(XS) Chapter 1


Pei Zhuo stood in front of the office door and rapped his knuckles twice against the door.

Director Chen who was standing beside him called out a greeting towards the window: "Old Zhang--"

The door opened, and a plump woman glanced at them curiously, before stepping aside to allow them in, "This is the new teacher, right? He looks so handsome! ”

Pei Zhuo’s lips formed a wide smile and he followed Director Chen in through the door.

"Everyone gather around, come get to know each other." Director Chen called out, "This is our new English teacher for Class 1 and Class 2, everyone will be colleagues in the future. ”

One after another, teachers from several other workstations got up and came over to say hello, all with smiles on their faces.

The original bad-tempered teacher Ms Hong, was due to give birth and that’s why she could no longer help them look after the high school’s second year students. Just looking at their new colleague today made them feel like it would be easy getting along with him.

"You all chat first, Little Pei, later come with me to the Academic Affairs Office to finish up some paperwork alright. ”

"Alright, thank you Director Chen. ”

The empty desk was at the leftmost side of the first row, the bookshelves and desk had yet to be cleared properly, and there was a lingering smell of baby powder.

Pei Zhuo chatted with his colleagues for a while, then with his bag in hand, he walked over to his new workstation. He found a piece of paper and bent over to wipe the dust on the desk.

English newspapers and blank test papers fell to the ground, there were even some footprints on them.

He sighed inwardly, bent his waist further and picked them up one by one.

One of them fell too far, and was just beyond the reach of his fingertips.

Suddenly another hand appeared around the lower edge of the table, with slender knuckles and neatly trimmed nails.

The man's fingertips pressed down onto the monthly test paper and pushed it in his direction.

Pei Zhuo picked the paper up and raised his head, just then, he noticed that another person had entered the staffroom.

The man was wearing a stone-grey open-breasted windbreaker, sword-like eyebrows and deep eyes that seemed to reflect a heroic spirit hidden within.

Although his visuals were handsome and outstanding, his thin lips were slightly pursed, exuding a sort of controlled repression and sense of distance.

"Little Pei, you haven’t met Teacher Lu yet, right?” Zhang jie began to introduce them to each other, "This is Teacher Lu, the form teacher of Class 1. You two will be in contact the most in the future, so you have to take care of each other!" ”

Pei Zhuo's gaze fell on the first row of buttons clasped in front of his throat, and moved away after a second’s pause.

"Nice to meet you, Teacher Lu. "He stretched out his hand, his long eyelashes lowering ever so slightly.

"Nice to meet you too, Teacher Pei. "The man gave a light squeeze, then sat back down at a work station behind Pei Zhuo. He picked up a red pen and continued to review the students’ homework.

Merely by lessening the distance between them, Lu Lin could smell the faintly discernible scent of perfume.

The perfume’s top notes were a mixture of orange leaves and mandarins, and the middle note was seaweed.

Just then, a breeze of wind blew in through the open window, and the scent suddenly changed into one of amber wood.

It smelled really good.

Pei Zhuo tidied up the desk and bookshelves, then he borrowed a pen so he could fill his information out into the form, and walked out. As he went out, he glanced at the group photo on the cabinet.

Lu Lin was standing on the far right, surrounded by smiling faces, only his thin lips were slightly pressed together, and his eyes seemed to speak volumes.

His outstanding visuals were just right, and very much to Pei Zhao’s taste.

As soon as Teacher Pei left, the quiet staffroom became lively again.

Little Huang, who taught chemistry, was someone who liked to chat and gossip about anything. He took a bag of dried pork jerky and leaned over to Teacher Han, "Hey, what do you think about this Little Pei, there isn’t the slightest hint of smoke on him, I even saw him spraying some cleaning agent on the table. He seems quite particular. ”

"That's not up to him," Zhang jie snorted, "Where is this place? This is school——parents urge us, students make trouble for us, it’ll only take two or three days for them to force him back to his original form. ”

"Exactly ah, who wasn’t like a newly-married bride when they first entered our staffroom, beautiful and obssessed about maintaining cleanliness," Teacher Han said with a wry smile, "Then later on, we pretty much transformed into yellow-faced old maids. Even now, when I go home, I have hardly any energy left to remove my makeup. ”

Little Huang murmured a response, but he couldn't help sighing again, "Teacher Pei smells so good, I’m living a much less cultured life than his. ”

After Lu Lin finished marking a seating group’s worth of homework, his pen tip hovered in the air for a while, and then he continued to mark the rest.

Pei Zhuo went to quite a few offices to finish up the paperwork for his transfer process, and he was only able to return to the staffroom for a brief moment before he had to enter class.

As he was walking back with a folder under his arm, he ran straight into Lu Lin.

"Teacher Pei," the man said, his voice was quite free of fluctutations, but his enunciation of words was clear and magnetically charming, "Do you have your teaching materials with you?” ”

"Mmm. ”

"Then let’s go directly to class, I’ll introduce you. ”

"Alright.” ”

He led the way ahead of Pei Zhao, his footsteps steady and strong.

Pei Zhuo followed behind him, at a pace neither hurried nor slow.

The man's windbreaker was very stylish, when his pace quickened the longer hem would flutter in the air, and this would reveal his slender waist and exquisite body-lines.

Many students in the class were perched across the window panes, craning their necks out to get a better look. When they caught sight of the elegantly handsome new teacher behind their form teacher, a wave of cheering and whistling erupted.

When Lu Lin raised his eyes, the student whose face was practically plastered all over the glass flinched and withdrew in shock. Two or three steps later, he was seated properly at his own desk.

