Wife, You Can't Run After Eating

Chapter 2 - Size Problems

Part 1
Part 2

Size Problems

Part 1

If I have the capability?

A playful glint flashed on the masked man’s black eyes as soon as he heard that.

However on the next moment……

“Ow, it hurts!” The masked man looked painfully at Feng Zhiyao as she suddenly looked at him flirtingly, he was such in pain that his face went green, “Y-you are not a lady! Your grip is so tight!”

At the moment, Feng Zhiyao’s slender hands went inside his pants towards his nether regions, and squeezed his little brother. “Do you want your d*** or do you want my life?” she sneered as her lips curved into a seductive smile.

“You…… let go.” The masked man didn’t expect Feng Zhiyao to take away her facade of elegance and poise, and attack him so viciously, almost breaking his d***.

“I can let go, but you have to promise me you will owe me a favour, then there won’t be any problems with letting go!”[1] Feng Zhiyao loosened her hand, but continued to slide it up and down, not letting go, making his face switch from green to white, quite an interesting sight.

“Hey!”[2] the masked man angrily said, but he is now at a disadvantage, without any chance of retaliation. He sighed, all these years of learning martial arts, countered by a girl in a boudoir.[3] If this gets out, he won’t be thinking of making it in this world.

“Neither put four nor put five will help you[4], do you agree to my proposition or not? Think carefully, do you want me to cover for you or do you want have no children, think twice![5] Hmpf!” Feng Zhiyao gave him a cold look, and used her free hand to close the door. Her lips curved up into a crafty little smile, giving the masked man shivers as he took a glimpse at her, this female is like a shura from hell!

“I…… choose the former, cover for me! After it’s over, I will owe you a favour! Hpmf!” He didn’t have time to think, he was already hearing footsteps from a team of bodyguards led by the Prince of Qi and Prime Minister Feng coming towards Haidang Garden.

“Don’t feel so unwilling! I agreed to save you because I felt that you have some use to me! You should be proud!” It was a typical sentence that could anger a person to death, Feng Zhiyao’s words made the masked man grind his teeth so hard that it could be heard.

He of such high status, was now being controlled by a female with such ease for the first time in his life, and his thing was being caressed by her slender fingers. His number two actually had a reaction, and went up majestically, making him embarrassed, and he turned his face away, not daring to look at her.

“Hey, I say, masked dude, isn’t your little brother a little too small?” Feng Zhiyao caressed his private parts further, but didn’t feel it was interesting enough, so she turned her face over to tease him.

What? She dare to say that his thing was small in size?!

How can this be tolerated![6]

He wanted to retort, but his mouth was covered by Feng Zhiyao. “If you want to live you better shut up, I will deal with those outside!”

Feeling the softness on his lips, there was a different look in his eyes for a while, this lady isn’t like any girl kept within her boudoir, being so meticulous and calm in this kind situation, it seems he was mistaken with the upbringing in the prime minister’s house. Feng Zhiyao has become more interesting.

Part 2

“Yao’er, an assassin attacked earlier, are you okay?” Prime minister Feng, whose full name is Feng Wucai, was standing outside the door, face filled with worry, worried that the assassin was hiding in Feng Zhiyao’s room, and threatening her life.

“Yao’er, it’s me, why won’t you open the door?” The Prince of Qi Xuanyuan Haofei[7] feeling that the prime minister was on the edge, softly asked while standing outside with his arms folded behind his back. His gaze fell on the gentle and unyielding stalks of haidang.[8] His plan was to annul the engagement, however his mother wants him to fight for the seat of crown prince, therefore he will need to marry Feng Zhiyao to obtain prime minister Feng’s support.

However, if he were to marry Feng Zhiyao, then where would Qiong’er go? She has already told him that if he marries Feng Zhiyao, she will marry someone else!

This is so troublesome, Xuanyuan Haofei peered at the door at Haidang Garden, but he saw no one coming out, so he asked.

“Prime Minister Feng, should we go in to check? What if the assassin is in Yao’er’s room, won’t she be in great danger?”

He came today to the prime minister’s house to annul the engagement, but no one should know about it, who is it that wants him dead?

The king has many sons, and he is the seventh, other than his fourth brother Xuanyuan Haohan and ninth brother Xuanyuan Haoyu who are not in good terms with him, there’s the crown prince Xuanyuan Haochen. The assassin this time doesn’t seem to be from the triads, might it be……

Mother[9] is right, since the olden days, the imperial family is the most heartless of all families!

“Yao’er, do say something, why aren’t you speaking?” Feng Wucai was very anxious about his daugther’s safety and was about to push the door open when a voice as beautiful as a lark came from within Haidang Garden[10].

“Father, your highness, Yao’er was feeling tired and napped a bit just now, my place is all clear, no signs of assassins here!”

