Chapter 2958: Counterattack in the palace: Revenge of the little maid (Part 66)

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“Peng.”  Feng Yu didn’t hesitate to kick Du San Bao to the ground, “What?  Is a servant like you daring to question this one?”

“This servant doesn’t dare, this servant doesn’t dare……”  Du San Bao was so scared that his legs became soft as he kowtowed, “Emperor spare me, emperor spare me.”


“This servant will scram, this servant will scram now.”

Feng Yu hated this feeling the most.  Everyone in the court treated Song Nan Mo as a saviour.

It was as if their entire country would fall without him.

Laughable!  Extremely laughable!

It was just a High Race Country, would they dare step foot in their country without Song Nan Mo?

Just with the High Race Country?  If the High Race Country really had this ability, why would they make peace with him a year ago?

The facts proved that the High Race Country was a country that wasn’t greater or weaker, they simply didn’t dare invade his country.

Whether Song Nan Mo was here or not, he wasn’t considered a hero!

Seven days later, at Tiger Pass.

Song Nan Mo led eighty thousand troops in front of Tiger Pass and stood there with his brows knitted.

The soldiers were enthusiastic.  This was their first time fighting with so many troops.

“Why is the general worried?”  Liu Shuai asked in a confused voice from the side.

Song Nan Mo heard this and shook his head, “The High Race Country has such a powerful military, so why is Tiger Pass like this……”

“General, according to your instructions, we have already eliminated all the enemy troops near Tiger Pass in one fell swoop.”  Liu Shuai said in a confident voice, “There won’t be any problems.  Not to mention that this is an order from the emperor, so the general can’t disobey.”

“Alright.”  Song Nan Mo looked forward and gave a sigh, “Prepare to attack Tiger Pass.  After taking it, the troops will be divided in three where they will be stationed in Peaceful Lower, Fierce Grounds, and Southern Goose.”

“Yes, general.”

Song Nan Mo narrowed his eyes as a chill appeared under his silver mask.

He felt that there was something wrong, but he couldn’t tell what.

With the high morale of the three armies and the emperor personally sending troops, he had to go to Tiger Pass whether he wanted to or not.

At the same time, the cliffs of Tiger Pass were filled with archers.

Luo Qing Chen stood beside the deputy general in a moon white dress.

Talu had been worried about her safety, so he sent a small team to protect her.

“They’re here.”  The general held the telescope as he revealed a deep smile, “Princess Nefer, this young general of the Heavenly Court is still a bit lacking compared to you.  After such a long duel of strategy, you are still better.”

Luo Qing Chen looked at the mass of soldiers not fat ahead with a dark look.  She suddenly felt a feeling of extreme fear.

The secret letter was correct.  The person who gave such accurate information should have a high status in the Heavenly Court.

This young general had achieved countless victories in a single year, but today he would lead eighty thousand troops to death in Tiger Pass.

Although he and she were on opposite sides, she couldn’t help feeling a bit of pain and regret.

Other than that, it was a victory without any force.

“After reaching the high point, survey the surroundings.  After confirming there is no ambush, continue……”

“Peng, peng, peng.”

As soon Song Nan Mo was about to finish speaking, there was smoke that appeared around them and a burning smell filled the air.

“This is bad, there’s an ambush!”  Liu Shuai immediately reacted and shouted, “Protect the general!  Retreat, retreat!”

It instantly fell into chaos.  Before they started fighting the enemy, the eighty thousand elite soldiers were in disarray.