Wife, You Can't Run After Eating

Chapter 3 - Quality Stunner

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Quality Stunner

Part 1

At the moment Feng Zhiyao saw the masked man clenching his teeth, she gave a beautiful smile, dimples showing, very elegant and with poise, it had a brisk disposition. Her skin was fair and soft, her expression laid back, her eyes flowing with mystery[1], filled with mischief and cuteness, making him stare at her smile, and forget all about the pain in his manhood.

“Is it really painful?” Feng Zhiyao’s sweet voice sounded through his ears.

“Y-you, what did you do to me?” He looked at the noble girl who looked as weak as a feather disbelievingly.

“Have you heard of seduction arts?” Feng Zhiyao bent her flexible waist and leaned towards him, her red warm lips blew warm air at his ear.

“What?” Seduction arts? What’s that?

He slowly raised his head, and saw that he was using her beautiful eyes to stare at his manhood, his eyes froze and his mouth curved up. The next moment, he suddenly stretched out his long arms and embraced her.

“What are seduction arts?” He became curious and asked aloud.

“The highest form of hypnotism, it can make men mesmerized with the caster. You, are under my spell now!” Feng Zhiyao undid her clothes and showed her shoulders, her skin smooth like butter, radiant as glitter, clear as a lotus flower just out of water[2], bright as a charming poppy, her lips had a smile filled with fatal poison.

“Feng Zhiyao, that’s underhanded of you!” He didn’t expect Feng Zhiyao to be not the rumoured graceful young lady, he never felt so wrong in his life.

Facing his cold accusation, Feng Zhiyao lightly smiled, she was indeed underhanded, being an assassin, if she wasn’t underhanded, she would have been killed by others!

“Continue to curse if you want to continue being in pain! However I am sleepy, I will take care of you after I wake up!” Feng Zhiyao was tired of arguing with him, she ungracefully gave a yawn and laid down on her bed, then lazily slept snoring, this made him very despondent.

Does this woman know that her sleeping position is very alluring! She made his almost lost little brother go up in excitement, and after seeing her bewitching half naked body and breasts, her flowery sleeping beauty, he found out that he really had the potential to be a wolf.

She lied down there silently, and was still breathlessly beautiful, really number one!

He finally lost his self control, he stretched his long fingers and caressed her face, savouring the feeling on his finger pulp, sinking as though freshly melted snow, pearl beads falling on a plate. All kinds of sensations were transmitted to his fingertips, his mind went blank in a split second, as though his soul had left his body with a jolt of electricity.

“Disturbing the sleep of others’! That’s very rude of you!” Feng Zhiyao suddenly opened her eyes, raised her eyebrows, her eyes showing coldness.

“You are ready to tell me who you are?” Her tone sounded more narrative than question.

“Now isn’t the time, I will tell you who I am in the future! Have this jade qilin[3], the time we meet again will be the time I return your favour.” He gave a sigh, if he missed this quick and unique girl, he would probably regret it, he should probably make a reservation first.

He then brought out a rectangular qilin made of white jade from his clothes[4], it had beautiful craftsmanship, looked very much alive, and the jade came from the Kunlun mountains, they were the best of the best.

“This jade is very good!” Feng Zhiyao lifted her brows and gave a smile, this man seems quite rich and quite big-handed. However this jade is nice to play with but is useless, it cannot make beautiful men out of thin air, not interesting.

“But I don’t want it!” Feng Zhiyao’s rejection made him confused!

“Why?” He found that after interacting with Feng Zhiyao kind of started to make him stupid.

“It’s useless to me! You would be better off giving me beautiful men!” Feng Zhiyao yawned as she spoke. Sigh, I was nearly asleep and he woke me up.

What? Give beautiful men?

His jaw dropped with surprise as Feng Zhiyao finished her sentence, his mouth was so big that it could fit an egg inside.

“Okay, you can take back your jade qilin! Anyway you just remember you owe me a favour!” Feng Zhiyao shoved the jade qilin back into his chest, molesting him in the process, using her slender hands to go down his thin shirt, groping his abs, goosebumps went up on all areas she touched, and the feeling converged at his heart, making it thump.

“You are really a demon! Feng Zhiyao, why don’t I just give myself to you?” His manhood didn’t hurt anymore, he don’t mind having her now, anyway she has successfully aroused him, how is he going to let go?

“You? You don’t even dare to tell me who you are? Anyways, your face is covered up, why should I believe you! Who knows if it is because you are too ugly that you need a rag to cover your face?” Feng Zhiyao’s face had a seductive smile while she felt around his tense body.

This man is too troublesome, she is too lazy, tangling up with him uses too much thinking!

“Feng Zhiyao, I will let you go this time, but next time you won’t be so lucky! Do not ever use seduction arts on other men!” His tone was awkwardly reminding her, but how could she pay attention to his words.

