Chapter 3026: Entertainment circle: 99 days of a rich family’s secret wedding (Part 54)

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Gu Fang Fang’s words were like a smell that resounded in Qian Xiu Xiu’s mind again and again.

“Are you certain?”  Qian Xiu Xiu gave a gulp and said, “If it’s discovered……That……That is Su Chen Zhou.”

“The greater the risk, the greater the reward.”  Gu Fang Fang encouraged from the side, “You wouldn’t want Luo Qing Chen, a lowly villager to enter the entertainment industry and rise to the top, right?”

“Right……Right, right, right, you’re right.”  Qian Xiu Xiu was more certain the more that she thought about it.  She nodded repeatedly before saying, “I definitely won’t let such a person enter the entertainment industry.”

She was a domineering person, she would never let people who steal from her get away.

First was Ye Bei Feng and then it was the title of ‘film goddess’.  This person couldn’t be satisfied, she wanted more just from a bit of sweetness.

This was how despicable a person without status was, they wanted everything.

She wanted to be the messenger of justice and let everyone know what people in different positions should have.  They shouldn’t stand in the wrong position or else they would be doomed.

“But sister Xiu Xiu, the risks and benefits are all yours.”  Gu Fang Fang pursed her lips and said, “Although I have the idea, there is always a what if.  I am a small person, I can’t shoulder this with sister Xiu Xiu.”

She could come up with the ideas, but she couldn’t bear the responsibilities.

She was a high class person and she couldn’t blame a normal person like Luo Qing Chen for taking the spotlight.

The biggest difference between her and Qian Xiu Xiu was that she planned everything, but she would never take part.

Pretending to be the pig to eat the tiger and protecting herself, that was what she was best at.

Actually, she knew in her heart that compared to Qian Xiu Xiu, she was more powerful and ruthless.

Qian Xiu Xiu gave a snort, “You, oh you, you always only have these small ideas and never have the courage to execute them.  You can only follow behind me for the rest of your life.”

Gu Fang Fang’s face changed a bit.  Qian Xiu Xiu was used to being a ‘princess’, so sometimes she would say these mean words.

She had been angered by Luo Qing Chen, so she had said these things less.

Back when she was the school flower and had a handsome boyfriend like Ye Bei Feng, she was arrogant all day and her nose in the sky.

She didn’t like this feeling, but she had a deep foresight and suppressed her anger.

“Yes……”  Gu Fang Fang said with a smile, “I’m very happy to follow sister Xiu Xiu.  A person like me is very cowardly, you understand that.”

“Humph, of course I understand.”  Qian Xiu Xiu looked over at her, “Just watch as I make that little slut fall into hell!”

Gu Fang Fang revealed a dangerous smile when she saw Qian Xiu Xiu’s confident look, “Sister Xiu Xiu, you can do it!”

That night, Qian Xiu Xiu went to a media publisher she knew and sent them the photos that Gu Fang Fang took.

At the same time, she bought a water army and used them to build up this topic.

Although Qian Xiu Xiu was just a student, she was born to a rich family and went to film school.

She was quite clear on when things should be exposed in the industry.

At midnight, there was a marketing account called “Deep Dive Entertainment” that appeared on Weibo to send a message to kick it off.

There was always a calm before the storm.