. It was Dora's.

This female dragon was full of mockery: "Shameless! If Hastings heard this, I'm afraid he would have laughed out loud. Hmph, the strength of this human warrior is not bad, although the fighting spirit is far from the peak. , but that swordsmanship is really ruthless and sharp. You really fight with him, if you don't just try hard, even if you can win him, you will be greatly embarrassed."
Shaar was ridiculed by Dora, but was speechless. He knew in his heart that what the female dragon said was right—if it wasn't for desperate efforts, although he could defeat the black armored warrior Alfrekat with his crimson murderous aura, the opponent's aura could also pierce his own dragon blood defense. It is absolutely impossible to win completely, and you have to hang the lottery yourself. And... Seeing his agility and dexterity, his swordsmanship is also agile and ruthless, which is different from the enemies he encountered in the army who were slashing and slashing. Crimson murderous aura... It is still unknown whether it can cut the opponent! If you are not careful, you can lose.

After all, when Hasting was injured, it was a close-range sneak attack, and the guy from Bonfret was a target to attract Hasting's attention, plus his strongest ultimate move "Dragon Thorn", and he succeeded in one hit.

Seeing this Afre Carter come up to challenge with a resolute face, the turtle thought about it, and suddenly a bad idea came up...

He stood up slowly, and then turned the table step by step. When he came over, he had already pulled out the fire fork from the scabbard around his waist.
Shaar's movements were very slow, and he didn't seem to hide his intentions. That Afre Carter was ready, but he still stood still, just staring at Shaar.

"You know, I'm in the army." Shaar's face was serious, he had a honest and honest face, especially the harmless smile, which was even more deceptive. I saw Shaar slowly raise the fire fork in his hand, with a deliberately calm expression on his face - Avre Carter still did not move, he was relieved that this new strong hero in the empire would not be the kind of kid who suddenly attacked. people.

Shaar didn't even want to sneak attack on the other party, his expression was solemn, and suddenly he raised his hand and flicked on the fire fork.

"People in the army, I naturally have to guard the military discipline. I can't fight with people, let alone hurt people." Shaar sighed deliberately: "So, if you want to compete with me, I'm afraid I can't meet your request. ...Well, as long as you can block me, even if you win, how? Look carefully!"
After speaking, Shaar took a deep breath without waiting for the other party to speak, and instantly a bloody light flashed in his eyes, and the fire fork in his hand slanted down!

His slash was not very fast, and it even seemed to be deliberately slow, and the fire fork fell slowly.

He had said in advance, "Block me, even if you win." Moreover, when the fire fork fell, there was no vindictive light on it, and it seemed to move slowly, as if it didn't have much strength, and there was really nothing to be afraid of.

Afre Carter really fell for it!

He almost instinctively raised his sword horizontally to block it, and he reacted quickly. Above the sword's edge, the light of Dou Qi burst out in an instant...

If he does not block, but dodges away, and then uses his sharp and swift swordsmanship to counterattack, then even if he may not really be able to defeat Shaar, there is still some hope of winning by three points. It really fell into Shaar's full set!
With a snort, the sword in Avre Carter's hand was almost instantly broken into two pieces. It was also a sharp steel sword. The blade of the sword was easily broken, and when the fire fork fell, the crimson murderous edge was sharp and sharp. , and Shaar's already strong strength, he suddenly felt numb in Avre Carter's arm, he staggered back a few steps after shaking his whole body, and when he stood firm, he raised his hand to look at the half-cut sword in his hand, Looking at Shaar who was standing proudly in front of him again, Shaar had put away the fire fork and looked at himself with a smile on his face...

Avre Carter's face turned ashen in an instant. He practiced martial arts for many years, but he never thought that in front of others, he would not be able to stop a single face-to-face! At this moment, his mind was shocked, but he completely forgot that he didn't dodge just now, that he was not good at strength, and many other factors. Just the shock of being defeated by the opponent's blow filled the entire consciousness.

"I... I lost!"
At this moment, Alfre Carter's heart was completely disillusioned. He was also a man of knowledge. No matter how sharp the weapon in the opponent's hand was, he could break his own sword so easily and neatly, and the incision was so sharp and neat that it was obviously not a weapon. factor, but a magical force! When he hit that blow just now, he clearly felt a powerful and sharp force falling down in an instant, unable to stop it, and easily broke through his grudge!

Can't stop it at all!

"I, I humiliated myself, I have nothing to say!" Avre Carter threw his sword to the ground with force, and his heart was at a loss in an instant, and all his pride and ambition disappeared! I originally formed this samurai group, and I had emerged in the competition in Osgiliath three years ago. After coming back to practice hard for three years, I originally hoped to achieve greater achievements this time, but I did not expect that I would meet a real master who was so vulnerable!

He turned around and was about to leave, he didn't even bother to say anything... He even planned to go home right here, and Osgiliath didn't have to go any more, lest it would be shameful to spread it out.

But he only took two steps when he heard Shaar shouting behind him: "Wait a minute!"
Alfrekat turned around, clenched his fists, and said solemnly: "I'm not as good as others, so I'm convinced. But what else do you want? Do you want to kill them all?" After a pause, he suddenly smiled miserably: "Ah! It's me! Too confused! If you lose the test, how can you not leave something behind!"

He turned around, stared at Shaar and shouted sharply, "I'll leave a right hand for you, and I won't use a sword in this life! Are you satisfied?!"

As soon as he said that, many of his companions immediately exclaimed, and some people shouted, and they were about to draw their swords and swarmed them!

"Quiet! Shut up, Lao Tzu!!" Shaar suddenly shouted violently, and he glared at him and said loudly: "Noisy! Is there something wrong with your brain? Okay, I want you to do it with one hand. What, do you want to bake it?"

"then you……"
Shaar smiled, the smile on his face should be sincerer and sincere, and slowly said: "When I saw you fighting someone just now, your swordsmanship was really good, so I applauded. But... let's be honest. , you also have many flaws in your swordsmanship, I think you are a tough guy, you are a kind man, if you want, I might as well watch you on demand."

Saying that, with an eager smile on her face, Dora sneered and scolded in her mind, "Shameless! Shameless! Obviously wanting to deceive other people's swordsmanship, but she dared to point out others!"

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