“Forget it, I am no longer interested in who you are, if you still want to give me the jade qilin then I will take it. Okay then, you may go, just remember your promise, you owe me a favour!” Feng Zhiyao stunned as she heard it, and caught the jade qilin, playing with it like she never heard it.[5]

“Feng Zhiyao, I will remember you!” Remember your person!

“The Prince of Qi should have left the manor, for your safety, you may stay here for up to an hour[6], but I am lazy, you may do as you please, I am going back to sleep!” Feng Zhiyao, lazily gave a yawn, stretched her body, and went back to sleep.

Seeing all these made his lips twitch, this noble girl is too lazy! He hasn’t said much and she went back to sleep!

He can’t possibly watch her sleep, else he will turn into a wolf and pounce on her, surely his manhood will be broken then. Whatever, there are many days ahead, let’s think of how to leave the prime minister’s manor!

After thinking like that, he looked at Feng Zhiyao deeply, and held his long sword carefully opening the door and leave.

Except that until now, the fainted Ziyun has not even wake up, seems like she was deeply shocked!

Part 2

The sun was setting and the evening rays were colouring the limitless skyline when Feng Zhiyao decided to slowly get up.

“Ziyun, get up quick!” Still no reaction.

“It can’t be that she was frightened to death?” Why is there no movement, she is still breathing.

“Ziyun, the assassin is back!” Feng Zhiyao rolled her eyes and bent over to whisper at Ziyun’s ear.

“Ah! Where? Where? Eldest Miss, we have to find a place to hide!” Ziyun jumped up at her words, amusing Feng Zhiyao.

“I was just bluffing you, the assassin saw that he couldn’t hurt me so he left!” Feng Zhiyao laughed as she beckoned Ziyun to sit down.

“Oh, Eldest Miss, are you alright?” Ziyun scanned Feng Zhiyao from head to toe carefully.

“I am okay, still pretty fine!” Feng Zhiyao played with the jade qilin the masked man gave her earlier as she spoke with Ziyun. The jade qilin was crystal clear, white without a fault, delicate and shiny, smooth like wax, soft as water, it’s a good quality jade, she played with it admiringly[7].

“Eldest Miss, where did this jade qilin come from?” Ziyun was curious.

“Ziyun, you ask too many questions!” Feng Zhiyao lazily gave a reply, indicating that she won’t be answering the question.

“ Sorry Eldest Miss, nubi is wrong, please don’t send nubi away!” Ziyun thought that Feng Zhiyao’s sudden turn of tone meant that she was going to be sent away.

“Ziyun, get up, don’t simply grovel before me, I didn’t say I was going to send you away! Okay, prepare my dinner now, and tell my father I won’t be going to Hua Hall to eat, I will just eat food from my own kitchen today!” Feng Zhiyao doesn’t want to face Prime Minister Feng and his concubines, she is much happier eating by herself.

After her dinner, Feng Zhiyao found a book on the geographical annals of the world she is in now.

The continent she is on now is called Qingxuan[8] Continent, there are eighteen nations on this continent, her nation is the richest nation on the continent, Nanshao[9], after it by order are Heini[10], Beilan[11], Xiliang[12], the rest are small states.

Heini is rich in mines, the people are living in peace and harmony. Beilan people are nomads on the steppe, they are fighters by nature, but they aren’t as rich as Heini, because they are bordered with Nanshao, some nomads pillage border towns at times.

Xiliang is a maritime nation, its people fish as a living, neighbouring it is the Liuqiu[13] Sea, they usually use the sea fish caught for trading with Nanshao, therefore they are quite prosperous too.

With four large nations countering each other, there were no wars for the last thirty years.

“Thank goodness, it is a peaceful era!” Feng Zhiyao talked to herself and closed up the book.

During the next few days, maybe it is because of the wet weather, the Prince of Qi never came to the manor to see Feng Zhiyao, Feng Zhiyao was happy with the peace and quiet, she stayed inside Haidang Garden and slept all day.

Until the fourth day, the fifth day of the seventh month of the fortieth year of Jinglong[14] of Nanshao.

“Eldest Miss, don’t keep sleeping, shouldn’t you go out to get some fresh air?” Ziyun couldn’t bear to see it, her Eldest Miss used to bring her out on the streets every few days, now Ziyun felt that mould was growing on her in Haidang Garden.

“Ziyun, it is you who wants to go out and play right?” Feng Zhiyao raised her half-closed eyes and curved her lips, teasing her maid.

“Eldest Miss, nubi…… nubi wants to go out and play.” She does not lie to her master.

“Well then, it’s time to go out and eat!” Feng Zhiyao felt that her body has recovered enough in Haidang Garden, it’s time to find a man to have a one night stand.

