Chapter 2894: Counterattack in the palace: Revenge of the little maid (Part 2)

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A kind hearted peasant woman adopted the previous host and raised her up.

But when the previous host was thirteen years old, the peasant woman was killed by an official. The previous host had been lucky enough to escape.

Later the previous host found out that the official who killed her adoptive mother did it because he wanted the previous host’s beauty.  But her adoptive mother didn’t agree, so they were killed on an unfounded charge.

If it was a man from a normal family, the previous host’s adoptive mother would have happily given her blessing and married her off.

But the official who liked the previous host was already fifty years old and had seven concubines, so they were simply a lecher.

The peasant woman treated the previous host as her daughter, so she wasn’t willing to let her life go to waste and rejected this proposal.

But she never thought that it would cause a fatal disaster.

The previous host who escaped found out why such a small official was so bold that he would kill whoever he wanted.

She never thought that this official would be a relative of the empress.  They acted recklessly with the empress’ support.

At that moment, the previous host prepared to enter the palace to get revenge on her adoptive mother.

At the same time, it was to find her biological father.

The previous host’s mother had left her with a jade pendant that was a royal possession.  This meant that it was something that had been rewarded by the current emperor.

Then her father should be a high ranking official in the palace or even a……relative of the royal family.

The previous host was very smart and learned the power struggle in the harem as soon as she arrived in the palace.

Concubine Li had only been a small noble then, but the previous host was certain that she would become the emperor’s favourite, so she helped her with a small favour at a banquet.

Concubine Li was a smart person and naturally knew what kind of person she could use.

After the previous host entered her palace, she gave many suggestions that allowed this noble to rise up.  She became the emperor’s favourite and was named a concubine.

The more she was favoured, the more jealousy she would receive in the palace.

Many people envied Concubine Li and more people wanted to see her fall.

But due to the previous host’s intelligence, those people were taken care of with the previous host’s plans one by one before they could make a move.

The empress was aware of these events and finally she came to the Harmonious West Palace to persuade Concubine Li to restrain herself.

At that time, in the mind of the previous host, the empress was a more vicious person than Concubine Li.

Concubine Li was just trying to win favour and the empress allowed her relatives to do whatever they wanted because of her status.

Even if they were complained about, no one would do anything to them because they were a relative of the empress.

So only when the empress fell would she have a chance for revenge.

So that was the reason why she was willing to do all those things for Concubine Li even though she knew she was a vicious person.

However, people couldn’t tell the future.  The previous host never thought that she would catch the eye of the emperor and almost become a concubine.

Why was it almost?  It was because the emperor had been drunk during a banquet and when Concubine Li had been taking a bath, he mistook the previous host as Concubine Li and almost took her.

It was a good thing that Concubine Li had appeared, allowing the previous host to escape.

After this happened, Concubine Li naturally thought that the previous host wanted to use this chance to get closer to the emperor.

Such a cruel and jealous person naturally wouldn’t keep the previous host by her side.

In less than three days, Concubine Li had used an excuse of poor performance to send the previous host to the clothes washing department.

Since the previous host had helped Concubine Li do many things, she had offended quite a few people.

In the palace, the difference in treatment of a first class maid of a favoured concubine and a clothes washing maid was like heaven and hell.