At this moment Feng Zhiyao was deftly using her silk napkin to wrap up the wound on the masked man’s arm.

“No one?” That’s impossible, thought Xuanyuan Haofei. The assassin was heading towards the direction of Haidang Garden, no reason for him not to be inside.

Especially the slight traces of blood on the ground, it should be the blood from his wounded arm, but who would it be? Could it be that the prime minister has gone neutral or chosen another side?

“Doesn’t the Prince of Qi believe Yao’er?” the prime minister coldly asked. On the account that Feng Zhiyao had exposed herself to rain[11] and tried to hang herself over the annulment of the engagement, Feng Wucai’s support for Xuanyuan Haofei has dropped down to an all time low. At this moment, Feng Wucai did not care to be polite to Xuanyuan Haofei even though he is the Prince of Qi.

“No…… No, I just want to see Yao’er, I need to explain some matters clearly!” Xuanyuan Haofei shook his head lightly and explained.

“Your highness, no need for that, please go! There are some people and some matters, that are not what Yao’er wants to hear about anymore!” He isn’t really into entertaining Xuanyuan Haofei, there is a more interesting business at hand, a prince coming to annul an engagement has no longer anything to do with her.

Feng Zhiyao lifted her lips, and bluntly said behind the door, “Father, please show the Prince of Qi off personally, Yao’er has been feeling sad these few days and doesn’t feel very well. Now that she has just sat up for not long, Yao’er wants to go back to sleep now!”[12]

The lazy reply greatly angered Xuanyuan Haofei, but he needed the prime minister’s support, he has to keep this at the bottom his heart, and thought to himself, if one day he became emperor, he will eliminate the Feng family! Of course, Qiong’er is not included.

“Your highness, this way…” Feng Wucai had a glint of praise in his eyes as Feng Zhiyao said that, Yao’er has grown up, these words have forced the Prince of Qi to leave. Everyone knows that Yao’er is sad because of the prince.

“Okay then, Yao’er, I will come tomorrow to visit you.” Xuanyuan Haofei swung his big sleeve and his pretty lips uncurled into a straight line. Leave, I will leave, this kind of fake girl, if she isn’t the di daughter of the prime minister by his wife he wouldn’t have been this nice to her.

After everyone has left Haidang Garden, Feng Zhiyao stopped wrapping up the wound, she wiped a streak of tears of her crystal white face, and her hand movement involuntarily more stronger.

“Did you get wounded from trying to kill the Prince of Qi? Who are you?” Feng Zhiyao was initially uninterested in knowing his identity, but thinking that this is the ancient times, if she is embroiled in a royal struggle, her dreams of sleeping with men and being a hibernating rice bug[13] won’t come true.

“I cannot tell you!” The masked man exclaimed, his sunken black eyes showed surprise, Feng Zhiyao is not as simple as he thought!

Nothing to say eh?

“So, you want your little brother to shrink more?” Feng Zhiyao was not stunned by his answer, like she expected it. She gracefully poured a cup of weak tea, the aroma dispersed into the air, she cheekily blew on the blue-green tea and gave a slight smile, however her eyes showed coldness, making him shiver.

“Woman… what did you do to me?” He clenched his teeth in pain……

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Thank you a冰雪妖灵a for your diamond, thank you 蜜雪鸢 for your flowers, thank you my friend 筱萋 for your diamond and flowers, muack muack muack o(n_n)o I love all of you~

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[1]OT is 放手也无不可, Chinese people take humble stances, and like to use double negatives

[2]OT is 放肆, which is presumptuous or cheeky, people normally say this when the other party has slighted them, or is acting unruly and out of status.

[3]OT is 闺阁小姐, females are usually confined in the house most of the time, especially those of higher statuses

[4]a pun, 放肆 sounds like 放四, put four

[5]OT is 三思, literally think thrice, three is sometimes used to describe many, especially in classical writing

[6]OT is 是可忍,孰不可忍, an idiom, literally means if this can be tolerated, which is it that cannot be tolerated

[7]Interesting to note that Xuanyuan 轩辕 is the first ruler of China as he unified all tribes around the Huang River, most emperors and kings (the first emperor is Qin Shihuang) claim to descend from him.

[8]Malus spectabilis, a flower

[9]His mother is definitely not the queen, just a concubine.

[10]I should have made a footnote of this in the earlier chapters but anyways this is the courtyard where her house is situated in, Chinese manors are sooo big. Also, yeah, this is the same Haidang as the flower.

[11]I am imagining a scene where a girl is kneeling in front of steps out in a big courtyard braving the rain, happens a lot in Chinese and Korean historical dramas.

[12]Using the third person speech is for humility.

[13]Basically only eat and sleep. Sitophilus oryzae are bugs that eat rice.

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