“Eldest Miss, the closet is open, which one do you want to wear?” Ziyun gleefully opened the closet and asked.

“Why is it all white?” Feng Zhiyao gave a frown, white represents purity, her beauty is the representation of demons, purity doesn’t suit her.

“Eldest Miss, you always said that white suits your fresh temperament the best!” Ziyun smiled as she explained.

“Okay, then give me the one with the shortest hem!” Feng Zhiyao randomly pointed at one dress.

She can walk faster with a shorter dress, at least she won’t trip over.

Feng Zhiyao changed into a moon white yarn dress with a silver lined haidang flower, and sat on a horse carriage specially for female members of the prime minister’s house.

Blue skies, white clouds floating, light winds breezing, the weather of the seventh month at the capital Xianyang is too hot, but today is the market gathering of Xuanwu street, of course the place would be lively.

With the giant crowds, all the shops value the day of the market very much.

If they shout loudly enough, they might be able to sell out goods that they have accumulated over the week or even the month .

At Songhe Restaurant.

The place where all the noble young men and women in the capital like to gather, has the most people, especially on a day like this, all seats were filled.

The window in the beautifully decorated private room at the second floor was wide open, you could see the whole scene on Xuanwu Street.

At the round table sat five handsome, evenly matched young men.

The first from the left is the seventh son of the emperor, the Prince of Qi, Xuanyuan Haofei.

He wore a khaki coloured silk shirt, his skin showed a healthy brown colour, his features on his handsome face are very sharp, it had clear eyes, an attractive expression, his beautiful lips raised into a nice curve, his whole body radiated grace and nobility.

Except that his face had a weary look.

“Your highness, are you misearable because of a girl?” The speaker was a young man sitting across him, Wen Xingyuan, grandson of the patriarch of the number one family in Nanshao, he wore a white outfit, and had a lazy smile, filled with tease.

“Your highness, my cousin Qiong’er said that she hasn’t seen you for days, have you changed your mind?” The one speaking calmly and leaning against the window looking at the scenery was the young master of Jitian Fortress[15], Su Muyan, he wore a light blue silk shirt, very handsome[16].

“My love for Qiong’er will not change, it is just that the annulment of my engagement with Feng Zhiyao is not very smooth.” His mother once suggested to the emperor his father to let Feng Zhiyao and Feng Zhiqiong be married to the prince at the same time, as to obtain the power of both the prime minister and Jitian Fortress.

However Xuanyuan Haofei thought about Feng Zhiqiong saying that she does not want to be married to him together with Feng Zhiyao, this made him very torn.

“Eh, isn’t that Feng Zhiyao’s carriage?” Su Muyan scornfully looked down at the carriage sporting the emblement of the Feng family, and Feng Zhiyao loves the pompous style, therefore he guessed that the one in the carriage is most likely to be Feng Zhiyao.

“Your highness, it is your fiancee’s carriage! Maybe she knows that you are eating with us here?” Wen Xingyuan had a gloating tone, he elegantly played with the beautifully craved jade cup in his hands, his white slender fingers rubbing around the edges of the cup.

Who in Xianyang doesn’t know that the di daughter of the prime minister likes the Prince of Qi, wherever the prince is, Feng Zhiyao will be there!

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[1]OT is 气若幽兰, literally means breath like scent of orchids, the idiom is used to describe a girl who is stylish and elegant, normally used by men in describing their lover or the one they admire.

[2]OT is 芙蓉出水, the idiom is used to describe pretty girls

[3]麒麟, mythical creature that looks like a giraffe, the jade is a token of authentication

[4]the ancient wear of China is the hanfu, people keep items inside their chest area or in their sleeves

[5]something seems missing from here, I checked all sources of raws but couldn’t find anything left out, guess the author forgot some stuff

[6]an hour in ancient China is equivalent to two hours

[7]OT is 爱不释手, literaly love till cannot let go

[8]Green Dazzle

[9]South Root, shao is a herb known as Paeonia lactiflora

[10]Black Stare, it’s a pun for black soil too, the place should be rich in agriculture

[11]North Waves

[12]West Cold, Gansu Province was also known as Xiliang, being formerly known as the Liang Prefecture and being in the west

[13]The characters used is the Chinese name for Ryukyu.

[14]Jinglong here is a era name (年号), era names are used by emperors to mark periods of their rule, an emperor may use multiple era names or just one throughout their reign. China, Japan and Vietnam used era names while Korea did not as it was a vassal of China (except for a brief moment during the Empire of Korea)

[15]擎 ji: prop up 天 tian: sky, I guess everyone knows this one (≧◡≦)

[16]OT is 玉树临风, literally means jade tree in wind, it describes his talents and physical appearance

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