When he finally led Pei Zhuo into Class 1’s classroom, all students were meek and silent, but their eyes were all glued to the new teacher standing next to him.

"This is Teacher Pei. "He said briefly, "Let’s welcome him. ”

There was a round of applause, and another boy cheered, "Teacher, you are even more handsome than Chief Lu! ”

Pei Zhuo smiled and bowed, then he wrote his name on the blackboard.

「 Pei Zhuo Seth 」

"It’s a pleasure to meet everyone. ”

Lu Lin raised his head and glanced at the delicate handwriting, with an imperceptible nod, "Let’s start class then. ”

As soon as Teacher Lu left, everyone started to perk up again.

"Teacher Pei do you have a girlfriend? ”

"Teacher Pei, sing us an English song ba! ”

Pei Zhuo blinked and inserted a USB flash drive into the computer.

"Let me tell you a secret. ”

"My class is better than any English song. ”

Lu Lin stood by the window and looked out of it for a while. He waited until he could see that the students had begun to concentrate on the class before turning and returning to the office.

Usually whenever he walked, he would only think about lesson plans and test papers. Only a mere three or four steps later, he suddenly remembered thought of the situation just now.

This teacher had a gentle and well-mannered persona, he probably wouldn’t be able to handle all those students.

Pei Zhuo had transferred in from an experimental high school. Back there he had been in charge of looking after the top class, as such, he was able to integrate himself quickly upon joining Yi High.

This lesson was about Mark Twain's "The Million Pound Bank Note". The script was short and exquisite, and very charming to read.

The student who had been called upon to read it wasn’t doing too well, so he stood beside her, leading her through the three paragraphs fluently, and then explained the grammar and sentence structure in detail.

There was no sense of impatience, no rushing, nor was he agitated or slowing down.

After one period of class ended, all the main points of content and additional explanations had been clearly explored and the entire thing was far from boring.

"Teacher——assign us less homework bei! "The students looked at him pleadingly.

Pei Zhuo put his lesson plan away and smiled at them.

He looked really good when he smiled.

With clear eyes, long eyebrows and a clean sort of handsomeness.

Just one smile from Teacher Pei, and the students instantly felt a little embarrassed.

"Never mind, we’ll listen to you..."

"How did Teacher Hong assign homework before this? ”

"Single words were to be copied six times, phrases four times, and then we also had to memorize texts and complete exercise books. ”

Pei Zhuo thought about it for a while: "If 80% of you pass your next dictation test, all future homework will be halved. ”

"Deal ! "Everyone excitedly clamored, "We’ll keep to our word! !”

Pei Zhuo left the classroom and after one turn around the corner, he returned to the staffroom.

Yi High was very large, but efforts to make the school green had been very successful.

The sycamore branches and leaves in the courtyard were as luxuriant as a sky full of green clouds, and the dripping Guanyin stood tall beside the railing, tenderness dripping from its lush greenness.

He glanced at the brand-new campus, and something inside his heart seemed to relax.

...The past had passed.

He entered the office, and found that many female teachers had been waiting for a long time.

"So this is Teacher Pei? ”

"Hello, Teacher Pei, I'm Class 3’s —"

Huo Lu leaned over and handed him an apple-flavored lollipop with a smile.

"Pei ge has Yi High been comfortable so far? ”

"Mmm. "Pei Zhuo opened the drawer and took out the chocolates he had prepared earlier. With a smile, he distributed quite a number amongst the ladies.

"This is just a small token of appreciation. ”

Lu Lin sat behind him, looking down at the composition submitted by the students, listening to the laughter of other teachers.

"Eh, I have one too? ”

"Hey, Little Pei, you look here, ever since I hit fifty or sixty, I don’t eat sweets anymore, I’m only talking one because you gave it to me. ”

Everyone held a tear drop-shaped silver chocolate in their palms, and some young ladies had already begun peeling them open and eating them in public. They giggled slightly and even began asking him for another one.

After Lu Lin finished marking the last piece of homework, he quietly began to draft his lesson plan, he was as silent as a sinking stone amidst the turbulent undergrowth of the mountain.

When Pei Zhuo finished distributing his chocolates, he smilingly chatted with them a while longer, but was soon called away by Director Chen again.

The day passed quickly. It seemed that just after finishing two or three classes, and marking a bit of the homework, it was time for them to get off work.

Today the evening fself-study session was for maths. Lu Lin went to class and surveyed the discipline, the he returned to the staffroom to pack his briefcase and prepared to go home from work.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw Teacher Pei again, this time he was holding a lunch box.

The man was standing just under the half-angle of the sunset, even his long eyelashes were dyed with light gold.

"Oh right, I haven’t given Teacher Lu any yet. "He laughed apologetically, turned around and brought something over.

Lu Lin instinctively stretched out his hand, catching the golden Kisses as it fell onto his palm.

So even he had a share.

Pei Zhuo stood still, and raised his head to smile at him.

"Teacher Lu, please take good care of me. ”

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Thank you for everyone’s support and for chasing after updates.
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《 Beast Taming 》
Wen Yu ran into his first love from ten years ago on a plane. To his surprise, the other person had become a completely changed person, naughty and oozing sex appeal.
Not to mention, he bore the identity of a math teacher.
To be exact, a math teacher who would soon be teaching the same class as him.

T/N: I REALLY LIKE THIS SORT OF TEACHERxTEACHER stuff. Teacher x student will always be a bit danger danger, and studentxstudent might be a bit too pure/innocent/naive; but my word TeacherxTeacher, grown men, who can consent, and who know what they want KEK (or least one of them does at this point)

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